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..dashen Lehulachen!!!
Yehulachen Mircha Dashen Bera
Dashen Beer a choice for quality!! - Enjoy exellence!!-- The only internationally certified brewery in Ethiopia.--Dashen Brewery development partner of the public. So whenever u drink Dashen beer remember that u are contributing for your country..

Welcome to the the company profile

Dashen's modern plant,occuping an area of 8.5 hectars ,was completed with an initial capital investment of over 340 million Birr.
The Brewery is located in the historical town Gondar which is annually visited by more than 95,000 tourists.

It's named after Mount Dashen ,Ethiopia's highst mountain elivation4523 meters),and a home to rare endemic fauna and flora and renewed for its breath taking scenery.

The principal aim of Dashen Brewery is meeting the customer requirments for quality beer and to offer customers more choice in the market wirth out affecting the environment .Thus, the brewery is highly committed to waste reduction, waste managment and satisfying customer need and expectations.

Dashen brewery utilizes state of the arts technology and has a hightly qualified proffesional work force that will enable it to complete on the export market with the leading international beer producing and marketing companies.

dashen Brewery has an initial annual total capacity of 500,000 hectoliters (151 million bottles ) current production output stand at 300,000 hactoliters (91 million bottles ).

Despite its young age ,Dashen brewery has already been a beer tycoon and apioneer in customer satisfaction,which is confirmed by being awarded two internationally ,recognized certifications,ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

As a result of relentless effort of its professionals, its high-tech technology and appropraite strategy designed to penetrate the seemingly congested local market,the brewery is now in a position where its supply could not meet the demand created for its products .This has therefore put the brewery in the forefront of the local market even at its infant stage.Hence,the work to expand the Brewery to three fold of its actual current capacity has already begun. The new capacity after expansion, assumed to be finalized in the coming August ,will put the brewery at number one position with respect to both quantity and quality.

The brewery has 267 employees ; a figure anticipated to increase within the next 6 months as the company steadly expands its market share and plant capacity to 750,000 hectoliters (or 225,225,225 Bottles).In line with this ,modern technology diffusion and vigorous human resource capacity development work is under taken at all levels.As to the raw materials the brewery uses the most suitable water;two raw spring barely malt,carefully selected yeast and hops only.

The Brewery is currently undertaking projects of malt factory to supply the Brewery and other Brewery's with a sustainable supply of quality malt produced in the unique two-raw barely grown in the high lands of the region.the project aims to benefit the farmers of the area by integrating them as suppliers of the Barely for the factory

Dashen Brewery is taking in various activities as part of its social responsibility to the society .The Brewery has been working with youth associations and clubs in the fight against HIV/AIDS .Helping street children, creating self-help job opportunities etc.

Dashen brewery is the only and first ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company in Ethiopia which are passports for the global market.

The Brewery's ISO 9001 Quality Managment system has won customer confidence that the brewery is supplying products of desired quality with its internationally recognized system .

Dashen's ISO 14001 Environmental Managment System will enable the company to formulate a policy and objectives by taking in to account regulatory requirments and information on activities with significant environmental impacts.

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