Newport, Shropshire (Salop) 1844
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Boot and Shoe-makers
Bolas William, High Street Owen Joseph, Water Lane Pooler John, High Street
Bratton Richard, St. Mary Street Pember John (Warehouse), High Street Steed George, High Street
Griffiths William, High Street Plant Stephen, St Mary Street .
Braziers and Tin Plate Workers
Booth Richard Crop, High Street Underhill William, High Street
Davies Thomas, Lower bar Watkin John Thomas, High Street
Barber Sarah, Field Aston Pooler John, Edgmond Ward George (Brick & Tile Dealer), Canal Wharf
Cobb John & John, Chetwynd End Silleter Thomas, Edgmond .
Barber Charles, High Street Cornmell William, Marsh Lane Paddock, Caynton
Cornmell George, Marsh Lane Fieldhouse William & Co. (pork), High Street Rees Philip, High Street
Cornmell James, Marsh Lane Goslell John, Water Lane Steventon Thomas, High Street
Cornmell John, Stafford Street Harper George, Salters Lane Stokes Thomas, High Street
Cornmell Thomas, High Street Morris Samuel, Stafford Street Weate William, Chetwynd End
Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers
Cobb Samuel Junior (and Carpet Warehouse), High Street Pritchard John, Red House
Jenkins William, St Mary Street Sargeant Peter, High Street
Carpenters and Builders
Cobb John and John (and architects), Chetwyn End Pritchard John, Red House
Pickin Richard, High Street Williams William, High Street
China, Glass, &c. Dealers
Griffiths John, High Street Underhill William (Glass), High Street
Chymists -Manufacturing
Huxley & Buckley (and Agricultural Chymists, and Roman Cement and Plaster of Paris Manufacturers), Mill Works
Collier James, High Street Icke Eliza, High Street
Huxley & Buckley, (& Bendware, Turnery & Hair Sieve Manufacturerers), Mill Works James John, High Street
Curriers and Leather Cutters
Hutchinson John, High Street Sargeant William, St Mary Street Youd William (Leather Cutter and Flour Dealer), St Mary Street
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Parish Church of St. Nicholas, & the old Butter Cross
Left (hint) Find the Butter Cross, with your mouse.
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