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Company Business Fields


Field 1

We offers the latest equipment to detect precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, bronze, etc. with a variety of work and research systems and many options and features that meet the needs of a wide range of prospectors, gold researchers and treasures hunters from amateurs, professionals and prospecting companies.

Field 2

Our company also offers the best ground-water detectors, which works according to the latest technologies from the most specialized international companies.

Field 3

We are an authorized distributor and exclusive agent of major international German, American and Turkish companies operating in the field of metal detectors.




Products & Services

We offer our products and equipment through the largest gallery in Turkey and the Middle East at the company’s headquarters in Istanbul and our customers can visit us to see our large collection of the best and latest international devices.

Customers can also request any device via telephone, e-mail, and various means of communication, such as the website and social networking sites, and we can deliver any device desired by the customer to any country in the world.


Top Products


Gold Star 3D Scanner is a multi-system and multi-purpose metal detector for multiple uses

and applications for beginner and professional prospectors and treasure hunters.

It is the latest release in 2021 from Mega Detection a German company specialized in metal detection devices,

that includes the latest technologies and innovations in the field of metal detection, gold prospecting

and archaeological treasure detection.


Phoenix Metal Detector device from the German company Mega Detection is the latest release of the company in 2021, and it is a comprehensive ground imaging scanner, the first device in the world that includes all the imaging scanning technologies in one device, through three different search systems.

Phoenix Metal Detector includes a completely new technology to scan the ground via the MGS multi-ground scanner and the VST high-signal transmitter and receiver probe, which provide professional surveying tools to scan the ground to great depths accurately and quickly with visual representation of the scanning results on the device screen or via the tablet via the Multi Visual application Analyzer.

Phoenix device, via scanning tools and built-in search systems, is a versatile device with which it can search for golden treasures and burials at great depths, excavate antiquities, detect all kinds of minerals, as well as detect voids, tunnels and caves.