1865 directory, ‘Northwich’: Milliners & Dressmakers cont’d

Stubbs Mrs M., Witton St.

Wheatsheaf: Fryer Thomas, Antrobus

Willcock G., Castle St.

Taylor W., Apple market

White Lion: Cottrell T., Davenham

Willis Miss E., High St.

Topham H., Witton St.

Public Companies

Music & Musical Instrument Sellers

Wilding G., Northwich

Anderton Company, (Joynson G., agent), Wharf, Anderton

Linter T., High St.

Winlaw T., Witton St.

Pump Makers

Prophet J., Barnton

Winnington Mrs J., Witton St.

Thompson J. & Son, Castle-Northwich

Nail Makers


Thompson J. & Son, Witton

Davies T., High St.

Angel: Edwards W., High St.

Refreshment Rooms

Heath W., Church St.

Barrel: Lambert W., (Hartford)

Bebbington C., Witton St.

Murphy J., Cross St.

Beehive: Eachus T., High St.

Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages

News Agents & Vendors

Black Bear: Hitchins Mrs M., Apple market

Newall J.W., Castle-Northwich

Hall E., High St.

Bleeding Wolf: Woodward W., Market St.

Roller Leather Manufacturers


Blue Barrel: Lambert W., Castle Rd., (Northwich)

Holland H., Leftwich Rd.

Guardian Newspaper Office

 (Northwich & Winsford)

(G. Wiley, agent), Castle St.

Blue Cap: Gibson G., Sandiway, Weaverham

Rope & Twine Manufacturers

Nurserymen & Seedsmen

Boiler Maker’s Arms: Malam H., Church St.

Bradshaw J., Navigation Rd. (also Winsford, Over)

Dobell T., Market St.

Bottle & Birch: Kinder W., Whitley Superior

Capper T., Witton St.


Bowling Green: Cowap J., Little Leigh

Clarke W., (patent), Barnton

Ryder G., Castle St.

Bowling Green: Holland C., Leftwich Rd.

Evans J., Leftwich Rd.

Painters & House Decorators

Bridge Inn: Bower N., Little Leigh

Saddlers & Harness Makers

Hall E., (and Glazier), High St.

Bull’s Head: Sumner W., Apple market

Blakey J., Witton St.

Harrop T. (and Glazier), Weaverham

Bull’s Head: Leather Mrs E., Davenham

Dawson J., Witton St.

Wakefield T., Comberbach

Chetwode Arms: Rutter J., Whitley Inferior

Hickson S., Great Budworth


Church Stile, Coles W., Weaverham

Hoole S., Weaverham

Hall E., High St.

Cock: Drinkwater Mrs A., Great Budworth

Mathews W.H., High St.


Cock: Griffiths: J., Witton St.

Moreton C.N., Lostock Gralam

Hardley J., Apple market

Cross Keys: Lovett W., Market St.

Reece T., Delamere

Worsley J., Leicester St.

Cross Keys: McGough P., Market St.

Sail Makers

Worsley T., Witton St.

Crown: Baker R., Crown St.

Brown R. (repress.of), Castle Rd.

Photographic Artists

Crown & Anchor: Tootell W., High St.

Jackson T., High St.

Birtle T., Witton St.

Duke of Portland Arms: Brown Mrs M., Rudheath

Thompson J. & Son, Castle-Northwich

Pianoforte Warehouses

Eagle & Child: Lancley T., High St.

Wilding T., Sheath St.

Linter T., High St.

Foresters’ Arms: Goodier T., Barnton

Salt Proprietors ( * = also Rock Salt)


Fox: McCann T., Apple market

Ashton H., Witton

Reemes W., Witton St.

George&Dragon: Starkey G., Witton St.

Blackwell J., Witton

Plumbers & Glaziers

George&Dragon: Wright T., Great Budworth

*British Rock Salt Co., (Lobb J.B., sec.), Wincham

Burgess G., Witton St.

Goldsmiths’ Arms: Gadd W. Apple market

British White Salt Co., (Robinson T., manager), Anderton.

Burgess P., Castle St.

Green Dragon: Norris J., Witton St.

Burgess T. (exors. of), Winnington

Chadwick W., Market St.

Hare & Hounds: Whitfield C., Crowton, Weaverham

Clare J., Anderton

Cross W. & J., Leftwich Rd.

Hartford Station Inn: Gascoine J., Hartford

Darsie & Gibson, Anderton

Harrop T., Weaverham

Horns: Lees Mrs S., Little Leigh

Davies J., Wincham

Hitchens H., Witton St.

Lamb: Fowles W., Market St.

Deakin Brothers, Winnington

Leigh G., Castle Rd.

Lion: Hickson J., Witton St.

*Fletcher & Rigby, Marston Saltworks, Marston

Marrow J., High St.

Lord Nelson: Richards W., Witton St.

*Fletcher J., Marston

Newhall J., Great Budworth

Maypole: Catley G., Acton, Weaverham

Hayes W., Anderton

Perry J., Witton St.

Navigation Inn: Hitchen J., Lock St.

*Hayes W., (Pimlott J., agent), Marston

Viggor H., Weaverham

New Inn: Devenport Mrs S., Witton

Higgin T., Anderton

Wakefield T. (and Painter), Comberbach

Old Bear’s Paw: Ford Mrs M., Apple market

*Jackson & Co., Marston

Whitehead J., Davenham

Old Broken Cross: Holland J., Rudheath

Jump W., Moulton

Potato Merchants & Dealers

Old Ship: Whitlow G., Witton St.

Lovett J., Davenham

Boden W., Delamere

Pickering-o’-th’-Boat: Burston S., Crowton, Weaverham

Marshall J. & T., Winnington hill

Preston T., Delamere

Prince Albert: Kingston R., Apple market

Milner E., Marston


Queen’s Head: Norton J., Church St.

New Bridge Salt Co., Marston

Lamb J., Apple market

Railway Inn: Moulton W., Acton, Weaverham

Parks J., Wincham


Railway Inn: Woolley S., Hartford

Starkey Brothers, Winnington

Hobson W., High St.

Raven: Cookson G., Darnhall

*Stubbs W., Leftwich Rd.

Provision Dealers

Red Lion: Barnes J., High St.

*Thompson J. & Son, Marston; Meadow Bank, Over; Witton St., Northwich; & Wincham.

Birtwistle S., Castle St.

Red Lion: Edwards W., Marston

Verdin J. & Son, Marston

Clare J., Crown St.

Red Lion: Higham J., Barnton

Verdin J., Witton

Cowap J., Davenham

Red Lion: Wilson I., Hartford

Verdin R., (exors. of), Witton St.

Darlington J., Witton St.

Roebuck: Latham W., Witton St.

*Williamson R., Witton Brow, Wincham

Eyes T., Castle Rd.

Slow & Easy Inn: Oakes J., Lostock Gralam

Worthington W., Leftwich Rd.

Fallows T., Crown St.

Spinners’ Inn: Jones J., Comberbach

*Worthington W., Wincham

Grice W., Witton St.

Sportsman: Worrall J., Castle St.

Savings Banks

Griffith W., Leftwich Rd.

Sportsmen’s Inn: Doo W., Castle St.

Northwich Savings Bank, (Bradburne W.S., actuary), Winnington hill

Joynson J., Tabley St.

Stanley Arms: Johnson J., Anderton

Sawing, Planing & Moulding Mills

Leigh W., Marston

Star: Pollock T., Weaverham

Thompson J., & Son, Witton (steam saw mill)

Littler Mrs. E., Witton St.

Talbot: Jackson Mrs A., Witton St.


Muskett J., Castle Rd.

Townshend Arms: Malam Mrs E., Wincham

Bostock G., Cuddington, Weaverham

Parks S., Witton St.

Turk’s head: Fisher Miss Z., High St.

Schools ( * = girls; + = boarding)

Prest S., Witton St.

Vale Royal Abbey Arms: Clark W., Oakmere

+Arnold H. (& day), Arley green, Aston-by-Budworth

Riding Mrs M., Witton St.

Vine: Jackson J., High St.

*+ Beecroft Miss Frances Ann, Palm Place, Great Budworth

Rodges W., Witton St.

Weaverham Gate: Wing J., Weaverham

*+Bell Miss M.A., Winnington

Rogerson J., Witton St.

Wheatsheaf: Bebbington J., Weaverham


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Sanders J., High St.

Wheatsheaf: Cookson W., Castle St.

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