1857 Directory. Trade Directory Entries for Northwich area.

(Trades A – E  only)



J Moore, Sheath Street, Northwich

J. Sutton, Witton Street, Northwich.


Agents-Coal & Colliery

O. Viggor, Hartford, Northwich.


Agents-Land, House & Estate.

T. Rigby, Darnhall, Northwich.



R. Clinch, Winnington, Northwich.

T. Fryer, Winnington, Northwich.

J. Pimlott, Marston, Northwich.

H. Warburton, Davenham, Northwich.



Senior, J., (For Hellewell & Co’s India rubber articles), Witton St., Northwich.

Senior, T. (For Morison’s Pills), Witton St., Northwich.

Thompson, J. & Son, (For patent roofing felt), Witton St., Northwich.


Agricultural Implement Manufcrs. & Dlrs.

Worrall, W., Whitley Superior, Northwich.


Anchor Manufacturers

Brown R., (Representatives of), Castle Rd., Northwich.

Thompson J., & Son, Castle Northwich, Northwich.



J.F Drinkwater, Witton St., Northwich.



J. Heap, Castle St., Northwich.

Marsh, L. & Son (& Appraisers), Castle Rd., Northwich.



Bowyer, T., Barnton, Northwich.



Firth, T. & Son, Northwich Old Banl, Dane Street, Northwich; Draw on Union Bank of London.

Northwich Old Bank, T. Firth & Son; Draw on Union Bank of London.


Basket, Hamper & Sieve Makers.

Gorst G., Witton St., Northwich.

Gorst J., Castle St., Northwich.

Gorst W., Castle Rd., Northwich.


Beer Retailers.

Allen, T., Barnton, Northwich.

Astbury, J., Delamere, Northwich.

Atherton, I., Mill St., Northwich.

Barton, T., Marston, Northwich.

Bate, W., Delamere, Northwich.

Bettley, T., Delamere, Northwich.

Buckley, J., Leicester St., Northwich.

Clark, Mrs. M., Comberbach, Northwich.

Collins, P., Crown St., Northwich.

Cookson, J., Hartford, Northwich.

Corker, W., Leftwich Rd., Northwich.

Cotterell, A., Barnton, Northwich.

Earlam, R., Castle Rd., Northwich.

Harrison, J., Davenham, Northwich.

Hayes, G., Crowton, Weaverham, Northwich.

Hilton, T., Weaverham, Northwich.

Hind, S., Witton St., Northwich.

Hitchens, J., Market St., Northwich.

Howard, M., Hartford, Northwich.

Leach, R.K., Crown St., Northwich.

McMann, J., Church St., Northwich.

Massey, P., Cuddington, Weaverham, Northwich.

Mires. H., Crown St., Northwich.

Musgrave, Z., Barnton, Northwich.

Oulton, W., Witton, Northwich.

Parkes, G., Mill St., Northwich.

Plant, J., Whitley Inferior, Northwich.

Rathbone, J., Castle Rd., Northwich.

Senior, Mrs. F., Witton St., Northwich.

Stanley, J., Witton St., Northwich.

Stelfox, J., Fleming St., Northwich.

Whitehead, J., Leftwich Rd., Northwich.

Whittingham, T., Applemarket, Northwich.


Berlin Wool Repositories.

Huddlestone, Miss M., Applemarket, Northwich.


Bird & Animal Preservers.

Rowe, G., Witton St., Northwich.


Boat Builders.

Cawley, J., Witton St., Northwich.


Bone Merchants.

Williamson, R., Witton Brow, Wincham, Northwich.



Hobson, W, High St., Northwich.


Booksellers.(Marked thus* are Publishers; Marked thus+ are Circulating Libraries.)

Burgess, H., High St., Northwich.

Carnes, Mrs. F., High St., Northwich.

Hall, E., High St., Northwich


Boot & Shoemakers.

Alcock, J., Wincham, Northwich.

Bailey, W., Middlewich.

Bancroft, G., Gorstage, Weaverham, Northwich.

Bancroft, P., Weaverham, Northwich.

Bennett, W., Little Leigh, Northwich.

Booth, J., Davenham, Northwich.

Borrows, T., High St., Northwich.

Bostock, T., Witton St., Northwich.

Bowden, W., Shurlach, Davenham, Northwich.

Briscall, J., Marton, Northwich.

Capper, J., Applemarket, Northwich.

Chrimes, N., Crowton, Weaverham, Northwich.

Clark, W., Davenham, Northwich.

Cross, S., Castle Northwich, Northwich.

Darlington, J., Davenham, Northwich.

Dudley, R., Leftwich Rd., Northwich.

Dutton, G., Delamere, Northwich.

Fairhurst, S., Acton, Weaverham, Northwich.

Fogg, J., Barnton, Northwich.

Ford, T., Weaverham, Northwich.

Ford, W., Weaverham, Northwich.

Hartley, J., Hartford, Northwich.

Hewitt, E., Lostock Gralam, Northwich.

Hewitt, T., Bate Heath, Ashton-by-Budworth, Northwich.

Hindley, J., Antrobus, Northwich.

Hindley, P., Barnton, Northwich.

Hodgkinson, T., Witton St., Northwich.

Kerfoot, J., Great Budworth, Northwich.

Kettle, W., Witton St., Northwich.

Lea, A., Castle Rd., Northwich.

Lee, J., Weaverham, Northwich.

Millington, W., Antrobus, Northwich.

Moore, Mrs. M., Hartford, Northwich.

Moore, P., Little Leigh, Northwich.

Nickson, J., Comberbach, Northwich.

Owen, G., Cross St., Northwich.

Peers, J., Castle Rd., Northwich.

Plant, E., Whitley Superior, Northwich.

Postles, T., Leftwich Rd., Northwich.

Potts, W., Castle Rd., Northwich.

Rayner, J., Pickmere, Northwich.

Robinson, G., Witton St., Northwich.

Robinson, T., Witton St., Northwich.

Roylance, G., Allostock ‘Knutsford’.

Sanders, J., Marston, Northwich.

Senior, T., Witton St., Northwich.

Slater, J., Shurlach, Davenham, Northwich.

Smallwood, P., Wincham, Northwich.

Stubbs, J., Witton St., Northwich.

Stubbs, P., Lostock Gralam, Northwich.

Taylor, W., Comberbach, Northwich.

Thornton, J., Whitley Superior, Northwich.

Williamson, W., Leftwich Rd., Northwich.

Winstanley, W., High St., Northwich.

Wood, J., Weaverham, Northwich.

Yarwood, R., Leftwich Rd., Northwich.

Yarwood, T., Witton St., Northwich.




Fryer, Thomas, Antrobus, Northwich.

Hampson, J., Witton St., Northwich.

Smith, T., Sandiway, Weaverham, Northwich.

Wolf, E.S., Witton St., Northwich.

Woolf, E.S., Rudheath, Northwich.



Bell, T., Boots Green, Allostock, ‘Knutsford’

Birch, T., Church St., Northwich.

Caldwell, S., Weaverham, Northwich.

Gaunt, R., Witton St., Northwich.

Hayes, J., Little Leigh, Northwich.

Hitchen, J., Lock St., Northwich.

Johnson, W., Weaverham, Northwich.

Jackson, L., Little Leigh, Northwich.

Leicester, W., Witton, Northwich.

Lewis, S., Crowton, Weaverham, Northwich.

Norton, J., Witton, Northwich.

Thompson, J., & Son, Witton St., Northwich.

Willis, R., Delamere, Northwich.

Winnington, C., Witton St., Northwich

Worrall, J., Little Leigh, Northwich.

Worrall, T., Whitley Superior, Northwich.



Andrews, J., Weaverham, Northwich.

Beckett, R., Hartford, Northwich.

Buckley, J., Davenham, Northwich.

Burrows, S., Davenham, Northwich.

Fairhurst, R., Whitley Superior, Northwich.

Hughes, T., Witton St., Northwich.

Joynson, W., Hartford, Northwich.

Leicester, W., Castle St., Northwich.

Molyneux, J., Witton St., Northwich.

Shaw, C., Castle Rd. Northwich.

Shaw, C., Hartford, Northwich.



Amery, T., Comberbach, Northwich.

Baguley, Mrs. J., Applemarket, Northwich.

Barlow, T & J, Crown St., Northwich.

Barlow, H., Castle Rd., Northwich.

Barlow, J., Applemarket, Northwich.

Barlow, W., Castle St., Northwich.

Billington, G., Witton St., Northwich.

Chantler, T., Witton St., Northwich.

Cook, W., Mops End, Aston-by-Budworth, Northwich.

Drinkwater, J., Seven Oaks, Northwich.

Dutton, G., Whitley Superior, Northwich.

Eachus, G., Applemarket, Northwich.

Eyres, J., Witton St., Northwich.

Gindy, J., Witton St., Northwich.

Holland, J., Onston, Weaverham, Northwich.

Holland, T., Cuddington, Weaverham, Northwich.

Miller, T., Whitley Superior, Nothwich.

Pigott, T., Davenham, Northwich.

Rogerson, A., Witton St., Northwich.

Starkey, J., Witton St., Northwich.

Walton, W., Aston-by-Budworth, Northwich.

Warburton, J., Lostock Gralam, Northwich.

Warburton, R., Whitley Superior, Northwich.

Warburton, W., Leftwich Rd., Northwich.

Williams, W., Darnhall, Northwich.


Cabinet Makers.

Riley, J., Witton St., Northwich.

Rutter, W., Leicester St., Northwich.


Carpenter’s & Joiners.

Bostock, J., Leftwich Road, Northwich.

Cookson, T., Delamere, Northwich.

Drinkwater, S., Witton St., Northwich.

Eyes, J., Dane St., Northwich.

Fairhurst, R., Whitley Superior, Northwich.

Helsby, T., Coghsall, Northwich.

Holland G., Lands End, Aston-by-Budworth, Northwich.

Horton, Mrs. A. & Sons, Leftwich, Northwich.

Joynson W., Castle Road, Northwich.

Lambert G., Leftwich Rd., Northwich.

Lewis J., Aston-by-Budworth, Northwich.

Lewis R., Aston-by-Budworth, Northwich.

Rathbone J., Delamere, Northwich.

Shaw E., Comberbach, Northwich.

Smith J., Witton, Northwich.

Winstanley M., Aston-by-Budworth, Northwich.


Cattle Dealers.

Fair J., Marston, Northwich.

Fair W., Heald Brow, Aston-by-Budworth, Northwich.

Holland S., Darnhall, Northwich.

Warburton H., Lostock Gralam, Knutsford

Warburton J., Lostock Gralam, Knutsford.


Chain Cable Makers.

Brown R., (Representatives of), Castle Rd., Northwich.

Thompson J. & Son, Castle Northwich., Northwich.


Chair Makers.

Earlam J., Witton St., Northwich.


Cheese Factors.

France J., Hartford, Northwich.

Griffiths C., Rudheath, Northwich.

Percival R., Davenham, Northwich.


Chemists, Manufacturing.

Rooke J. & J., Wincham, Northwich.


Chemists & Druggists.

Blades S., High St., Northwich.

Bradley T., Castle Rd., Northwich.

Burgess W., Witton St., Northwich.

Clough J., High St., Northwich.

Facer W., High St., Northwich.

Manifold J., Weaverham, Northwich.


China, Glass & Earthenware Dealers.

Hunter, Miss B., Witton St., Northwich.

Leicester W., Castle St., Northwich.

Shufflebottom W., Witton St., Northwich.



Dale T., Castle Rd., Northwich.

Hunt J., Witton St., Northwich.

Renshaw W., Witton St., Northwich.

Whittingham G., Crown St., Northwich.


Coach Builders

Jones T., Dane St., Northwich.

Pass S., Witton St., Northwich.


Coal Dealers.

Davis D., Castle Rd., Northwich.

Fletcher J. & Co., Sandiway, Weaverham, Northwich.

Norton J., Witton St., Northwich.

Rayner J., Witton St., Northwich.

Steen J., Leftwich Rd., Northwich.

Yates J., Rudheath, Northwich.


Coal Merchants.

Bridgewater Trust Coal Wharf, (J Ford Manager), High St., Northwich.

Carter P. & Son, Castle St., Northwich.

Fletcher J. & Others, (O. Viggor, agent), Hartford, Northwich, & (W. Redfern agent), Railway Rd., Stockport.

Fletcher J., Marston, Northwich.

Kinsey J., Lostock Gralam, Knutsford.

Massey T., Bartington, Knutsford.

Moulton C., Acton, Weaverham, Northwich.

Williamson R., Witton Brow, Wincham, Northwich.

Wyatt J., Lostock Gralam, Knutsford.


Confectioners & Pastrycooks.

Burgess, Misses F. & M., High St., Northwich.

Field R. J., Applemarket, Northwich.

Hassall J., High St., Northwich.

Stoddart J., High St., Northwich.



Beckett R., Hartford, Northwich.

Holland J., Navigation Rd., Northwich.



Allen D., Weaverham, Northwich.

Molyneux J., Witton St., Northwich.


Corn & Flour Dealers.

Bolton J., Lostock Gralam, Knutsford.

Darlington T., Moulton, Northwich.

Holland S., Rudheath, Northwich.


Corn & Flour Merchants.

Carter P. & Son, Castle St., Northwich.

Hope C. & J., Lostock Gralam, Knutsford.

Leather W. T., Witton St., Northwich.


Curriers & Leather Sellers.

Denton T., Witton St., Northwich.

Harrison J., Market St., Northwich.

Parker R., Church St., Northwich.


Dairymen & Cowkeepers.

Hornby T., Acton, Weaverham, Northwich.

Thomas J., Acton, Weaverham, Northwich.

Woodward S., Acton, Weaverham, Northwich.


Drainpipe Makers & Dealers.

Thompson J. & Son, Witton St., Northwich.



Beckett W., High St., Northwich. (Linen)

Bratt H., High St., Northwich. (Linen).

Burgess B., Weaverham, Northwich. (Linen.)

Caldwell W., High St., Northwich. (Linen.)

Coates T., Gt. Budworth, Northwich.

Deakin W., Witton St., Northwich. (Linen.)

Edwards & Son, High St., Northwich. (Linen.)

Galley T.G., Witton St., Northwich. (Linen.)

Grice S., Davenham, Northwich. (Linen.)

Hignett J., Weaverham, Northwich. (Linen.)

Lewis J., Dane St., Northwich. (Linen.)

Moore J., Weaverham, Northwich. (Linen.)

Platt C., Castle Rd., Northwich. (Linen.)

Postles W., Witton St., Northwich. (Woollen.)

Wade E., Dane St., Northwich. (Linen.)

Woodcock T., Comberbach, Northwich.



Newman, Miss M.J., Witton St., Northwich.


Engineers, Civil.

Williams L., Castle Northwich, Northwich.


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