Northwich Casual Tonnage, 1762-1765
(1765 & Jan. 1766)
Date Shipper Flat (Boat) Shipment Tons &/or Cwt. . S. D.
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1st Jan.
Isaac Wood VICTORY Oak Timber from Hartford to Northwich for Mr. Pointon 2c. 1½d.
. . . John Pointon, Oak timber from Northwich for Liverpool. 5t. 4c. 6s. 6d.
. . . Do. 4 Sycamoor Trees for Abram Moss in Lpool. 1t. 1s. 3d.
. . . Do. Poplar Boards & Plank for John Rosedale 2t. 7c. 2s. 11¼d.
. . . Do. 52 Wheelbarrow Fellies 2c. 1½d.
. . . . . 0.16s.11¼d.
Page 65.
2nd Jan.
Isaac Wood VICTORY John Pointon from Acton Bridge
Oak Timber, 30.¾ feet, 12c.
Ash Timber, 32 Do., 13c.
Ash Cordwood, 1t. 10c.


3s. 5¼d.
3rd Jan. John Barrow JOHN Shipped by Jno. Carter for Charles Fleetwood, Sycamoor & Elm 3t. 16c. 4s. 9d.
. . . Peter Baker, Oak Timber 12t. 6c. 15s. 4½d.
. . . Mr. Lowe, Bed Sides & Ends 10c. 7½d.
11th Jan. John Barrow ADMIRAL A Hogshead with Salt in 4c. 3d.
12th Jan. William Pownall JOHN 808 feet of Oak Timber 16t. 3c. 1. 0s.2¼d.
14th Jan. John Mort ROYAL ANNE 4 Bags of Malt 8c. 6d.
18th Jan. Thomas Patten FOX Pan Plates to Lpoole. 10c. 7½d.
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18th Jan.
Thomas Marshall HOPEWELL Oak Timber put on Board at Dutton Bottoms for Lpoole, measured by Thomas Pearsey 6t. 7s. 6d.
21st Jan. John Mort HAWK James Poole, 4 Empty Casks 1c. 0¾d.
. . . Thomas Pearsey, 4 Barrels of Ale 10c. 7½d.
19th Jan. Thomas Patten FOX 2 Measures of Pease 1c. 0¾d.
23rd Jan. John Mort POLLY 835½ feet of Oak Timber Shipp'd by Pointon, Stockton & Lyon, for Peter Baker, Lpoole. 16t.14c. 1. 0s. 10½d.
2nd Feb. John Mort ROYAL ANNE 105 Cheeses for Mr. Pownall of Lpoole. 18c. 1½d.
. Isaac Wood WOOD John Pointon, Oak Timber 15t.12c. 19d. 6d.
. . . John Rogerson, Copper in Boxes. 3t. 3s. 9d.
. . . Alex. Hewett, 1 Hhd. & 1 Box Shoes. 7c. 5¼d.
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8th Feb. John Blackburne LARK Ash Timber, bought of Mr. Done, took down the river from James Poole's Quay to the New Rock Pitt Sinking near Witton B. 9t.3c. 11s. 5¼d.
12th Feb. John Blackburne BEE 24 Dozen of Salt Barrows for Lpoole Ref. 12c. 9d.
14th Feb. Thomas Patten FOX John Pearsey, 1 Sugar Hhd. 1c. 0¾d.
18th Feb. John Blackburne Small Boat Benj. Moss, Withy Wood to Anderton. 10c. 7½d.
23rd Feb. Thomas Marshall HOPEWELL Mr. John Rowe of Lpoole., Oak Bark 16t. 10c. 1. 0s. 7½d.
25th Feb. John Mort POLLY 4 Barrels of Ale for Thos. Pearsey 10c. 7½d.
Page 68.
26th Feb.
Thomas Marshall DISPATCH Mr. John Rowe, Oak Bark 16t. 10c. 1. 0s. 10½d.
27th Feb. Robert Bridge PRINCE EDWD. Mr. Rowe & Co., 2 Casks of Brass for Mr. Edwd. Simpson 10c. 7½d.
8th March. Robert Bridge LEOPARD John Rogerson, Copper in Boxes. 2t. 7c. 2s. 11¼d.
22nd March John Blackburne BEE Ash Timber Bought of Jno. Pointon, from Gorstidge, laid down in the Azzee meadow by Land Carriage, Removed from Thence to Mr. Jeffries's meadow near Witton Brook, where Mr. Blackburne has attempted to sink for a Rock Pitt, 1113 feet. 22t. 5c. 1. 7s. 9¾d.
23rd March John Cheshire Small Boat Oak Timber from Witton Bridge to Anderton Saltworks, 71 feet. 1t. 8c. 1s. 9d.
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28th March
William Milner ROYAL ANNE John Lowden, 574 feet of Oak Timber, sold to Msr. Mason & Hunt of Lpoole. 11t. 10c. 14s. 4½d.
30th March John Blackburne HORNET 40 Dozen of Salt Barrows for Refinery at Liverpool. 1t. 1s. 3d.
2nd April William Pownall MISS WEAVER 954½ feet of Oak Timber 19t. 1c. 1. 9s. 9¾d.
. Thomas Marshall . Rafted Poplar Down Witton Brook to Anderton 3t. 3s. 9d.
10th April Thomas Jeffries THOMAS Rowe & Compa., 4 Casks of Copper 1t. 1s. 3d.
8th April John Mort POLLY 4 Half Barrels of Ale for Thos. Pearsey 6c. 4½d.
. Peter Appleton . Rafted Ash & Ouler from Vale Royal to Northwich. 1t. 6c. 1s. 7½d.
Page 70.
9th April.
Thomas Leigh TEMPLE Mr. Thomas Meller of Lpoole., Elm & Sycamoor Trees; As Under:
Elm, 33. 10½ feet= 25c.
Do. 25. 9 feet = 14c.
Do. 19. 9½ feet = 11½c.
Sycamoor, 6. 8 feet = 2½c.
Do. 8. 8½ feet = 4c.
57 feet (In the Margin: 'Not Shipped')

1t. 2c.

1s. 2½d.
. John Pointon Small Boat Oak Spar, beams & Other Peeces, to Barnton. 4c. 3d.
. Richard Lamb . Rafted Small Ash Trees, from Vale Royal. 4c. 3d.
16th April Robert Bridge KINDERTON Rowe & Co., 4 Casks of Copper 1t. 1s. 3d.
. John Blackburne STORK 39 Dozen of Salt Barrows for the Refinery at Liverpool. 1t. 1s. 3d.
Page 71.
19th April
Isaac Wood MARY Charles Fleetwood, 3 Peeces of Elm. 11c. 8¼d.
. . . Peter Baker, Oak Timber from Jn. Carter 5t. 17c. 7s. 3¾d.
. . . Do. Do., from Jno. Pointon 10t. 6c. 12s. 10½d.
23rd April James Hunt JAMES & SARAH Thomas Done, 5 Sacks of Malt. 10c. 7½d.
. John Barrow BARROW The Sycamoor & Elm Trees charged to the TEMPLE, the 19th Inst., the Master having neglected to take them.
[Ed.Note. See: Page 70, 9th April, Above]
1t. 2c. 1s. 4½d.
6 Dozen . . Cooper at Davenham, 36 spokes. 6c. 4½d.
27th April Robert Bridge CHESTER Oak Timber & Planks from the meadow where the new Flatt was built, to the Saltworks at Anderton. 3t. 10c. 4s. 4½d.
9th May Daniel Barker LEFTWICH Mr. John Rogerson, Cheese. 1t. 1s. 3d.
Page 72.
14th May
Thomas Leigh TEMPLE A Salt Pan made at Mr. Jeffrey's Works. 1t. 12c. 2s. 0d.
15th May John Mort DILIGENCE Thomas Pearsey, 3 Barrels of Ale 7c. 5¼d.
. Thomas Patten FOX Henry Waring, 1 Hhd. of Iron. 3c. 2¼d.
20th May John Barrow (Flat Name Not Given) Mr Thomas Meller, 1 Peece of Sycamoor. 9c. 6¾d.
25th May John Mort POLLY Thomas Pearsey, 2 Half Barrels Ale. 3c. 2¼d.
. John Barrow JONADAB Mr. Cowley, 150 feet of Sycamoor. 3t. 3s. 9d.
8th June Nicholas Ashton DRAKE Pan Plates to Dungeon. 2t. 2s. 6d.
22nd June Robert Bridge CHESTER Brass & Copper. 1t. 17c. 2s. 3¾d.
Page 73.
5th July
John Barrow THREE B'S 182 Cheeses. 1t. 10c. 3s. 1½d.
6th July Randle Harrison NANCY 3 Score of Oak Props from Mr. Kent's Timber, at Barntone. 2t. 2s. 6d.
13th July John Stubbs LION Oak Timber, Sycamoor & 3000 Treenels. 18t. 1. 2s. 6d.
31st July Thomas Marshall SUCCESS Mr. John Rowe of Liverpool, Oak Bark Shipp'd by Mr. Marshall 15t. 10c. 19s. 10½d.
19th Aug. John Barrow Esq. PITT Hay from Northwich to Anderton. 2t. 2s. 6d.
13th Aug. Thomas Marshall THOS. & LYDIA Mr. Thomas Meller, a Parcel of Sycamoor from Dutton Bottoms. . .
Page 74.
21st Aug.
John Barrow Esq. SIX BROTH. Oak Timber for Mr. Mellin 2t. 7c. 2s. 11¾d.
. John Barrow BELL Oak Timber for Mr. Mellin 9c. 6¾d.
. . . Do. for Mr. Kilham 5c. 3¾d.
29th Aug. John Barrow PITT Rowe & Co., Oak Bark. 15t. 10c. 19s. 4½d.
. Thomas Marshall HOPEWELL Sycamoor from Dutton. 6t. 7s. 6d.
17th Sept. John Barrow JONADAB Round Oak Timber, 358½ feet. 7t. 3c. 8s. 11¼d.
. . . Inch Poplar, 2400 Do. 4t. 5s. 0d.
25th Sept. James Hunt COMPLEAT John Stubbs, Oak Timber from Barnton. 2t. 15c. 3s. 5¼d.
27th Sept. Thomas Leigh TEMPLE John Walker, Brass & Copper. 2t. 15c. 8s. 5¼d.
Page 75.
28th Sept.
John Stubbs ROYAL ANNE William Milner Master from John Carter,
[Ed. Note. 20c=1t.]
'Feet, Tons, C.'
Elm for Chas. Fleetwood, 138½
Oak for So. 117¾
Sycamoor for Mr. Baxter, 258¾
From Mr. Lowden
Oak for Mason & Hunt, 214.
14t. 14c. 18s. 4½d.
. John Stubbs LION Mr Thomas Mercer of Lpoole., Oak Timber from Barnton 13t. 5c. 16s. 6¾d.
. . . John Pointon & C., Wheel Timber 2t. 14c. 3s. 4¼d.
12th Oct. Robt. Bridge LEOPARD Rowe & Co., Copper Piges. 10c. 7½d.
Page 76
15th Oct.
John Barrow PEGGY Mr. John Rowe, Oak Bark. 12t. 10s. 0d.
. . . Mr. Williams: A Puppet Shew. 8c. 6d.
18th Oct. Isaac Wood MARY Mr. John Carter, 70 yards fo Bed Sides & Ends, & 86 yards of Bedposts, for Mr. Thomas Kirkman, Cabinet Maker in Lpoole. 16c. 1s. 0d.
19th Oct. Thomas Patten THOMAS & JNO. Mr John Barrow, Oak Bark for Mr. John Rowe, Lpoole. 15t. 18s. 9d.
23rd Oct. Isaac Wood REBECCA Rowe & Co., Copper. 1t. 8c. 1s. 9d.
24th Oct. Mr. William Pownall JOHN Oak Timber from Brook's Croft. 17t. 1. 1s. 9d.
Page 77.
25th Oct.
John Stubbs LION Mesrs. Lion & Pointon, Oak Timber from Witton Bridge for Mr. Nehem. Cowley in Lpoole., 481¾ feet. 9t. 12c. 12s. 0d.
. . . John Pointon, Sycamoor for Mr. Kelsall Blockmaker in Lpoole., 244¾ feet. 4t. 18c. 6s. 11&fracd.
. . . John Pointon, Ash for Mr. Nehemiah Cowley in Lpoole, 100½ feet. 2t. 2s. 6d.
. . . John Pointon, 4 Thousand of Treenels for 2t. 2s. 6d.
28th Oct. John Mort POLLY Thomas Pearsey, 3 Half Barrels of Ale. 4c. 3d.
4th Nov. John Pointon MISS WEAVER 772½ feet of Oak Timber for Mr. Kent. 15t. 8c. 19s. 3d.
. John Barow PITT 785 feet of Oak Timber from John Pointon for Mr. Rd. Kent 15t. 14c. 19s. 7½d.
5th Nov. John Blackburne Small Boat Pan Plate from Northwich 15c. 11¼d.
Page 78.
7th Nov.
Robt. Bridge PRINCE EDWD. Rowe & Co., 34 Peeces of Copper for Mr. Walker 1t. 9c. 1s. 9¾d.
11th Nov. Nicholas Ashton BUCK 57 Dozen of Barrows, for Dungeon. 1t. 15c. 2s 2¼d.
14th Nov. Robt. Bridge KINDERTON Rowe & Co., Brass Wire for Wm. Walker in Lpoole. 1t. 8c. 1s. 9d.
16th Nov. John Blackburne NANCY Mr. Walker, Copper Plates. 5c. 3¾d.
. . . Do. 60 Rings wire. 17c. 1s. 0¾d.
25th Nov. John Blackburne BEE 2 Measures of Potatoes. 1c. 0¾d.
. . . Onions. 2c. 1½d.
27th Nov. John Blackburne SUCCESS 262 Peeces of Brass for Mr. Walker 10c. 7½d.
. John Barrow JOHN Loam Clay from Northwich to Anderton Salt Works. 13t. 13s. 0d.
Page 79.
29th Nov.
. . Oak Timber for P. Baker, 235 feet. 4t. 14c. 5s. 10½d.
. . . Oak Plank for Mr. Rd. Kent, 9 Rood, 2 inch. 14t. 8c. 18s. 0d.
30th Nov. John Mort HOPE Hen. Warriner, 5 Empty Hhds. 5c. 3¾d.
. John Stubbs GOOD INTENT Peter Lawton, Ash for Mr. Mackay. 2t. 2s. 6d.
. . . Ash Timber & 1½ inch Plank for Do. 2t. 15c. 3s. 5¼d.
11th Dec. Thomas Marshall HOPEWELL Hay from Northwich to Anderton. 4t. 5s. 0d.
13th Dec. William Pownall JOHN Oak Timber from Brook's Croft. 6t. 10c. 10s. 7½d.
. . . Do. from John Pointon 2t. 4c. 2s. 9d.
21st Dec. Richard Kent HECTOR Brass for Mr. Walker in Lpoole. 10c. 7½d.
Page 80.
24th Dec.
Richard Kent BAKER John Meanly, Cheese 10c. 7½d.
. . . Wido. Fox, Household Goods. 2c. 1½d.
28th Dec. Richard Kent DOVE Thomas Leigh, A Salt Pan. 13c. 9¾d.
. . . Wido. Fox, Household Goods. 10c. 7½d.
4th Jan.
Richard Kent DOVE Mr. Kent, Pan Plates. 8c. 6d.
. . . Mr. Walker, Copper. 17c. 1s. 0¾d.
End of Entries.
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