WATAIN: "People should kill not for their freedom, but for tyranny and control."

Hail to thee! Check this exciting and extremely long interview with Swedish Black Metal terrorists WATAIN, which was done by our contributor from Kaliningrad (Russia) Arthur, who also runs Charon's Chronicles Webzine. As for me, I disapprove most of the stuff WATAIN support and promote. However, you should decide for yourselves. Keep the Flame burning! (Krasniy)

- Because it is our first interview with you let's make a short excursus to the history?

First of all, heilz! Well, after a lot of struggeling in bands not even worth mentioning the members of WATAIN got together in late summer of 1998. Some rehearsals and live tapes were spread in the underground and it ended up with a contract for a 7", on the vinyl label GRIM RUNE productions. The 7", "The Essence of Black Purity", was released in autumn 1999 and since then we've just been playing live and rehearsing. Now we are working on a fullength which is going to be released by the french cult label DRAKKAR productions, which we feel very comfortable about. The recording will take place in the infamous Necromorbus studio, in the end of April. Expect nothing but a suicidal rape disaster.

- Do you take part in another projects?

Well, our guitarist is playing with a thrash/death metal band, but I dont know their name. Me and the drummer is doing a zine called HELLISH MASACRE, featuring the sickest and most perverted stuff from the underground black/death scene. Since most of the zines nowadays concentrates on the "bigger" bands, we decided to throw something together about the current underground scene, because people dont seem to care about it anymore... WAKE UP, POSERS! Issue #2 will be out in april, so bands and labels: send your stuff, against free copy of course!

- The name of your group is mysterious enough. Is there any sense in it?

It's taken from the infamous VON song, and can thereby be seen as a tribute to true Black/Death Metal, and the ideologies/visions its originally built upon. It also has a real meaning as a word, of course.

- Tell us about your way in music. Do you feel any limitation in your style, in any conception? Do you see any possible progress, of movement forward?

Yes, indeed. I mean, just listen to the 7" inch and compare it to the stuff we're doing nowadays. Maybe it's not that easy to hear from someone who has not followed the bands development, but still, our style now is... lets just say it's a hell of a lot better and original. It's no fucking atmosperic/exprerimental/newage shit, it's still pure black audial morbidity, but performed with more sick feelings and atmospheres.The album will be something really special I think, but maybe that's what you always feel when you have your own band. People can judge for themselves when it's out however.

- Do you think that an image of a musician is a basic element of the atmosphere. Is your image of great importance or you use it only for performances?

Well, of course the personalities reflects the music. Especially the personality of the one who writes the lyrics, I think... WATAIN is our belief, our faith, and it's how we are and how we live our lifes. Therefore image is not needed, we are who we are.... If we would be normal human beings we would not play this style of music.

- What is the main in music - technical things and possibilities or atmosphere (soul) ?

Well, probably to be able to combine these and get what you want. But still, the bands I hail are maybe not the best musicians, so I guess it's the atmosphere that is the most important thing, especially in Black Metal. Just listen to VON, later Darkthrone, Absurd, Root, Mutiilation, early Mayhem and stuff like that.... Not very technical, but still pure hellish superiority!

- What inspires you to write such kind of music? What is the basis of your style?

We carry on what others have left bleeding. The inspirations comes from the inhuman fundaments of the Black/Death cult, which is an endless source of inspiration.

- Tell more details about your compositions.

Well, I think it's better that people listens to our stuff instead, and by that get their own opinion. People that can understand us does, while others should just stay away. I dont like to analyse our art, it destroys part of the feeling.

- It is difficult to describe music in words,it is necessary to listen to it, to perceive by soul, but nevertheless your personal associations?

Gloom, hatred, suicide, mystery, misantrophy, redemption... in audial and lyrical form... Some of the bands that influence our music quite much are MAYHEM, THORNS, SABBAT and early BURZUM...

-Do you use national elements in your music?

No. I don't think such topics have anything to do with Black Metal.

- Where are your roots, do you know anything about them ?

I dont know about the others in the band, except for that they're all swedish, but my roots are swedish back to the 17th century, as far as I can remember of what I have been told. Anyway, as this doesnt effect the music, I dont think it's such an important matter. We're proud of our roots of course, but we're still a part of this cursed world, which makes the whole thing rather irrelevant.

Your direction, in which you create, how would you characterize it? I do not like to stick labels and I am interested in your opinion.

Black audial morbidity.. ear-raping selfdestructive propaganda..... call it Black Metal if you like....

- Underground - is it simple only a term, or you think it really exists? I mean an opposition, which was, is, and will be. What are the troubles of Underground?

A very interesting and important question. The extreme metal underground, as I see it, is very alive and well. Many of you may get confused by such a statement, but I thought very much about it, and came to the conclusion that people nowadays are just getting irritated on the trends going on "above" that they forget about the underground. The underground scene will always exist, as long as there are Black/Death metal bands sticking to the the true roots and ideologies of this movement, and there are quite a few of them! Just look at bands such as NIFELHEIM, ANTAEUS, CRUSIFIRE, HIRILORN, UNHOLY MASSACRE, SABBAT, MALIGN, OFERMOD, FUNERAL MIST, AVENGER, IMPIETY, BOTULISTUM, TRIUMPHATOR and us, to name a few... "True" people should concentrate on the deeds and works of themselves, instead of getting lame due to some commercial poser crap, not even worth the labeling "underground".

Many hide the lack of talent, failures under the term underground What'd you think of crisis in the direction, whether there will be an exit from crisis?

You mean the crisis within the underground scene? It works just like anywere else, the superior will survive in the end, while the others will suffocate themselves in their own excrements... It's a cycle process and there will always be lots of inferior bands and such within the underground, like it always have been. You have to be able to judge.

What you think of your local scene? Whom'd you support?

Well, the Swedish scene consists mostly of lowlife whores and faker cunts, but bands that defenitely are worth to check out are: MALIGN, REPUGNANT, NEPHENZY, FUNERAL MIST, INSISION, MORTUARY, OFERMOD, THRIUMPHATOR, CRAFT, SARCASM. Good examples of what music should be like, I think. If anyone is further interested about the real swedish black/death movement, contact me....

Your advice to young bands?

Dont forget what Black/death metal is built upon, and dont play it if you cant stand for it. And of course: send your stuff to Hellish Massacre Zine.

Now the most of groups make a deal with large labels. It seems the black-radicalism became the subject of commerce speculation, isn't it?

Black radicalism? I dont know if I get your point, but if you by "black radicalism" mean fundamental Black Metal bands, I dont think it will ever be a subject for commercialism. It is impossible for a normal person to appreciate something that serve as propaganda and representation for it's own enemy. If real Black metal ever becomes trendy, it means that 99,9 % of the worlds population have been executed.

- Do you have such notion like responsibility for your fans? I know many groups that have changed the style but remained with the old name. What do you think about it?

First of all I must say that our amount of die hard fans that we feel responsability to is maybe not that overwhelming. If it was, I think they would appreciate us in whatever direction we may go, as we will always remain ourselves. Get my point?

- Money on the other hand gives some freedom of creativity, but the question is to be discussed there is a lot of contradictions, what's your opinion?

Money is always good if it's in the right hands (Ours that is). I dont think money is something "un-black metal", as long as you dont use them for the purpose of being commercial and trendy, which many of the so called "black" metal rockstars do today. Money is a jewish weapon... You have to be able to use it the right way.

- What is for you the Evil, Hatred, Gloom, Contempt?

Everyday companions, sources of inspiration...

-Nature, whether you communicate with it sometimes?

No. I leave that for the newage whores and hippieswines... Just look at the HECATE ENTHRONED video, haha!

- War! What'd you think of it? Many shout about war, but have wrong opinion (not confirmed by experience of life), others shout different slogans, and in soul feel fear (even from the words)! Many think it is necessary and there are others who will have enough boldness of spirit to kill by the hands, not simply shout about it. They will want and do it I through this boundary have passed, and I know personally what is what. Let everyone decide on it himself. All the same weak people will remain weak, independently of the environment. Those who can act seldom shout about it at each corner. This's my personal opinion. Your opinion is interesting to me.

Well, you have got a point there. Lot of people talking but not acting, that's a wellknown phenomena within the Black metal scene. My opinion about war: it's good that people die of course, but it's bad when the war itself serves the purpose of freedom, which is the case of many wars going on today. People should kill not for their freedom, but for tyranny and control. War for war's purpose.

- How the man ceases to be the man?

When he dies. To be a man is nothing to be proud of though... I think that to cease to be a man hides more pride than to be one. Mankind is a cursed breed of inferior slaves.

- The force of soul, in what is it found?

Read our lyrics....

- How you react to criticism?

It depends... If it comes from someone worthy enough to critisize us, then I can take it. If it's from someone that doesnt have a clue, which is the usual thing, then I probably get pissed. But why waste precious hatred on such feeble sluts anyway?

- Look back, look on your past life. What'd you think of it?

Quite pointless until I got involved in Metal 8 years ago. Since then it has been quite chaotic and fucked up but of course with a bunch of highlights, such as the forming of WATAIN.

- Do you hear about such movement Never Stop The Madness? The weaks must die, the strongs must survive and so on. What do you think about it?

Well, first of all I dont think that the Never stop the Madness Campaign" is a very established movement in it's real definition. It's just a slogan that the MYSTICUM guys and some others used on their albums. Anyway, Is support the message of course. Hard drugs to everyone! Extirpate the feeble, as they use to say, haha...

- Do you think should extreme music get any ideology or not?

I think the ideological part of Black/Death Metal is a part of the whole thing, and that it wouldnt be the same thing at all without it. Music can always be appreciated by anyone, because it's just music, and music cant be offensive. But when it comes to the lyrics/image/message of bands, that's were the Devil hides. People get offended, by a message that to us die-hards is nothing but pure reality and righteousness, and that's why it has never been accepted by the normal crowd. Look at the trendy "black"/Death bands today, why have they become trendy? Because their message is false, and can thereby be appreciated by the normal crowd. It's a very easy way to explain the whole thing.

- Satanism- your opinion on this account? Whether the Satan is just a mirror reflection of God, but an opposed reflection, and it exists only till God exists. Satanism - is it a religion just like any other planting ideas? What your opinion?

Again, read our lyrics... Satan in my life reflects the whole, and his are the tusks that are pierced through cosmos and it's putrid within. I wouldn't care to go any further on this subject, because the answer would be a book, but please go on and read our lyrics.

- Can Black exist outside of satanism?

Yea, on the skin of negros... But if you mean Black Metal? No, Black Metal and satanism/devil worship goes hand in hand, of course. If it aint satanic, it aint Black metal.

- Paganism is more ancient, more perfect outlook, what'd you think? What is Pagan for you, culture or religion? Whether it is actual now?

Well, it's a fascinating subject indeed, but nothing that has anything to do with WATAIN, except for the anti-christian approach. The paganism / heathendom of Sweden, and in the scandinavian countries in general, is merely a memory, and noone seems to be interested in their roots anymore, due to the medias loathsome explanation of it as something "nazi". I myself, dont care if people call me that, but that's why so many has lost interest in it, since nazism nowadays is seen as something "horrible" and "unclean". Again, due to the leftwing media fuck ups.

- What has caused "Pagan" and "Black" trend, and what can cause their disappearance?

The pagan elements within metal probably comes from the wave of nationalism that has haunted the scene from the early 90's. When such interests and opinions were more or less banned in the "normal" society due to the media dirty description of it, it became natural for extreme individuals to use it as a topic in their art. It's also a fascinating and somewhat "obscure" ideology, and obviously anti-christian, which makes it even more fitting into extreme metal. I dont really see this as a trend in its right definition, more like a nowadays common thing within the underground scene. The Black trend came with Euronymous death and the happenings in Norway, and I think that the consequenses has done both good and bad things. Mostly bad, obviously. It's kinda talked out matter for me.

What'd you think about the growing popularity of black metal and that more people come to the Cult?

As long as it is people that know what it's about and can stand for it, I think it's great. But that's obviously not the case nowadays. Anyway, 99% of all those bands and persons calling themselves "black" Metal, have nothing to do with the cult at all, and will sooner or later die, as they dont get the attention from the ones who the need it from.

- The Death is standing near to you, whether you can bravely look at its eyes? Your last words even in this life?

My last words? Hopefully something like: "Allright, I think it's pretty fair that you kill me, since you were the only one surviving my global a-bomb raid that wiped out every single human being on this now nuclearly sodomized planet." The day death comes to visit me, I'll be ready, whenever it is.

- What'd think of suicide? Whether it is victory of extreme egoism over all desires and feelings?

Suicide is painless. I suggest this as a hobby everyone should have. Seriously, I really like it when people commit suicide. I dedicate my work in WATAIN partly to those people. Suicide should be more common, but it will probably be if you look on what the future will bring: more people, less jobs, more wars, more crime, more depression, more misery, and last but but not least: the Watain album... All good reasons for people to blow their ugly heads off.

- What keeps you in this life till now?

Black/Death Metal and everything that comes with it.

- Life after death?

Death is the key, the final and ultimate orgasm. Life is the painful part of the whole misery, it's just about dying. Death is the key... Commit suicide...

- What is the great Truth for you?

Something that others have to discover themselves... Again... read the lyrics of Watain...

- Is the division into True/False still possible?

If you talk about Black Metal... yes, of course. But it's up to each one to decide what those definitions are based upon, I guess.

- Does Misanthropy destroys you from within, or is it pointed at the environmental world?

It does surely not destroy me, it keeps me alive. Instead of gaining weakness from feeling hatred and anger, I gain strength.

- What stimulators d'you use for expansion of your spiritual perception?

Black and Death Metal. Alcohol also works at times...

- What is Elite for you? Is it just an opposition to the outer world?

Elite... well, I'm pretty satisfied with being able to judge people, and I intend to keep it personal. The elite will remain elite and the inferior will remain inferior, and then people can call themselves what the fuck they want.

- What are your future plans?

Right now we are rehearsing to be ready to record our fullength album, which is going to be released by DRAKKAR in the end of May. After that we'll be promoting ourselves and in the end of the year we'll go on a european tour.

- And in the end: what do you want to say especially for our readers (listeners) and for your fans in Russia?

Thanks a lot for the support with this long and interesting interview! People further interested in WATAIN should check out our webpage at: http://listen.to/watain or preferably send me a letter! I havent seen so much of the russian underground scene so Death/Black underground maniax in Russia (and worldwide) get in touch! The underground is boiling with good zines, labels and bands, you just have too look a bit deeper! Keep the morbid faith!

Verbis Inferi. / E. Danielsson, on behalf of WATAIN

Grim Rune Productions

Interview taken by Arthur

Compiled by Krasniy

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