My Sister's Bigger Muscle and other stuff
October 4 2003 at 6:43 PM



I've noticed a number of stories posted here about stronger younger sisters that become fairly "mean" and dominating over their weaker brothers. While I've seen that happen from time to time with various people that I have known, it wasn't the case at all with my younger sister. At a fairly early age, she became stronger than me and developed bigger muscles than mine but never acted that way. It's kind of a long story but, in a nutshell, when I was 15 and she was 13, we were both watching TV one night and ESPN was on. They were showing a female bodybuilding contest and we watched it for awhile (I was into female muscle even back then). My sister also thought it was cool and, during a commercial, she said half-jokingly "Maybe someday, I'll enter a muscle contest" and flexed her muscle. I remember being really surprised at the size of her muscle and she then said to me, "Let's see yours". Since we were both sleeveless, I flexed my muscle (which was actually about the same size as it is now). She then ran over to my mother's sewing kit in the next room and got a tape measure and measured my muscle and then measured her own muscle. I remember that her muscle was about 1/4 inch smaller than mine at the time and she said that she was "catching up" to me. We both laughed and nothing more was said. During the next year, she became increasingly involved in gymnastics at school and also spent some time in the weight room to build up her upper body for the gymnastics. About a year from when we first measured our muscles (she now was 14 and I was 16), she asked to measure our muscles again and, this time, her muscle was exactly the same size as mine!!!!! I couldn't believe it and didn't know how she did it, but it was true. We then armwrestled and after a long match, she won which also really surprised me. I couldn't understand it since our muscles were the same size and thickness, but her muscle was stronger for some reason (and we both had pretty much the same "technique" too when we armwrestled so it was completely a matter of her greater muscle-strength). If anyone can explain this (how one person with the same size muscle can be stronger), it would be cool to know. To make a long story short, she continued in her gymnastics and weight lifting and her muscle grew over the next year while mine stayed the same. By the time I was 17 (and she was 15) her muscle had developed to the point where it was around 3/4 inch bigger than mine and, if she flexed hard enough, she could form a muscle-peak which I couldn't do. One night, when she was showing a friend her muscle, I watched her flex over and over as hard as she could until, on about the 6th flex, the rounded top of her muscle pushed up into slightly pointed peak and my jaw just dropped. I told her that, "Wow you have a peak!" and she didn't know what I meant. I explained to her that her muscle had developed to a level where it was taking on a new shape and this is what happened. At that point, we both knew that she was stronger than me and when we both went sleeveless (which was all the time), people really noticed that her arms were bigger and thicker than mine. However, she never made fun of me and was always very humble about it. However, I do remember her telling me that, because I always went to school sleeveless, I needed to get a bigger muscle since (according to her), many of the girls had a bigger muscle than mine (especially those in gymnastics). She then said that I stood a fair chance of being teased or roughed up by one of them when they saw how small my muscle was. She wasn't joking about this since we went to a pretty rough school which was often out of control with lots of fighting, etc. Also, there were a lot of really big and tough girls there who, when they weren't skipping class were doing all kinds of rule-breaking, fighting, etc. Many of these girls also lifted weights and some were getting pretty big (at least compared to me). While I really didn't have too many problems in school with fights, teasing, etc., I did have one or two incidents with some of these "tough girls" where I was overpowered and outmuscled. I wasn't going to get into this in this posting but, as I long as I am recalling all of this, one situation in particular comes to mind. To this day, I have never told anyone about this (except my sister) so you guys are the first to hear it (seriously). I was really embarrassed about it at the time but now I think it's incredibly cool. It happened only once and is absolutely and totally true (I remember every second of it since it was such an unusual event). I was one of the few guys in my school that went sleeveless all of the time. The other guys didn't really care since they all had bigger muscles than me. However, the girls used to notice my muscle all the time and how small it was. They used to look at my arms all the time (which is one reason why I wore the shirts since it got their attention!) One day after school, I was walking through a lounge area where a few chairs and vending machines were and two fairly big and strong-looking girls (each about 16) came up to me (I just turned 17 at the time). They were both sleeveless and I could see that they both had a bigger muscle than mine. As I was staring at their muscles, they noticed that I was looking. I was wearing a tan shirt with a collar that had the sleeves cut off at the shoulders. My sister had made it for me and had actually made the armholes too big. However, I really liked the shirt and wore it about once a week since the big armholes made my arms look really small (which brought a lot of "looks" from people, especially girls). I then heard one of the girls say to the other, "Look at the guy with the muscle shirt - check out his arms" They then asked what I was looking at and started to "tease" me about why I would go sleeveless all the time with such a "little muscle" as they called it. I actually thought this was kind of cool and then asked them if they lifted weights. They told me that they did and I said to them "Maybe you could teach me something about it" (I was trying to compliment them). The looked at each other and then I asked if I could see their muscles (which turned out to be a big mistake)! They then got in front of me and each girl flexed her muscle for me. When I saw the size of each girl's muscle (and how "tough" they were acting), I started to become a little afraid of them since they were bigger than me. It was late and nobody was really around and these girls had a "bad" reputation for fighting and generally causing trouble. Then, the one girl with the bigger muscle of the two came up to me and told me to "feel it and see how strong I am" (no lie - this is what she said). I was really getting afraid by that time but I reached up (my hand was shaking a little) and squeezed the muscle. The muscle was warm to the touch and was really thick and hard compared with mine. As I squeezed the muscle, I was wondering how on earth these girls could produce such a muscle when I couldn't. Every time I squeezed it, she made it hard (which seems to be an "instinct" with women since all of them seem to do this when their muscles are squeezed). Then, all of a sudden and to my surprise, the other girl pushed me down into a chair and took my left arm and pinned it behind the chair while I sat there. The bigger girl leaned on my knees so that I couldn't get up from the chair. I remember trying to push my left arm free, but the girl was holding it down with her right arm (while smiling at me). She was so much stronger than me that I couldn't even move my arm and when I turned my head to look, I couldn't believe how much bigger and more muscular her arm was than mine (which was easy to see since we were sleeveless and both of our arms were right next to each other and were touching). She then said, "I can't believe how weak this guy is - my muscle is twice as big as his and I'm a girl - are you sure you're not a girl, too?" I then tried with all my might to push her arm away, but she was too strong and she said to the other girl, "You gotta see this, look how tiny his muscle is - and it's shaking, too!!!!" Each time I tried to move my arm, her muscle would thicken and overpower me. I just couldn't believe how much stronger than me she was and it really scared me (but, at the same time, it really made me excited.). The girl then said, "I think you're a girl ‘cause you're wearing a ‘girl-shirt' and have ‘girl-arms'". They were smiling and laughing while this was going on, but it still scared me a little. Then the other girl who was forcing me into the chair told me, "You got to see and feel our muscles, now we wanna see and feel yours". With that, I got really scared and told them that I agreed that they were stronger and to let me go. However, the one girl said, "No, we want to see your muscle first" and then told me to "start flexing" with my right arm. With that, I flexed once for them and the bigger girl said, "Nope, you got to keep flexing until your muscle grows as big as ours and then we'll let you go!!!" I then starting pumping my muscle and every time that I stopped, they both shouted "Keep going...Keep going". The girl that was holding my arm with her right hand then leaned over and began to squeeze my muscle really hard with her left hand as I flexed it. Each time my muscle expanded a little, she squeezed it hard. This "muscle-squeezing" went on for about 10 minutes (the girls seemed fascinated with it and had probably never done this to a guy's muscle before). In a strange way, I kind of liked the way it felt when this girl's strong hand squeezed the sides and top of my muscle in and out. I probably flexed 50 times for them, with the one girl squeezing my muscle hard each time. As she kept squeezing the muscle she continued to pin my left arm behind the chair. I finally told them that I couldn't flex any more. So I stopped and they told me to "Flex one more time as hard as you can and we'll let you go". I then flexed one more time for them and they both squeezed my muscle, with one of the girls saying, "This guy's muscle doesn't even push up any more - I think that it's dead!!" They then let me go but told me that the next time I went sleeveless and was "showing off", that we would need to have another "muscle-flexing session"! The girls then left and as they walked away, I was still really amazed at how strong they were and how they were able to grow their muscles and upper bodies so that they could surpass mine. As the same time, I was incredibly excited about the whole thing which surprised me. I then went into the bathroom and flexed my right muscle in the mirror. They didn't really do any harm, but I could still see some marks from their fingers where they had squeezed my muscle and the muscle would hardly flex at all. The next day, my muscle was really sole from the flexing but it eventually went away. Even though I continued to go sleeveless to school, the girls never bothered me again. However, getting back to my sister, I wanted to say that, even though my younger sister was bigger, stronger, and more muscular than me with a bigger muscle than mine, she never did anything mean about it and everything went along smoothly. In fact, she would often help me out if I couldn't lift something or if a jar was too tight, etc. and never bragged about it but was always a good sister. For example, she would watch my muscles whenever I was trying to lift or move something heavy and when they would shake or quiver from the strain, she would help out (and never make a joke out of it). Another example would be when we would have ice cream that was really hard from the freezer, she could always scoop it out since my muscle wasn't strong enough to do it. Anyway, I just wanted to say that not all younger and stronger sisters are mean about their strength and I hope this story was of interest and not too boring. Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated and let me know if you like reading them since they are a pain to type!! If you don't like them, let me know since I don't want to keep posting if you guys don't like them!! [email protected]


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