Northwich Residents 1892
Kelly's Trade Directory.
Adams, Thomas; bootmaker; Navigation Road Jones, John; stone mason; Leftwich
Ainsworth, Charlotte, Mrs; shopkeeper; Witton Street Jones, Robert; news agent; Witton St.
Alcock, James; shopkeeper; New Street Jones, Thomas Waigh; carriage builder; Castle St.
Alcock, Sarah, Mrs; provision dealer; Leicester Street Joynson; Geo. Thos., LFPS. Glas.; surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator, 1st. div. Northwich district; Witton St.
Alcock, Stringer; hairdresser & tobacconist; Witton St. Joynson, Jn. Williamson; provsn. dlr.; Crown St. & Witton St.
Allen, Edward; beer retailer; Applemarket St.
(The Griffin)
Joynson, Richard; grocer; Tabley St.
Ambrey, Charles; butcher; Leicester St. Kent, Albert; boot maker; market St.
Amies & Sons; boot makers; High St. & Witton St. King, John; earthenware & china dealer; Witton St.
Anderson, James; bootmaker; Crown St. Kirk, Thomas; Grapes PH.; High St.
Andrews, Thomas; shopkeeper; Verdin St. Knott, Isaac Charles; pianoforte & harmonium maker & music seller; instruments by the most eminent makers kept in stock; tuning & repairing done. 20 Castle St.
Appleton, Samuel; general draper; Winnington Lamb, Ellen (Mrs.); furniture dealer; Station Rd.
Arrowsmith, George; relieving, vaccination & inquiry officer & registrar of marriages & births & deaths; Castle Lamb, William; beer retailer; Witton St.
(The Waterman's Arms)
Arrowsmith, Joseph; blacksmith; Witton St. Lawley, Robert; shopkeeper; Witton St.
Ashbrook, James; shopkeeper; Witton St. Layland, Thomas; fishmonger & poulterer; High St.
Astles, Mary, Miss; shopkeeper; Cross St. Lea, Abel & Sons; bootmakers; High St.
Atherton, James; tailor; London Rd., Leftwich Leach, Richard; farmer; Leftwich Hall Farm, Leftwich
Atkins/ Atkinson, George; Crown Hotel, Crown Street Leather, Albert Edward; grocer; London Rd., Leftwich
Attwood, Alfred Allen; grocer, tea dealer & provision dealer; Chester Rd., Castle Leather, John Casey; grocer; Chester Rd., Castle
Auckland, Joseph; shopkeeper, Station Road Leather, Richard Bradshaw; grocer; Witton St.
Austin, William; ironmonger & grocer; Station Rd. Leather, William; Boiler Maker's Arms PH.; Church St.
Babbington, John; confectioner; Witton Street Lee, William; chemist & druggist; Chester Rd., Castle
Baguley, John; butcher; Chester Rd. Castle Lee, William, LDSRCS. Irel.; dentist; Chester Rd., Castle
Bailey, Frederick Beresford; milliner; Applemarket Street Lees, Albert Isaiah; Druids' Arms PH.; Leicester St.
Bailey, William; pork butcher; Witton Street Leicester, James; tailor & outfitter; Crown St.
Bancroft, William; solicitor; Timber Land & at Middlewich Leicester, Thomas; builder; witton St.
Barker, Mrs Anna; shopkeeper; Witton Street Leigh, Emily (Mrs.); milliner; Castle St.
Barker, James; beer retailer & grocer; Waterloo Road, Castle
(The Oak, a free house at this time)
Leigh, John; painter & plumber; Castle St.
Barlow, James; beer retailer; London Road, Leftwich
(the Hope and Anchor)
Liebstein, Herman John, MD. CM; surgeon; Castle St.
Barlow, James Henry; clothier; see Thompson & Barlow Lightfoot, Thomas; White Lion PH.; Witton St.
Barlow, John; shopkeeper; Crown Street Litler, John; insurance agent; Chester Rd., Castle
Barlow, Joseph; butcher; Castle Street Littler, William; shopkeeper; London Rd., Leftwich
Barnes, William; stationer & tobacconist; High Street Lowe, John William; butcher; Witton St.
Baron, John; confectioner; Winnington Hill McCormack, James; beer retailer; Church St.
(the Seven Stars)
Barton, Belinda (Miss); grocer; Church Road Maddock, Robert; shopkeeper; Witton St.
Barton, John; ironmonger; Witton Street Maddock, Thomas; smallware dealer; Witton St.
Bashforth, James; watchmaker; Witton Street Maddocks, Thomas H; draper &c.; Dane St.
Bates, Henry & Sons; iron founders; Witton Street Maden, Lodge; hairdresser; High St.
Bebbington, John; ironmonger; High Street Malam, Ann (Mrs.); Sportsman PH.; Castle St.
Beckett, W. (exors. of); drapers, silk mercers, tailors, woollen merchants, milliners, hosiers & undertakers; 29, 31 & 33 High Street Marrow, John; plumber & glazier; High St.
Beckett, George; shoemaker; Witton Street Marsh, Leonard & Son; auctioneers, valuers, estate & insurance agents; Castle St. & Winnington St.
Bennett, Hugh Joseph; sanitary inspector to rural sanitary authority; Winnington Hill Marsh, Alfred Herbert; surgeon; Winnington St.
Birch, George; butcher; Chester Road, Castle Marsh, Jane (Mrs.); pork butcher; Witton St.
Blades, Charles Mountain; chemist; Castle Street Mathew, Charles; saddler; High St.
Bland, Thomas; Beehive PH.; High Street May, George Austin & Co.; photographers; Station Rd.
Boardman, Joshua; shopkeeper; London Road, Leftwich Mendes, Joseph; clothier; Witton St.
Boden, Nathaniel; provision dealer; Witton Street. Mercer, Arthur; hairdresser; Crown St.
Boosey, William; seedsman; High Street Mills, Thomas; provision dealer; Church Rd.
Bostock, James; builder & contractor; London Road, Leftwich Minshall, Thomas; tailor; Leftwich
Bostock, James Charles; River Weaver Inn; London Road Molyneux, Jane (Mrs.); milliner; Witton St.
Bostock, Joseph; Fox PH.; Applemarket Street Molyneux, Richard; grocer; Waterloo Rd., Castle
Boulton, Arthur; bootmaker; Winnington Molyneux, Sarah (Mrs.); Lord Nelson PH.; Witton St.
Bowyer, Joseph; grocer; Station Road Molyneux, Thomas; cooper; High Street
Bradley, Anthony; hosier & clothier; Witton Street Molyneux, William; builder; Witton St.
Brain, James; Green Dragon PH.; Witton Street Moore, John; pipemaker; Witton Street
Bramwell, William James; ironmonger & iron tin plate worker &c.; Witton Street Moore, John; shopkeeper; London Road, Leftwich
Brandrith, Joseph; saddler; Witton Street Moore, Thos.; builders' merchant &c.; Baron's Quay
Bratt, Henry & Son; general drapers & outfitters, milliners & dressmakers; Witton Street Moreland, Samuel; ironmonger; Witton St.
British & Colonial Meat Co.; butchers; High Street Moreton, Thomas MB.; surgeon; Winnington St.
Brooks, Ann (Mrs.); shopkeeper; Witton Street Moreton, William Hy.; farmer & landowner; Leftwich Grange
Brooks, James; confectioner & baker; High Street Morley, James; grocer; Crown St.
Brooks, William; farmer; Witton Morris, Charles; bricklayer; Leftwich
Brown, George; draper, dress & mantle maker & milliner; Chester Road, Castle Morrison, Daniel; greengrocer; Witton St.
Brown, John; Red Lion PH.; High Street Musgrave, Thomas; Prince Albert PH; Applemarket St.
Brown, William; pork butcher; Castle Street Muskett, John; grocer; London Rd. Leftwich
Browne, Robt. Jsph. L R C P. Irel.; surgeon; Castleton, Castle Muskett, Joseph; grocer; Chester Rd., Castle
Brunner, Mond & Co. Limited; manufacturers of pure alkali; Winnington Park National Telephone Co. Limited; High St.
Brunner Free Public Library & Museum (Miss E Chambers, librarian); Witton Street Naughton, Patrick; provision dealer; Church St.
Bryam, Mary (Mrs.); confectioner; Witton Street Newell, William; grocer, High St.
Budd, Benjamin; Queen's Head PH.; Church Street Newman, Joseph; bootmaker; Witton St.
Burgess, Anne, Jane & Sarah Sophie (Misses); hosiers & haberdashers, ladies' & children's outfitters; knitting & fancy wools &c.; Town Bridge Nicholson, Robert Dixon; beer retailer, Leicester St.
Burgess, George & Son; house decorators; Witton Street Northwich Bill Posting Co. (Richard Joynson, manager); Witton Street
Burgess, Henry; stationer, printer & post office; High Street Northwich Chronicle; published Saturday
Burgess, John; grocer &c.; see Ryle & Burgess Northwich Coffee House Co. Limited; (Hatt Cook esq., Hon. Sec.); The Bridge & Station Road
Burgess, John; shopkeeper; Witton Street Northwich Co-operative Society Limited (William Clydesdale, manager); Station Road
Burns, Thomas; greengrocer; Castle Street Northwich Guardian (published Wed. & Sat.); Witton Street
Caldwell, William; linen draper; High Street Northwich Victoria Club> Limited (John Chamberlain, Sec.); John Street
Capper, Thomas & Son; auctioneers; Witton Street Norton, Polly & Ada (Misses); grocers; Witton Street
Capper, Henry; grocer; Witton Street Norton, John; brick & tile maker; Penny's Lane, Rudheath
Capper, Thomas; shopkeeper; Warrington Road Nusha, John; fried fish dealer; Witton Street
Carbishley/Curbishley, William; beer retailer; Edward Street
(the Barley Mow)
Okell, Wm.; (exors of); ship bldrs. & timber mers.; Castle Dock
Carter, Henry; stationer & news agent; High Street O'Reilly, Patrick; greengrocer; Witton Street
Carter, Jane (Miss); grocer; Witton Street Palin, William (exors of); grocers & plumbers; Station Road
Carter, John; coal & lime merchant; Castle St. & Railway Sta. Pardoe, William James; Bleeding Wolf PH.; first class wines & spirits & Dunville's Irish whisky; Market Street
Carter, William; shopkeeper; London Road, Leftwich Parr's Banking Co. Limited (Robert Cram, manager), draw on head office; 77 Lombard Street, London
Carter, Wm. Newton; timber merchant, see: Stelfox & Carter Patten, William; grocer; Witton Street
Cawley, Joseph; architect; Chester Road, Castle Pearson, Alice (Miss); provision dealer; Manchester Road
Cawley, Richard; Bowling Green PH.; Station Road Percival, Parker; grocer; Market Street
Cemetery (John Chamberlain, clerk); Church Road Perry, Joseph; Old Ship PH.; Witton Street
Chadwick, William Horatio; house decorator; Market Street Peterkin, Albert Gordon; stationer &c.; Witton Street
Chambers, James; coach builder & proprietor; Timber Lane Phillips, Alice (Miss); confectioner; Applemarket Street
Chamberlain, John; deputy supt. registrar & clerk to the burial board; High Street Pickering, William; greengrocer; Market Street
Chisholm, Daniel; hairdresser; High Street Plant, Thomas; tobacconist; Witton Street
Clarke, John; shopkeeper; Navigation Road Platt, James Henry; general draper; High Street
Clare, William; greengrocer; Applemarket Street Platt, John; saddler; High Street
Clegg, Robert; hosier & outfitter; High Street Platt, Mary (Mrs); confectioner; Castle Street
Cleghorn & Wilkinson; engineers; Leftwich Platt, William; greengrocer; Witton Street
Cleghorn, Catherine (Mrs.); news agent; Chester Road, Castle Poole Brothers; ironmongers & house decorators; Castle
Cliff, George Barlow; butcher; Crown Street Poole, James; baker & grocer; Witton Street
Clough, John; chemist; High Street Poole, John; provision dealer; Chester Road, Castle
Conneely, Martin; furniture dealer & grocer; Witton Street Poole, Peter; shopkeeper; Witton Street
Constitutional Club (John Eden, manager; Henry Booth, Sec.); Witton Street Poole, Robert Henry; chemist & druggist; Witton Street
Cook, Herbert Hatt; solicitor; see: Trafford & Cook Postles, Henry; hatter; Witton Street
Cooper, John; pork butcher; Witton Street Powles, A E; estate agent to Col. Marshall; Winnington Hill
Coppock, Martha (Mrs.) beer retailer; Station Road
(the Prince of Wales)
Pratt, Henry Lewis; greengrocer; Chester Road, Castle
County Court; (His Honor William Wynne Ffoulkes, judge; Walter C Cheshire, (acting as high bailiff), registrar); Drill Hall, Leftwich Preston, George; shopkeeper; Witton Street
Cowley, James; clerk to the local board; 42 Witton Street Preston, Geo.; tobacconist & draper & post office; Chester Road
Cram, Robert; manager of Parr's Bank Prince, Martha (Mrs); milliner; Witton Street
Cross, Joseph; assistant overseer for Winnington & Leftwich Rammer, Margaret (Mrs); grocer; Tabley Street
Crawford, John; boot maker; Applemarket Street Ramsay, Joseph; dealer in patent medicines; Witton Street
Crisp, Robert Henry; pawnbroker; Witton Street Rathbone, George; stonemason; Station Road
Cumley, Thomas; general draper; Witton St. Ravenscroft, John; grocer; Winnington Street
Dale, Henshaw; farmer; Winnington Ravenscroft, John; timber merchant; High Street
Dale, James; shopkeeper; John St. Renshaw, James; salt merchants; Central Chambers
Dale, John; brick & tile maker; Victoria Rd. Renshaw, Thomas; clogger; Witton Street
Darlington, John; shopkeeper; Witton St. Renshaw, William (exors. of) boot makers; Witton Street
Darwell, George & Son; veterinary surgeon; Witton St. Rhodes, Denton Edward; shopkeeper; Crown Street
Davies, William; grocer; Witton St. Richardson, Peter; grocer & post office; Station Road
Deakin, James; shopkeeper; Tabley St. Ridgway, Joseph; coach builder; Castle Street
Deakin, John William, A P S; chemist & druggist; Witton St. Riding, Emma (Miss); confectioner; High Street
Deakin, William; draper; Witton St. Rigby, Richard & Co.; butchers; Dane Street
Deakin, William Clarke; solicitor; High St. River Weaver Navigation Co. Limited (Timothy Bristowe Hughes, general manager; James A Saner, engineer; Joseph Ashley, clerk of works)
Dean, Caroline (Mrs.); Penrhyn Arms PH.; New St. Roberts, Jonathan; watchmaker; High Street
Dean, Joseph; beer retailer; Warrington Rd.
(The Ring o' Bells)
Roberts, Richard; Volunteer PH.; London Road, Leftwich
Denton, Thomas; leather seller; Witton St. Roberts, Richard William; boot maker; Station Road
Dixon, Jn. Jacob; solicitor & comsnr. for oaths; Castle Chmbrs. Robinson, Isaac; bycycle maker & agent; 46 Station Road
Dobell, Richard; farmer; The Farm, Leftwich Robinson, John; shopkeeper; Witton Street
Dodd, Joseph; grocer; Witton St. Rogerson, John; stonemason; Witton Street
Dooley, Patrick; grocer; John St. Rogerson John jun.; painter & plumber; Station Road
Drinkwater, George; shopkeeper; Station Rd. Rogerson, Mary Elzh. (Mrs); Railway Inn, London Road, Leftwich
Drinkwater, Samuel; shopkeeper; Leicester St. Rogerson, Samuel; grocer; Leftwich
Dudley, Reuben; boot maker; bootmaker; Leftwich Rogerson, William; grocer; Applemarket Street
Dummett, Frederick; clothier; Applemarket St. Rowbotham, Eliza (Mrs.); Bull's Head PH.; Applemarket Street
Duncan, John; civil engineer & surveyor; Applemarket St. Rowe, Cain; Wheatsheaf PH.; Castle Street
Dunn, George; shopkeeper; Applemarket St. Rutter, Wm. & Son; upholsterers & glass & china dlrs.; High St.
Dutton, George & Sons; fellmongers & tanners; Leftwich Ryan, John; pork butcher; Market Street
Dutton, William; shopkeeper; Witton St. Rylance, John & Sons.; builders, contractors & timber merchants; Witton Street
Eachus, Charles; hatter; High St. Ryle & Burgess; grocers & wine & spirit merchants; High Street
Earl, William; commercial traveller; London Rd., Leftwich Sanders & Hanley; corn merchants; High Street
Eastwood, Thomas, MRCVS; veterinary surgeon; High St. Sanders, Martha Ann (Mrs.); grocer; Witton Street
Eaton, Thomas; grocer; Leicester St. Sandiford, NP & Son; brewers; Northwich Brewery, Witton Street, & at Manchester
Edge, William; beer retailer; Crown St.
(Goldsmiths Arms)
Sands, Alfred; boiler maker; Station Road
Edwards, George; linen & woollen draper; High St. Sant, John; grocer; Leftwich
Edwards, John Thomas; grocer & provision mer.; Witton St. Scales & Sons; boot makers; High Street
Elam, Matthias; watchmaker 7 jeweller; Witton St. Scratchard, John; Eagle & Child PH.; High Street
Ellerton, Mouat Keith; architect & surveyor; High St. Senior, Elizabeth & Fanny (Misses); bootmakers; Witton Street
Erlam, Jane (Mrs.); furniture broker; Castle St. Senior, George; shopkeeper; Penny's Lane
Erlam, Joshua; chair maker; Witton St. Shaw, Jane (Mrs.); tobacconist; Witton Street
Etches, Enoch; watchmaker & iron monger; Applemarket St. Shaw, William; shopkeeper; Leftwich
Evans, Edward; shopkeeper; Winnington Shilliday, Robert; grocer; Tabley Street
Evans, John; smallware dealer; Witton St. Shirley, Samuel; Turk's Head PH.; High Street
Evans, William; grocer & beer retailer; James St. Simpson, Joseph; hairdresser; Winnington Hill
Eyres, John; butcher; Witton St. Singer Manufacturing Co. (Samuel Mear, manager); Witton Street
Fell, Alice (Mrs.); shopkeeper; Witton St. Smith, John; auctioneer; Witton Street
Fernie, William; Cock PH.; Station Rd. Smith, William; manager, Union Bank of Manchester & treasurer to the local board & union; High Street
Flannery, Patrick; Bear's Paw PH.; New St. Southern, Thomas; beer retailer; Castle
Fletcher, A & JE; solicitors; Winnington Hill Sproston, William; joiner; Leftwich
Fletcher, Algernon; (firm, Fletcher A & JE), solicitor, & clerk to the guardian & clerk to the Weaverham, Acton & Cuddington school boards; Winnington Hill Stagg, James; shopkeeper; Warrington Road
Fletcher, James Ernest, LL.B. solicitor; see: Fletcher A & JE. Starkey, Henry; shopkeeper; London Road, Leftwich
Foden, Thomas; farmer; Leftwich Statham, Simeon; sewing machine agent; Witton Street
Fogg, Simeon; hairdresser; Witton St. Stelfox & Carter; timber merchants; Victoria Steam Sawmills, Leicester Street
Forster, Emma (Mrs.); grocer; Castle St. Stelfox, Thomas; tailor; Witton Street
Foweraker, James; Rock Miner's Arms PH.; Witton St. Stevens, Emma (Mrs.); ladies school; Leftwich
Freeman, Thomas; tobacconist; Winnington St. Stevens, Thomas; shopkeeper; Witton St.
Fryer, Arthur; assistant overseer for Witton Stoddard, James; wholesale grocer; Penn's Lane
Fryer, James; painter; Winnington Storey, John; shopkeeper; Castle St.
Gadd, William; Goldsmith's Arms PH.; Crown St. Stow, R W; surveyor & inspector of nuisances; 42 Witton St.
Gallimore, Thomas & Son; mineral water manufacturers; Edward St. Stubbs, Isaac; mineral water manufacturer; Station Road
Gandy, Ezra; estate auctioneers & surveyors; Castle St. Taylor, Peter & Sons; builders, contractors, timber & coal merchants; Leftwich Saw Mills
Gant, James & Co.; grocers & provision merchants; High St. Thomas, Joseph & Sons; grocers; High St.
Gas Works (S Mellor, managing director; Thomas E Harrison, engineer & gas manager; Henry Pickering, Sec.); Crumb Hill Thomas, Owen; joiner; Leftwich
Gibson, James; beer retailer; London Rd., Leftwich
(Victoria Vaults)
Thomas, Thomas; shopkeeper; Witton St.
Gibson, Sophia (Mrs.); confectioner; Castle St. Thomas, William; picture frame maker, carver & gilder, mount cutter &c.; frames made to order at reasonable charges; 27 Witton St. & 82 Widnes Rd., Widnes
Gladstone Club (George King, Sec.); Witton At. Thomason, Charles; pork butcher; Applemarket St.
Gleave, Hannah (Mrs.); farmer; Leftwich Thompson & Barlow; clothiers; High St.
Gleave, Joseph; baker & confectioner; Church St. Thompson, Jabez; brick & terra cotta works; Manchester Rd.
Gleave, Samuel; grocer; London Rd. Tomkinson, Joseph; beer retailer; Chester Rd. Castle
(Castle Tavern)
Gleave, William; shopkeeper; London Rd. Trafford & Cook; solicitors, & solicitors to trustees of Weaver Navigation Co., clerks to magistrates for Eddisbury hundred & clerks to governors of Witton school; Winnington St.
Golden, Bartholomew; furniture dealer; Witton St. Trafford, John Leigh; (firm, Trafford & Cook); solicitor & clerk to commissioner of taxes; Winnington St.
Gorst, Albert; basket maker; London Rd. Tundley, Joseph; butcher & grocer; Witton St., High St. & Winnington
Gorst, Annie (Mrs.); basket maker; Witton St. Turton, William; stationer; Witton St.
Gorst, George Henry; Black Bear PH.; Applemarket St. Union Bank of Manchester Lim. (William Smith, manager); High St.; draw on Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co., London EC
Gorst, Joseph; basket maker; Castle St. Verdin Brine Baths (James Cowley, clerk); Verdin Park
Griffiths, Owen; shopkeeper; Navigation Rd. Verdin, William; general draper, hosier & outfitter; Witton St.
Hall, Edward Charles; plumber & news agent; High St. Vernon, George; shopkeeper; Tabley St.
Hamer, William & Son; engineers; Manchester Rd. Victoria Club (John Chamberlain, Sec.); John St.
Hancock, Thomas; hairdresser; Witton St. Victoria Infirmary (James Cowley, hon. sec., Miss E Fletcher, Matron); Verdin Park, Castle
Hanmer & Fowles; wheelwrights; Witton St. Volunteer Battalion (3rd.) Cheshire Regiment (D Co.) (Capt. JA Saner, commanding)
Harrison, Henry; assistant overseer for Castle Northwich Wade, Samuel; stonemason; Castle St.
Harvey, Eliza (Mrs.); grocer; Crown St. Wakefield, John & Frederick; cab proprietors; Church St.
Hassall, James; baker & confectioner; High St. Walker, George; butcher; Chapel St., Castle
Hassall, John, MD., CM.; surgeon; 47 London Rd. Walker, Jane (Mrs.); butcher; Applemarket St.
Haynes, James; bootmaker; Witton St. Walker, William Henry; butcher; Witton St.
Haywood, William; shopkeeper; Crown St. Wall, John; furniture broker; Witton St.
Heald, Thomas; shopkeeper; Crown St. Wallis, Gorman Henry; Crown & Anchor hotel; High St.
Heath, John; fried fisher dealer; Church St. Walton, John; shopkeeper; Witton St.
Heath, William; grocer; Church St. Ward, Edward T; civil engineer & surveyor; Castle Chambers
Heintzman, Jacob; pork butcher; Witton St. Weedall, Thomas; bird fancier; Witton St.
Heyes, Sarah (Miss); shopkeeper; Leftwich Wesley, Thomas; pawnbroker; Witton St.
Hickson, Sarah & Dora (Misses); Railway Hotel, Station Rd. Weston, John; iron merchant & agricultural & general ironmonger; Dane St.
Hillidge, Frederick; basket & hamper maker; Witton St. Whate, Josiah; grocer, tea dealer & provision merchant, & italian warehouseman; 35 & 37 Witton St.
Hind, Susannah (Mrs.); beer retailer; Witton St.
(the Joiners Arms)
Whim, Thomas; shopkeeper; Cross St.
Hitchen, Edward; grocer; Castle St. Whitby, William; shopkeeper; London Rd.
Hitchen, John; plumber & glazier; Church Rd. Whitehead, James Hy.; Old Bear's Paw PH.; Applemarket St.
Hitchens, John; tailor; Witton St. Whitehead, Joseph; provision dealer; Castle
Hobson, Frank & Co.; bootmakers; High St. Whittingham, Richard; greengrocer; Witton St.
Hobson, Whitworth & Son; printers & stationers; Applemarket & Crown St. Whitton/Witton, Ann (Mrs.); beer retailer; Castle
Hodda, John; carver & gilder; Witton St. Wilding, George; provision dealer; Witton St.
Holland, Henry; leather dresser &c.; Leftwich Wilding, John; shopkeeper; Chester Rd., Castle
Holland, James; architect; Navigation Old Rd. Wilkinson, George; boot maker; London Rd., Leftwich
Holland, Maria (Mrs.); Temperance Hotel; Station Rd. Wilkinson, Thomas; engineer; see: Cleghorn & Wilkinson
Holland, Peter; beer retailer; Chapel St.
(the Ship & Anchor)
Willett, Joseph; hosier & draper; High St.
Holland, Samuel; Roebuck PH.; Witton St. Williams, Edward Palmer; draper; Witton St.
Holmes, Jesse John; hosier; Applemarket St. Williams, Hannah (Mrs.); grocer; Witton St.
Holt, James; shopkeeper; Verdin St. Willis, George; watchmaker & jeweller; Market St.
Hooley, Thomas; furniture broker; Witton St. Wilson, Arthur; milliner; Witton St.
Horton-Smith, William, MR., CM.; surgeon; Witton St. Wilson, Robert; shopkeeper; London Rd., Leftwich
Hough, Thomas; beer retailer; Applemarket St.
(the Market Tavern)
Wilson, Thos. (exors. of); ironmongers; High St. & Church St.
Howard, Harrison; outfitter; High St. Winlaw, Annie (Mrs.); grocer; Witton St.
Howarth, Joseph; beer retailer; Manchetsr Rd.
(the Locomotive)
Winnington, Alfred; chimney sweeper; Station Rd.
Howe, John; provision dealer; Leftwich Winnington Co-operative Society Lim. (James Emmett, manager); Winnington
Hudson, Richard; greengrocer; Witton St. Winstanley, Mary Ann (Mrs.); shopkeeper; Timber Lane
Hughes, Charles James; auctioneer & valuer, & assistant overseer for Northwich; Market St. Winstanley, Thomas; bootmaker; Tabley St.
Hughes, David; wholesale & retail grocer, & agent for W & A Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants; Castle St. Witton Free Grammer School (Rev. Arthur Charles Whitley, MA., Headmaster)
Hughes, Frederick William; builders' merchant; Leicester St. Witton & Dane Bridge Burial Board (John Chamberlain, clerk); High St.
Hughes, George; shopkeeper; Witton St. Wood, Thomas; Bowling Green PH.; Leftwich
Hughes, George A; collector of rates to the local board; 42 Witton St. Woodall, James; provision dealer; Crown St.
Hughes, Mary Ellen (Miss); dressmaker; Witton St. Woodburn, Francis; Britannia PH.; Market St.
Hulme, Joseph; grocer & provision dealer; London Rd. Woodcock, John; ship builder & timber mer.; Navigation Rd.
Humphreys, Griffith; pharmaceutical chemist; High St. Worrall, Charles; butcher; Castle St.
Hunt, Thomas; clogger; Witton St. Worsley, Frederick; general draper; High St.
Hunt, Edward; grocer; Witton St. Worsley, James; pawnbroker; Leicester St.
Hurst, George; hairdresser; Witton St. Wright, John; George & Dragon PH.; Witton St.
Hurst, Henry; grocer; High St. Yardley, Joseph; shopkeeper; London Rd., Leftwich
Jackson, Henry; butcher; Witton St. Yarwood, Frank; boot maker; Witton St.
Jackson, John; hairdresser; Witton St. Yarwood, John; shopkeeper; John St.
Jackson, Thomas; sail & tent maker; Leftwich Yarwood, Robert Ernest; Witton St. & London Rd.
Jackson, William; secondhand clothes dealer; Witton St. Yarwood, Thomas; shopkeeper; Warrington Rd.
Johnson, Joseph; wheelwright; Station Rd. Yearlsey, John; shopkeeper; Crown St.
Jones, Allen; beer retailer; Warrington Rd.
(Ring o' Bells) see also: Joseph Dean
Yearsley, William; shopkeeper & post office; Penney's Lane
Jones, Harold; news agent; Station Rd. Frontpage
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