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GameShark CD
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NTCS is the display format used by USA and Japan, while Europe and Australia use PAL, Personally I think the Yanks and the Japs should tow the line and convert to PAL, but that's just not going to happen is it??
So for now if you want to play an imported game on your PSX there are a few options - the easiest one is to buy a SCART lead, or RGB leads, for the PSX. That's fine if you have a Scart or RGB connection on your TV - I don't.

I have described 3 methods here, One uses a Game Enhancer cartridge, one a boot disk and the third changes the code in the disk image to convert it to PAL or NTSC. Being in the UK I'll mainly talk about NTSC to PAL - but the principles are the same for PAL to NTSC (if you can't work it out you probably wouldn't have got it anyway)

Game Enhancer Codes

Firstly, I'll appologise to whoever wrote the PalPar program, I don't know who you are so I can't credit you, email me please.

PalPar is a DOS program that will detect the display code and produce the Game Enhancer codes required to change the display. it can be used either on the game executable or on an image of the disk. I find that it is more reliable to run the program on a disk image (CDRwin .bin file) as some games have more than one executable file. the syntax for the program is simple enough:
palpar <filename>
e.g. to run it on the image TR.bin: palpar c:\tr.bin
to run it on Tomb Raider III (Euro PAL) executable: palpar d:\Sles_016.49

either way the results should look like this:-

C:\> palpar D:\Sles_016.49

Opening File ... Complete.
Searching ... Found.

To ----- NTSC| PAL
50093B00 0001|0000
00093B00 0000|0001
-- Search&Replace:
 09 00 02 3C 00 3B 42 8C 09 00 01 3C 08 00 E0 03
 00 3B 24 AC 09 00 02 3C 00 3B 42 8C 08 00 E0 03
PAL2NTSC: 24 AC to 20 AC
NTSC2PAL: 01 3C 00 3B 22 8C 01 00 04 24 from 3rd byte

Searching ... End of File.

Ignore the other info, the Search&Replace is to change the hex code, I found it to be unreliable

it will obviously take longer to search a disk image than a executable, so maybe you want to try that first?
So now we have the codes to convert our PAL version Tomb Raider III to NTSC output:
50093B00 0001
00093B00 0000
If it had been an NTSC version converting to PAL we would have used
50093B00 0000
00093B00 0001

OK - All we need to do now is load the codes into the Game enhancer, If you co not have a game enhancer, or have a 900x series PSX (or the PSone) you can use the Gameshark CD and save the codes to a memory card.
At the menu screen go to the "Select Cheats" menu (wording varies on diferent cart.s), Add new game (unless TRIII is already there), add new codes, now name the code (i.e. NTSC convert) and add the two lines of code.

Now when you are starting the game enable the 'cheat' and "Start Game With Cheats", by magic the game apears in colour.

I have been deliberately vague about how to input the codes, as with so many versions around it is imposible to cover all variations, check your instruction booklet.

Import Boot Disk by Paradox

This is a disk image, burn it to CD using CDRwin (or other programs that can handle .bin and .cue files - Fireburner is one)

This disk will NOT eliminate the need for a ModChip, or Game Enhancer to start imported games.

Firstly you'll need to disable the door switch on the PSX (button at the back right under the lid), a suitable spring or a lump of "BlueTac" or "Plastacine" should do the trick.

Instead of your game disk insert the "Import Boot Disk"
A short menu screen will appear and the disk will stop spinning, you can now insert your game disk.

Select the display mode you want, PAL or NTSC. You can also enable anti modchip or Game Enhancer detection for protected games - but that doesn't concern us at the moment.

Thre is an option to correct the "Y position" (you 'll see that the screen is slightly out of position during the game) but for all I played around with this I couldn't get any improvement (perhaps someone from Paradox would like to comment).

Now start the game. Clever Stuff I say!!


PAL4U by Vezz

There are a few patch generators about now, however this one is the best. The instructions here are copied from Vezz website: (so they should be right)

This Utility will not work for every game, but I've had a high success rate with it.

This is a quick guide to PAL4U 2000. If you don't understand these words, you'd better buy a S3GA MEGADR!VE and play with cartridges... ok? ;)

Ok, first of all you need the scanner (PAL4U2K.EXE) and the patcher (P4UPATCH.EXE). You can download them from my page.

Step 1:
Make an image of the PSX CD you want to patch. My best choice is CDRWIN ( and I ask you to BUY IT because it's a great and cheap tool.
Select "Extract Disc/Tracks/Sector" (it's the third icon), write a name with full path for the "Image filename", set the "RAW" option and leave other settings alone. Then click on "Start"... and wait.

Step 2:
We have a CD image now... ok, run PAL4U2K and choose this image.
Select the patch mode, NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC.
Click on "Find SEQs"... the whole CD image is scanned for sequences. The performance will greatly depend on your PC setup and may vary from 1 min to 15 min. You should close all others apps while scanning (especially MS-DOS boxes!).
You'll see the byte count, some sector information and a progress bar. If the image contains audio sectors, they won't be scanned. Some info appears on the box below...

Step 3:
If at least one sequence is found, the P4U Creator pops up... fill out ALL FIELDS carefully, and sign the patch with your name/nickname/home page! Click on "Create P4U file" for your personal .P4U file.

Step 4:
Close PAL4U2K and load the patcher, P4UPATCH... choose the .P4U file you've just created, choose the CD image file you scanned before, then GO FOR PATCH... if all is ok, the patch is applied and the image is modified!

Step 5:
Load CDRWIN... and burn back the modified image. Choose "Record Disk" (it's the first icon), choose the CD image file, use MAX 2X speed (it's my opinion... but do whatever you want) and record the disk.

Step 6:
Test the game... it works? Great? It doesn't work? Sorry but it happens... PAL4U2K is not a 100% patcher because it uses a generic algorithm... please report your patch, so that it can be included in the database on my page.

Step 7:
If you're happy with P4U2K why don't you contribute to the development? A small donation, some nice new PSX games, some empty recordable CDs, a nice music CD, a postcard, a bottle of good beer, some funny MP3s... whatever you think it's worth to. Mail me for details!

Step 8:
Enjoy :)

For details:
[email protected]

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