Don't listen to mainstream advertising.

Don't buy Citra.

Adirondack's Citrus frost is far superior. It's got more citrus-y bite with a little tang of grapefruit on the back end. Very tasty, very refreshing. Citra WISHES it were as good as Citrus frost.

Citra is made by the big heartless Pepsi corporation. Don't be seduced by Citra just because Pepsi has more dough for advertising.They won't be happy until they take your 3rd party choices away and dominate the soft drink market.

Adirondack has a hit on their hands with Citrus Frost and Pepsi knows it. Citra tastes like a sugared up weaker version of Citrus frost. Obviously to please the uneducated masses who's palettes have been spoiled by too much Mountain Dew.

You deserve better. Try a boss of Adirondack citrus frost this week. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Pepsi has wanted to crush Adirondack for a long time. They'd go after RC if they could, but they've got too big a following.

Don't let Citrus frost get pushed off the grocery store shelves by the big guys. Buy lots of Citrus frost and boycott Citra.

Citra is a second rate knockoff of Citrus frost anyways, you won't be missing much. Try Adirondack's cranberry orange while you're at it, it's very yummy indeed.

Adirondack needs all the help it can get so it can become the next RC. We can't do anything about the Republi-crats, but by god, we can throw a monkey wrench into the Pepsi/Coke cartel.

Send a message with your wallets. Show them you'll have nothing to do with their bastardized body snatcher clone of Citrus frost they dare call Citra. God willing, Adirondack will get the message and start selling Citrus frost in cans. Join my campaign! All you have to do is buy a boss of soda. Spread the good word about Citrus frost! We've got to help Citrus frost kick Citra's copycat ass back to the factory it came from!!

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