- Sound Library -

This is your place for not only rare pictures and information about
Family Challenge and The New Family Challenge,
but also rare music and sound bytes from each of the shows.  All audio
files are in (.wav) format, and can be downloaded right
off this site from this page.  They can be listened to using a recent
version of Windows Media Player, or a media program for Mac's.

This is the only site on the internet to feature these, or any sound bytes
from Family Challenge.  Enjoy!

Both Versions of the Show

 Main Theme 
This is the theme song that was used in both versions of the show.  It was used during the opening sequence in the original, and during the end credits in the new version.


Family Challenge

 Intro From Commercial
This is the song that was used when coming back from a commercial.
 Ray Combs Intro
In this sound byte, Ray Combs introduces an episode.
 Ray Combs Talking About the Cup 
Here, Ray talks about the coveted Championship Cup.


The New Family Challenge

 New Family Challenge Main Theme
This is a re-vamped version of the original theme song, that was used during the opening sequence.
 Michael Berger Intro 
In this sound byte, Michael Berger introduces the very first episode.
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