Cy Peck

M.V. Cy Peck
Previous Names Daily (1913-18)
Island Princess (1918-30)
Place Built Tacoma, Washington
Year Built 1913
Year Retired from BC Ferries 1966
At Retirement:
Vehicle Capacity 18
Passenger Capacity 135
Length 116.2 ft.
Gross Tons 171
Horsepower 280

Special Notes:

Origin of the Names:

What happened to the Cy Peck?

Works Cited & Sources:

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Relevant Links:

Saltspring Island Archives Photographs (By I.D. Number)

Number 294 - Cy Peck arriving at Swartz Bay on the first day of the Swartz Bay - Fulford Harbour service.

Number 999.163.049 - Cy Peck at Ganges.

BC Archives Photograph (By Call Number)

E-03902 - Island Princess (front view).

A-07309 - Island Princess (side view).

I-20723 - Cy Peck (view from back).

D-03994 - Cy Peck near Saltspring Island

I-20713 - Cy Peck (not in picture) loading at Swartz Bay ferry terminal (in 1947 - very different from today!).

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