Indira Khan (also known as Gandhi)'s Islamic Roots

By: The Truth Detector

In order to commence the story of Indira Priyadarshini Nehru, the so called daughter of the philandering Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (Nehr means nullah or a large drain, in Persian), let us quote from K.N. Rao's THE NEHRU DYNASTY, page 20. There he writes -

"All biographies of Nehru by the dynasty-worshippers fall into a pre-conceived pattern, which is on the following lines:

1. Skip the early years of Nehru, making no reference to the house he was born in (for the reader's information, he was born in a brothel house at Mir Ganj, the red light district of Allahabad); come straight to the year 1900 when Nehru was eleven years old...

2. How was Anand Bhawan acquired or purchased or got as a gift from the Raja of Amethi, must remain uninvestigated...

3. No reference to be made why the strange marriage between unsophisticated Kamala Kaul and Jawaharlal Nehru, the Westerner, took place. How and why was this decision taken at all?...

4. Was Kamala ill-treated? Skip over it..."

K.N. Rao goes on to write: "...but the truth is still suppressed."

The truth of the matter is that the poor Kamala was persecuted by the brother (Kamala's husband) Jawahar, and his two spoilt sisters, Nan (who later became Vijayalakshmi after the elopement with her father's Moslem employee, Syed Hussain) and Krishna, who later became Mrs. Hutheesing.

Kamala had a lonely life. The profligate Pandit Jawahar (so called Pandit; he never ever wore the yagnopaveet) did not consummate his marriage with Kamala. The one and only sympathizer that Kamala had was the son of Motilal's employer Mobarak Ali. Mobarak's son Manzoor Ali was a good man, trained in England. And eventually, Manzoor fathered Indira. Thus strictly speaking Indira was NOT Jawahar's daughter at all. She was Kamala's baby.

This secret came out in a father to daughter conversation which was overheard by a Moslem lawyer, Mobarak Mazdoor, from his office next to the one occupied by Jawahar. The occasion was Indira's plan to leave India and settle abroad. Nehru was incensed. Indira was very much in love with Feroze Khan, son of Nawab Khan, the Moslem family grocer. Feroze sympathized with Indira who too had been practically abandoned by the aunts; the mother was eternally sick, and the widowed father was always chasing all kinds of women, breeding bastards. Her education was neglected. She was admitted in Oxford but driven out from there for non-performance. She was then admitted in Tagore's Shantiniketan but was chased out from there too for bad conduct. She had no proper education and was brought up almost as an orphan.

Indira was fully conscious of her half-Islamic parentage. Against Kamala's wishes, she married Feroze, whose own mother was a converted Parsi woman married to Nawab Khan. As soon as they got married in England, the old crow, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ordered Jawahar to force the bride and the bridegroom to change the name Khan, by an affidavit, to Ghandy, a Parsi sounding name. But the not so intelligent grocer's boy got the name changed to Gandhi instead; since then India had in its destiny a half-mussalmani to become its PM for many years under a false name and to promote the cause of Islam. No doubt, Gandhi's own Islamic roots contributed to this tragedy!

It became necessary for Indira to hide her true identity. To fool the people of India, she started wearing tilaks, began visiting temples (which is taboo in Islam) and so on. But not every one was fooled; she was denied entry into the Jagannath Temple. A veritable storm was raised by the secularists in India but Indira herself put a stop to the acrimony for fear of having to divulge more of her family secrets. Later, Nepal's famous Pashupatinath (Shiva) Temple denied Rajiv's entry there which apparently had infuriated this man with only one grandfather. No one ever mentions Rajiv's other (the paternal) grandfather's name. Even now, when asked, people are told that Rajiv's grandfather was Nehru and no one is any the wiser about the name of his father's father!

Soon after the first wedding, the wily Jawahar arranged another marriage for Indira, a Vedic wedding. People were told that Feroze had become a Hindu, left his Parsi faith and then married Indira. This was a hoax of course and many knew that but out of courtesy, no one pressed the subject any further. Such false good manners are ruining the country today!

Indira, although born of a Moslem father, had no Islamic upbringing as such. She started her initiation in Islamic matters after her wedding with Feroze Khan (aka Gandhi). Ayub Khan of Pakistan lent her a hand in the matter of eliminating Lal Bahadur Shastri by putting poison in Shastri's milk. The poisoning was done by the erstwhile Moslem butler of Abul Kalam Azad. A GOI employee, this man fled to Pakistan after the poisoning. Indira sent him his pension money in Pakistan till the last day he lived.

Just before the East Pakistan troubles broke, Pakistan's Yahya Khan started sending his troops, all 100,000 of them, via Sri Lanka. Even the biggest fool knew that these were Moslem ruffians, fornication-prone Islamic jihadi soldiers, being transferred under the false identity of civilians. Indira could easily have stopped the transfer and saved the lives of millions of Bengali Hindus by just picking up the phone and telling the Catholic PM of Sri Lanka with a Buddhist name, Bandarnaike, that such transfer had to stop. But she did nothing. Wouldn't she love to see the kafirs die!

Indira let Pakistan send its arms and men in full and the slaughter started. She still did nothing. She was giving it back to the people of Tagore who had shown her the door from Shantiniketan! And then when some three million were slaughtered, 300,000 Hindu women raped by Moslem bastards, and the country was flooded with refugees, Indira had to move. But she took precautions that the glory of defeating Pakistan should not go to our Sikh Generals. She leap-frogged a Parsi man called Manek Shaw and made him the Field Marshal of the Indian army. A Bania was made to rule over the Kshatriyas! Has any one ever heard of a Parsi (the relatives of the Tatas, the Naorojis or even the Mehtas) wield a gun? But there she was, taking full credit for the defeat of Pakistan and the capture of its 93,000 ruffians, who could fornicate but not fire, who could rape but not retaliate.

But then, Indira, just like the old Gandhi had released Suhrawardy of undivided Bengal after the great Calcutta killing, unconditionally released the 93,000 Pakistanis, after having fed and fattened them in our country, paid them their salaries during imprisonment in accordance with the Geneva Convention, having provided them with the Korans, etc. while our own soldiers captured by Pakistan on the western front were summarily executed in captivity.

In her personal life, the Moslem husband, Feroze started showing his natural propensities. How can a leopard change his spots? Soon after Rajiv was born, Feroze started running after wild women. The inevitable happened. All relations beween Feroze and Indira froze. Sanjiv (aka Sanjay) was not yet born but Indira, perhaps to pay back Feroze in his own coin, started a love affair with Mohammed Yunus, a family friend, who had lived in the Anand Bhavan, for many years. Eventually, Sanjiv was fathered by Yunus. Yunus still keeps custody of the Netaji papers which Nehru had asked Yunus to do, instead of assigning all these papers to the national archives. Nehru had a lot to hide to insure that the Indian people never came to know what really happened with Netaji!

Those who paid attention have certainly noticed how cleverly Indira used to dress up as a mussalmani, hijab and all, whenever she visited Islamic countries. She was once invited by Saudi Arabia (which is no stranger to the inside information about Indira) to attend an Islamic exhibition that was being held at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. That afternoon, Indira was to have addressed a mammoth gathering of Indian citizens in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Some 50,000 people came to hear her but she was no where to be found. Where was she? No one apparently knew. Only later on, several days later, it transpired that she had helicoptered in a Saudi engaged plane to attend the Islamic exhibition at the Smithsonian leaving her own countrymen in the lurch. Earlier al-Arabiyya al-Saudiyya had invited Indira to visit the Kaaba at Mecca. Can one believe that?

And that is not all. Indira Khan saw to it that all Hindu organizations were under her thumb. She started with the prestigious Rama Krishna Mission. Played hot and cold with its spineless Head of the Institution, one Swami Ranganthananda. Once under her thumb, Swami R was covered with money and other favors such as world tours. And behold!

Swami Vivekananda's Rama Krishna Mission was reduced to a stinking secular institution of meat balls! Other Hindu temple organizations followed suit and started the heinous 'Sarva Dharma Sama-Bhava' chantings to the utter detriment of the Hindu society.

Indira could never swallow the glorious victory attained by Jagjit Singh Arora and Arjan Singh. The surrender papers were signed by General Niazi of Pakistan. Manek Shaw was no where to be seen. Bangladesh was permitted to go its Islamic way.

Indira took her revenge by attacking the Hari Mandir Sahib Temple in Amritsar and creating a
feud between the Hindus and the Sikhs, the fighting arm of the Hindus. And for this folly, she had to pay with her life. The wily woman, brought up as a common waif, clever enough to use honest people, either killing them for money (as in the case of Nagarwalla) or poisoning them to open up political avenues for herself (as in the case of Lal Bahadur Shastri), who had been compared with Hindus' Goddess Durga by mentally handicapped sycophants like Vajpayee, finally was reduced to a lump of bullet-ridden meat!

This is sure to happen in this dharma-rajya of Bharat, sooner or later to all those that detract from the path of dharma. The entire evil dynasty is at a dead end! What a shame that efforts are now being made to introduce a common Italian kitchen maid as the new Bharat-Mata! No doubt, the retribution for that sin is going to be bloodier!

A Tale of Two Lals