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July 20, 2004

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to recommend Felicia Samson for a position in administration.

I have served the Woodland district as Summer School Coordinator for six years.  For the past three years I have worked with Felicia as the coordinator of the other middle school for summer school.  This year, 2004, Felicia was the director of all summer programs and set up summer school for which I was the coordinator for the middle school in Woodland, California.  She made a huge difference and summer school made great strides.

Felicia worked overtime to bring the district to state-of-the-art administration, especially in documenting interventions in stuent files and to focusing the district on maximizing the offering of mandated interventions for struggling students - creatively developing summer school elective programs through language arts standards, for example, which the kids in my school enjoyed and benefited from.

From the perspective of an administrator trying to set up a summer school of 500-plus students, Felicia provided, months ahead, detailed timelines and assigned accountability, and we did indeed have a very successful summer school program.

I would say the most indicative achievement of Felicia's performance that impacted my ability to secure a good summer school program was her perception that communication should be set up through district intranet to deal with any issues in advance, to field all issues as they arose, and to respond to all parties (special education; coordinating the various school sites; making the system work among upper administration and site-based people like me) with a responsive, positive and successful approach.

Felicia is very special.  She is dedicated, committed and talented.  I feel very fortunate to have worked for her.


Glen Clark
Summer School Coordinator
Woodland JUSD, 1998-2004
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