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September 8, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I?m writing this letter of recommendation for Felicia Samson.  For the last two years, Felicia has done an outstanding job as the Summer School Principal for Lee Junior High School.  She will come into any administrative position with a high degree of competence in language arts curriculum development, as well as organizational and staff supervision skills.  Additionally, she created a learning environment that was fun for students and  staff.  Because of Felicia?s expertise, skill and dedication, the summer school staff was able to implement a highly effective summer program for the past two years.

Prior to the beginning of summer school program two years ago, Felicia developed a standards-based curriculum designed specifically for a six-week summer program, with plans for staff development and student assessment.  The curriculum and assessments have been successfully utilized for the last two years, and have been well received, both by staff and students.

Felicia was entirely responsible for the hiring, training and supervision of her summer staff.  She has proven herself very competent in dealing with issues related to maintaining certificated and classified staff.

She continues to be highly respected by her staff and the students.

Felicia will always stand out as a special staff member, as she has an exceptional ability to create a learning-environment that is both intriguing and fun for her students and fellow teachers.  The past two summers, she implemented numerous activities and contests to motivate high-risk students attend and get the most from summer school.

It is for reasons herein that I give Felicia Samson my highest recommendation for consideration as an administrator, as she'll be an asset to any program.


Bob Humphrey, Interventions Coordinator
Woodland Joint Unified School District
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