The Lost Tales
A Science-Fiction/Fantasy story in progress

Back in 2004, I had recently graduated from high school and was about to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I had a plan for something I would do after – write a book.

This book was going to be a prequel to all of the stories I had written growing up, explaining why I had elves on some other planet. Eventually, I added dragons and other creatures, but at some point it started to turn into more of a science fantasy story than a fantasy story.

I had made outline notes on my mission, which I expanded upon after. These notes actually started to go beyond the intended prequel and absorbed the stories I had already written.

Since then, I went further back in time in the story and made the elves and dragons into descendants of alien refugees on Earth. I actually blew up a planet while doing this.

I'm currently working on the timeline for the overall series, and I've thrown in interdimensional time travel to make some things work.

Once I finish fixing the timeline issues, I intend to return to the story and pick up after the creation of the fairies, who are related to the elves.