I may not know much (and I have an ugly voice, an obnoxious personality, and everyone I meet hates me instantly) but if it's one thing I DO know, it's fudge.

When I say a fudge is bad, you can pretty much accept it as gospel that it IS bad.

Let me tell you, never EVER buy fudge from the vendors at the Fryberg Fair calling themselves "Copper Kettle Candymakers".

Their peanut butter fudge (if one can even call it that) is a pale imitation of anything even approaching edible.

There is no peanut butter flavor anywhere to be found. It's like eating a chunk of pure sugar.

No, pure sugar would at least assault ones senses. This "flavor", is weak, diluted, and waxlike lying limp and flaccid on one's tastebuds.

It's an utter insult to the palate!

An outrage!!

Even the most troglodytic of country bumpkins could not possibly be bamboozled by such a confectionary farce as this.

This is by no definition one could care to apply "Peanut butter fudge".

They dirty the name by stamping it on their packaging!!

As if the "taste", weren't bad enough, the "fudgy", texture is notoriously absent as well!! These little desert dry clumps of nast crumble in the hand at the lightest touch and fall between ones fingers all over the ground.

My advice is let it.

BOOO! Copper Kettle Candymakers, BOOO!!!

My advice, pack up those much vaunted copper kettles and move on to a less demanding fudge eating public.

Try Gorham, they wouldn't know fudge from a blob of congealed cake icing.

0 out of 5 stars for the most unfortunate example of fudgmaking it has ever been my misfortune to experience!!

Good LORD, what were you people THINKING??

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