Rich in Natural Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A, and Thiamine, the Moringa leafproves to be nature's health elixir for a healthy body and mind. Moringa Oleifera is native to India and Nepal and is also known as the ’Miracle Tree’. True to its name, the Moringa powder made of the Moringa leaves has been used as a traditional remedy in ayurvedic healing for thousands of years

Packed with nutrients, this Superfood powder has several health benefits making it an integral part of a healthy routine. Here are 3 Key Benefits of Moringa

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Moringa contains Quercetin and Chlorogenic Acid which are compounds that help in lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels respectively. It increases the levels of antioxidants hence acting against free radicals in the body.


Moringa leaves are rich in Protein, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Iron, Vitamin B2, Vitamin A, and Magnesium making them nutritious and healthy. Being rich in proteins they are packed with essential amino acids which are important for muscle repair, energy production, and mood enhancement.


Inflammation in the body is usually an indication of an infection or an injury. Sustained inflammation may be due to chronic health problems including heart diseases. This article supports that Moringa is indeed an effective treatment for inflammation-associated diseases

Moringa leaves are a power pact superfoods that are nutritious and apart from the benefits mentioned above they contribute to weight loss, a healthy digestive system, and even menopause. Therefore, the inclusion of Moringa may prove to be beneficial for a healthy body and mind.

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