I wanted to make the article on Simon Peter as a Jew available, so I scanned in the  article by Julius Greenston, from the October 1950 issue of Historia Judaica (Vol XII, part 2, Pp. 89-104). But as a full article, it was too large to upload, so I had to break it in to separate pages and make them in to jpg's. Sorry if their size is bizarre, it is the best I could do for free.

An important note and then some more stuff I'm putting up here:

First off, I think it is easier to right click and save the files and view them as jpg's off line than it is to open each one and I have gotten "bandwith exceeded allocation" messages so if that happens, come back later and try again.

Next, I have scanned in the rashi referred to on pages 6-7 from the two sources noted in note 17. Here is the 1516 Ein ya'akov Talmud, from Salonica, page 345 -- shin mem hay. I have highlighted the rashi. You can see the current version of the page (avodah zara 10a) at www.e-daf.com ; the rashi is 4 lines up from the bottom, starting with the second word. And here is the dikdukei sofrim, page 12 (yod bet, so actually, page 23) which quotes the original rashi and makes it legibile. To save space, I have simply bracketed the important part.

A big thank you to the people on the 5th floor of the YU library -- not only did they have the Salonica text but then made the photocopy for me. And they found the Dikdukei Sofrim stuff also. I donated the balance of my copy card ($.40) to the cause in return.
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