Items from the police courts &c. Reported in Local Newspapers of 4th & 11 January 1902
"Northwich Ruffian Gets His Just Deserts
Tracey Sentanced to 12 months Hard."
At the Cheshire adjourned Quarter Session on Wednesday, Patrick Tracey, whose name is a household word in Northwich, and who has been convicted 65 times, was indicted for maliciously inflicting grievious bodily harm upon Edward Naughton, on the 9th November.

The evidence showed that the prisoner met
Naughton, who lives in Crum Hill, walking down Crown-Street.  Tracey demanded a copper, which Naughton refused.  Tracey then adroitly tripped the prosecutoer, who fell heavily on the hard setts, striking the side of his head.  He was rendered unconscious, a wound two inches long, extending down to the bone.

One witness, Minnie
Duncan, said she saw the prisoner deliberately kick him on the head with his clog.
In the police station Tracey had a struggle with Constable
Waldron.  He bit the officer on the finger, and then smashed the window. Prisoner was sentanced to 12 months with hard labour.
11th January: "Licensing Matters"
Wednesday:  On the application of Mr Churton the license of the Forester's Arms was transferred to Geo. Taylor ; that of the Robin Hood, Castle-Street, to Edmund Jones ; temporary authority to sell at the Grosvenor Tavern, Canal-Side, was granted to Henry Ward, late of Little Dublin, Northop.
Wasting Water On The Canal
James Barlow of Middlewich, boatman on the Trent & Mersey Canal, was summoned for wilfully wasting canal water on December 2nd.  William Jones, Canal Inspector, stated that on the date in question defendant was in charge of a boat coming down the canal.

Within 50 or 60 feet of the middle lock he opened both bottom gates, thereby wasting a lot of water.  This sort of thing was done repeatedly because the power of the water drew the boat into the lock and saved the horse.

The Company suffered very much from the practice, and the present case was one of the worst which had come under his notice for some considerable time.  They did not take particular notice of minor cases, but when such glaring cases occurred they were bound to take action.-
By the Chairman: By-laws and regulations were posted in conspicuous positions.-
Defendant was fined 20s. ; including costs; the chairman remarked that the penalty would be heavier if he appeared again.
Lostock Gralam
Drunk In Charge Of Two Horses
At the Northwich Police Court, on Tuesday morning, before Mr Joynson & Mr. JW Deakin, James Dalton, of Lostock Gralam, was charged with being drunk in charge of two horses in Manchester Road on the previous day.

Schofield stated that prisoner was almost helplessley drunk, and for some time refused to allow him (witness) to take charge of the horses.  He & P.C. Ellwood had to hold Dalton down, and with some difficulty they got him to the police station.

The chairman said they could not be so lenient as in an ordinary case of drunkeness and prisoner would be fined 10s.
Little Leigh
Farmer's Experience in Northwich
At Northwich Police Court on Saturday, before Messrs. Weston & JW Deakin, Fredk. Saml. Platt was charged with being drunk in charge of a horse in Northwich on the previous night.

Ennion stated that he saw the prisoner riding a cob in Castle Street.  Platt was very drunk.  Witness told him to get off the saddle, and in doing so, prisoner nearly fell to the ground.  There were a lot of people about and had the prisoner been allowed to proceed he might have caused an accident.

Prisoner had made a very serious accusation against the police with reference to a half-sovereign. -
Sherwin gave corroborative evidence, and stated that prisoner was incapable of taking care of the horse, and might have killed someone.
The accusation which Platt had made against the police was a very serious one.

He (the inspector) was present when Platt was searched, and he had in his possession ten shillings in silver and sixpence in copper. - Platt denied the charge, but the magistrate thought there was sufficient evidence to show that he was drunk, and imposed a fine of 2s. 6d.
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