Unusual Redneck Pictures

These are just flat out wierd but safe for opening where Big Brother Might be watching.
So Caveat Emptor Thanks Eric

rated PG by the MPA

The Redneck Special Forces
Redneck Special forces

The Redneck Car Alarm!
redneck car alarm

The Redneck car wash!
redneck carwash

The Redneck Deer Stand!
Redneck Deerstand

The Redneck Highrise!
The Redneck High-rise

Just playing horseshoes in Texas!
Giant Horseshoes

The Redneck House Alarm!
House alarm

The Redneck Motorhome!

The Redneck Olympics!
Redneck Olympics

The Redneck Radar!
House alarm

The Redneck Yacht!
Redneck Yacht

The Redneck Windchimes!

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