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Check out my rules for Speed Scrabble...
How to Play Speed Scrabble
1. Put all of the tiles face down in the center of the table.
2. Each player draws 7 tiles to start.
3. Each player creates words in his or her own play space (directly in front of himself or herself). The words should connect, just like they do in the regular game.
4. Once a player uses all of the tiles, he or she yells 'GO!' and everyone draws another tile from the center of the table.
5. Everyone continues trying to use all of his or her tiles. A player may completely re-arrange his or her tiles at any time during the game, but watch out! any tiles that are not used at the end of the game count as negative points!
Ending the Game.
The game ends once one player has used all of his or her tiles.
One point is given for every tile that was used. Each tile that was not used counts as one negative point.

Think faster than your friends!
(1) Identify ten categories
(2) Pick a letter (you can write the letters of the alphabet on pieces of paper, put them in a hat or envelope and pick a letter.)
(3) Give yourself and your friends 3 minutes to come up with words or phrases for each category that start with the letter that was chosen.
(4) Scoring. You get a point for each word that was unique. If you have a phrase that has alliteration or assonance (the same starting vowel or consonant), you get a point for each one! For example if the category was 'Item of Clothing', and you wrote 'Sam's Stinky Shoes', you would get three points!
This game is also available with pre-made categories, and a die that has the letters of the alphabet.

'You sank my battleship!'
Wonder how those X-Y coordinates can be used in real life? Ever hear of GPS? That's based on coordinates.
Here's a game I grew up playing with. It's available at the store with nifty little model ships (and submarines too!)
How to Play.
(1) Draw a grid, labeling the X axis (the horizontal axis) with letters A-J. Label the Y axis (the vertical axis) with the numbers 1-10.
(2) Draw your ships on your grid (keep your grid hidden from your friend!) You should have an equal number of ships as your opponent.
(3) Each player takes turns calling out coordinates of where they launch their missiles to. For example, 'A-5'. If you have a part of your ship there, make an exploding sound (for example, 'BOOM!') to let your friend know that one of your vessels was hit! If there is no ship there, you could make a 'SPLASH' sound.
(4) The object of the game is to sink all of your opponents vessels before yours are sunk!

(1) Think of a three-digit number.
(2) Your friend guesses a three-digit number.
(3) If your friend has any of the digits in the right place, give them an 'X'. If your friend has the right digit, but the wrong place, give them an 'O'. For example, your number is 123. Your friend guesses 142. Your friend gets an 'X' for the '1', and an 'O' for the 2.
(4) Take turns thinking of numbers and guessing. See who can discover the number the fastest!
**Once you become experts at a three-digit number, choose a bigger number! Mastermind is also available at the store... it uses four colors, and limits your guesses to ten.

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