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Traditional English Morris Dancing in Tidewater Virginia.

"Sic Semper Morisco"



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Morris Dancing is a traditional ritual dance originating in England. Generally, Morris dances involve six dancers with bells at their knees, twirling hankies and clashing sticks in elaborate figures and choruses. The music consists of simple folk tunes traditionally performed on the pipe and tabor, fiddle, button accordion/concertina, or recorder. Dating back to the 15th century, the dance has been associated with particular holidays, such as May Day, Whitsun and Yule. Morris was performed both in the countryside and as court entertainment. While many of the tunes and dances go back hundreds of years, Morris is a living tradition, with new dances being written and performed all over the world.


In 1996, a group of local folk and contra dancers formed Flying Bark Morris. The group now consists of a variety of dancers and musicians who love to dance, play music and perform throughout the year. Our repertoire consists of dances mainly from villages in the Cotswold and Border regions of England.


To contact the Flying Bark Morris, call or email Travis at (757) 719-0356.

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