Edited by

Kim Cooke and Rob Enders


The information regarding the following passenger lists was recorded by Kathy Enders of British Columbia, Canada and we thank her for generously sharing them with us. These lists are not complete, and only show the name of the ship, date and port of sailing, date and port of docking, and the names of Emma & Christopher's ancestors traveling on that particular vessel.

Ship's name Names of Passengers Port/Date of Sailing Port/Date of Arrival Comments
S. S. Circassian Hermann, Joseph
Hermann, Maria [wife}
Hermann, Marie [dau]

Ulmer, Jacob 55
Ulmer, Philippine 49
Ulmer, Kath 13
Ulmer, Elis. 10
Ulmer, Marie 4
Ulmer, Fred 3

Litzenberger, Jacob 49
Litzenberger, Elis. 47
Litzenberger, Johann 14
Litzenberger, Mich 10
Litzenberger, Kath 9
Litzenberger, Elis. 6
Litzenberger, Rosina 1

Ulmer, Jacob 48
Ulmer, Margaretha 45
Ulmer, Jacob 8
Ulmer, Josef 3

Enders, Josef 27

Wendel, Elisabeth 63

Armbruster, Valentine 44
Armbruster, Kath 40
Armbruster, Elizs 15
Armbruster, Kath 11
Armbruster, Jacob 10
Armbruster, Margarethe 7
Armbruster, Philippine 6
Armbruster, Theresia 3
Armbruster, Barbara 2
Armbruster, Johan 1

Armbruster, Martin 38
Armbruster, Elis. 30
Armbruster, Jacob 11
Armbruster, Valentin 10
Armbruster, Elis. 8
Armbruster, Caroline 1

Fuhr, Caroline 19
Fuhr, Jacob 26
Fuhr, Kath 19

Weber, Kath 19
Liverpool/ April 18, 1889 Quebec City/April 29 1889 49 Cabin
751 Steerage

Listed as uncle traveling with the Jacob Ulmer family.

Listed as mother-in-law traveling with the Jacob Ulmer family.

S. S. Mongolian Ulmer, Frederick 59
Ulmer, Maria 53
Ulmer, Ludwig 27
Ulmer, Josef 21
Ulmer, Jacob 18
Ulmer, female child 11
Ulmer, Heinrich 9

Treit, Franz
Treit, Barbara
Treit, Andreas
Treit, Kath,
Treit, Mich
Treit, Josef

Armbruster, Ludwig
Armbruster, Eliz
Armbruster, Jacob
Armbruster, Johan
Armbruster, Eliz

Litzenburger, Johan
Litzenburger, Eliz
Litzenburger, ?
Litzenburger, Jacob
Litzenburger, Johan

Ulmer, Andreas 31
Ulmer, Marg 25
Ulmer, Andreas 3
Ulmer, Barbara 2
Ulmer, infant

Enders, Heinrich
Enders, Marie
Enders, Ludwig
Enders, Josef
Enders, Jacob
Enders, Elis
Enders, Heinrich
Liverpool/June 23 1889 Quebec City/July 4 1889 10:30 a.m. Ship's Master Reginald Barrett; Purser Sam'l Mather
40 cabin
688 Steerage of which 510 were adults; 178 were children; 356 listed as foreigners, not from the British Isles
S. S. Carthaginian Unterschultz, Peter
Unterschultz, Elis
Unterschultz, Theresia

Kulak, Ludwig

Baron, Peter
Baron, Margaret
Baron, Caroline
Liverpool/Sept 261889 Quebec City/Oct 7 1889 Ship's Master Angus MacNicol
13 cabin
215 Steerage
S. S. Polynesian Wendal, Jacob
Wendal, Barbara [wife]
Wendal, Phillipine
Wendal, Valentine
Wendal, Theresia
Wendal, Jacob

Unterschultz, Valentine
Unterschultz, Phillipine [wife]
Liverpool/Oct 24, 1889 Quebec City/Nov 5 1889

19 Cabin

163 Steerage