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 The most effective method to Make Ideal Roti Batter in a Food Processor 

Setting up the mixture for the roti conventional way is difficult work, yet I've sorted out a basic and fast method of making wonderful roti batter in a food processor. Allow me to impart to you this simiple strategy so you can generally have decent home-made roti with your suppers. 

Roti is one of the soonest and most fundamental types of unleavened flatbreads. In certain districts it is otherwise called 'phulka' or 'chapatti'. 

Roti has just two fixings – wheat flour and water – however it requires an ideal mixture and a couple of little deceives for these fixings to do something amazing. 

As a youngster, I was constantly intrigued by the manner in which my mom changed the flour into a flexible mixture and afterward into completely round, slender and inviting rotis. 

As the sodden, uncooked roti hits the hot frying pan, an astounding fragrance spreads everywhere on the house which is no less dazzling than the aroma of downpour on dry soil – the valid, unadulterated scents of nature. 
In numerous South Asian homes the custom of joint family framework actually wins, and the ladies of the house alternate to make rotis for the entire family at dinner times. 

Envision, a lady remaining in the warmth of South Asia in a seething kitchen making rotis relentless for a group of 10-12 individuals till everybody is satisfied. Also, when these are coming hot and new directly from the oven, no one eats only one! 

The most scary thing for me while making roti has consistently been plying the batter. So I chose to sort out a straightforward and snappy method of making roti at home. 

After a couple of analyses I understood that practically 75% of the fight is won on the off chance that you get the batter right. So I thought of a standard amount of flour and water to be blended in a food processor that yields wonderful roti mixture making. 

You can utilize similar amounts to ply batter by hand however I'll adhere to the simpler variant. 
Significant: This formula works just with a food processor, not a blender. 

Food processor (not blender) 
Moving pin 
Skillet or Tawa 
3 cups entire wheat flour 
1+1/2 cups frosted water 
additional flour for tidying 
This Is Your Specialty: 
Spot the flour in the food processor and close the cover. Start the processor on rapid. 
Begin pouring frosted water in a slight stream gradually through the opening in the food processor cover. When you wrap up pouring all 1+1/2 cups of water, the batter ought to have framed a flawless ball. 
Turn the processor off. The entire cycle requires most extreme 2 minutes. 

Remove the batter from the best food processor in India and keep it covered with a cling wrap in the refrigerator till you need to utilize it. It can remain there for two days. 
Warmth a skillet on medium warmth. Residue the work top with some flour (not all that much or the roti will dry out). 

Make batter balls, somewhat more modest than a tennis ball by rolling the mixture between your palms. 
Straighten a batter ball on your work top and carry it out into as meager and even as possible. 
The skillet ought to be truly hot before you put roti on, or it will adhere to the skillet. Spread the roti on the skillet, allow it 30 seconds, turn. 

Cook the opposite side for a somewhat longer time. There ought to be a minuscule earthy colored denotes on top of it. 

Presently move the roti to the immediate fire with first side looking down. This will make the roti puff up. 
At the point when the roti is done, quickly enclose it by a tea towel. Rehash with all the batter. Keep warm till you serve. 

Makes 9-10 rotis. You can even find it here for more info!