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Name Address Age/
?Married/ position in Household
Occupation Birthplace
Elizabeth Debney Bromstead, Nr. Gnosall 74/W/Head Shopkeeper Church Eaton
John Rotchell Top Lane, Bromstead 77/W/ Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
William Shotton Top Lane, Bromstead 62/M/Head Blacksmith Sherifhales
. Top Lane, Bromstead . Uninhabited Building .
Isack Smith Top Lane, bromstead 41/M/Head Waggoner (Ag.) Choley, Berkshire
John Locklin Top Lane, Bromstead 72/M/Head Farm Labourer Edgemond, Shropshire
. Top Lane, Bromstead . Uninhabited .
William Shotton Top Lane, Bromstead 32/M/Head Bricklayer Gnosall
Joseph Vernon Top Lane, Bromstead 57/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
William Titley Plough Inn, Bromstead 52/M/Head Farmer of 61 acres, employing 2 men Hinstock, Shropshire
William Anslow Top Road, Bromstead 30/M/Head Farm Labourer Bromstead
Thomas Parton Top Road, Bromstead 46/M/Head Tailor Bromstead
Joseph Teece Top Road, Bromstead 65/W/Head Gamekeeper Chatwell
Charles Hall Top Road, Bromstead 53/M/Head Shoemaker Stafford
John James Top Road, Bromstead 46/W/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
John Simpson Middle Lane, Bromstead 71/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
. Middle Lane, Bromstead . Uninhabited (two houses) .
Thomas Titley Middle Lane, Bromstead 23/M/Head Farm Labourer Pave Lane, Shropshire
William Parker Middle Lane, Bromstead 45/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
George Beech Middle Lane, Bromstead 46/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
William Pearce Top Road, Bromstead 53/M/Head Farmer of 150 acres employing 2 men, 2 boys Haughton
Joseph Lockley Top Road, Bromstead 65/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
William Simpson
(no other names at this address)
Top Road, Bromstead 75/W/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
William Swann Top Road, Bromstead 39/M/Head Chelsea Pensioner St. Mary's, Stafford
William Tomkinson Top Road, Bromstead 27/M/Head Shoemaker Gnosall
Henry Hall Top Road, Bromstead 24/M/Head Farm Labourer Stafford
John Teece Top Road, Bromstead 49/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
Margarett Slynn Top Road, Bromstead 72/W/Head . Gnosall
Charles Barrat Top Road, Bromstead 50/U/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
Ann James Top Road, Bromstead 82/W/Head . Outwoods
William Venables Top Road, Bromstead 20/M/Head Farm Labourer Aston, Shropshire
Jane Frost
(no other names at this address)
Top Road, Bromstead 75/W/Head . Church Eaton
George Venables Top Road, Bromstead 59/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
Elizabeth Walker Top Road, Bromstead 80/W/Head . High Offley
. Top Road, Bromstead . Uninhabited .
George Turner Top Road, Bromstead 27/M/Head Platelayer Gnosall
Thomas James Top Road, Bromstead 58/M/Head Waggoner (Ag.) Gnosall
James Lockley Top Road, Bromstead 57/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
James Anslow
(no other names at this address)
Top Road, Bromstead 64/U/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
Joseph Evans Top Road, Bromstead 53/M/Head Sawyer Gnosall
Mary Teece Top Road, Bromstead 87/W/Head Grocer Burlington, Shropshire
Adam Lloyd Top Road, Bromstead 67/M/Head Farm Labourer Harleigh, Shropshire
Thomas Robinson Bottom Road, Bromstead 71/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
William Wells Bottom Road, Bromstead 35/M/Head Farm Labourer Congleton, Cheshire
Benjamin Clay Bottom Road, Bromstead 43/M/Head Tailor and Farmer of 43 acres Gnosall
Peter Parton Bottom Road, Bromstead 76/M/Head Tailor Gnosall
Henry Frost Bottom Road, Bromstead 70/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
Charlotte Boothby Bottom Road, Bromstead 77/W/Head . Gnosall
Joseph Simmill Bottom Road, Bromstead 68M/Head Wheelwright Gnosall
John Colley Bottom Road, Bromstead 45/M/Head Farm Labourer Pave Lane, Shropshire
John Johnson Bottom Road, Bromstead 46/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
Thomas Sayers Bottom Road, Bromstead 36/M/Head Farm Labourer Moreton Say, Shropshire
Mary Pearce
(no other names at this address)
Bottom Road 50/W/Head . Gnosall
. Bottom Road, Bromstead . Uninhabited .
Thomas Anslow Bottom Road, Bromstead 62/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
James Simpson Bottom Road, bromstead 80/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
Elizabeth Wiggan Bottom Road 46/W/Head . Gnosall
John Edwards
(no other names at this address)
Bottom Road, Bromstead 87/W/Head (handicap: blind) Stoke Prior, Shropshire
Benjaman Venables Bottom Road, Bromstead 56/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
William Richards Bottom Road, Bromstead 75/M/Head Farmer of 19 acres Gnosall
John Simpson Bottom Road, Bromstead 34/M/Head Bricklayer, Labourer Gnosall
Thomas Griffin Bottom Road, Bromstead 38/M/Head Groom and Coachman (Dom.) High Offley, Staffordshire
Charles Masi Bottom Road, Moreton School 33/M/Head Schoolmaster London, Middlesex
Benjamin Kising Moreton Parsonage 52/M/Head Vicar of Moreton Somerton, Norfolk
Joseph Sutton Bottom Road, Moreton 60/M/Head Tailor Gnosall
Richard Scott Bottom Road, Moreton 28/M/Head Bricklayer Gnosall
Mary Cross
(no other names at this address)
Bottom Road, Moreton 60/W/Head . Gnosall
Maria Cross Poole Lane, Moreton 54/M/Head FarmWorkWoman Gnosall
Thomas Richards Poole Lane, Moreton 44/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
David Wood Poole Lane, Moreton 34/M/Head Farm Labourer Lianfall, Rucaedu, Wales
James Scott Bottom Road, Moreton 40/M/Head Shoemaker Gnosall
George Leech Bottom Road, Moreton 22/M/Head Farm Labourer Wellington, Shropshire
John Leech Bottom Road, Moreton 47/M/Head Farm Labourer Standon on Hindheath, Staffordshire
William Anslow Bottom Road, Moreton 61/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
Peter Brotherton Bottom Road, Moreton 30/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
. Bottom Road, Bromstead . Uninhabited .
Jonathan Burgess Bottom Road, Moreton 60/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
George Parlon Bottom Road, Moreton 44/M/Head BeerHouseKeeper Gnosall
Edwin Ford Bomstead Hill 35/M/Head Farm Bailiff Shropshire
Thomas Fox Bromstead Hill 45/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
Samuel Dyke Bromstead Hill 39/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
James Venables Birch Coppice Lane, Moreton 51/M/Head Farm Labourer Gnosall
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Bromstead/Moreton Census 1881
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