- Show Credits -

The following list contains the names of those that worked on both
Family Challenge and The New Family Challenge.
These credits appeared at the end of most all of both versions.

Family Challenge / The New Family Challenge

Ray Combs  /  Michael Berger

Executive Producers
Woody Fraser
Dave Thomas

Co-Executive Producer
Richard Crystal

Produced By
Dave Garrison
Damian Sullivan

Directed By
Bob Levy

Written By
Richard Crystal
Woody Fraser
Dave Garrison
Damian Sullivan

Created By
Woody Fraser
Dave Thomas

Special Consultant
Bonnie Karrin

Associate Producer
Barry W. Ilovitch

Original Theme Music By
Wendy De Augustine

Assistant Director
Jennifer Love

Stage Manager
Michael Malone

Contestant Supervisor
Beverly Pomerantz

Assistant to Woody Fraser
Cathy Masamitsu

Technical Director
Bazza Keefer

Carrey Gibbons

Adella Farmar
Teri Kempner

Shop / Construction
Oscar Albuerne
Joe Cota

Supervising Editor
Scott Bramlett

Executive in Charge of Production
Jim Witte

(c)1995-1996  Company Six, LTD.
Produced By: Woody Fraser Enterprises for the Family Channel
In Association With: Mapel Palm Productions
An Internation Family Entertainment, Inc. Presentation
Produced In Association With: MTM Enterprises, Inc.

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