December 2016

Following a list of IDE's that I'm currently studying whilst completing my Java project on Oracles Netbeans.
OpenComal, Eclipse Photran with Fortran, Netbeans with Fortran  Protean with Blitz and Monkey X, Free Pascal

a different approach;
checking out and peculiar to know;   "What does it really cost to purchase a discontinued but operating system, I'm really interested to know. Reason? I've made one once (that I tried to sell but it was stolen) and that's way back in time, then I supported the making of this one, 'Grosse Kathastrophe', and now I simply feel like I want to purchase a later one and keep it alive myself (because I've had it with such), as simple as that (we?!). Such #marketsensibility has become part of Family Building someway another, you see! {Es ging jetzt länger als es dieses Unternehmen gibt, na also so was."

November 2016

Der Rattenfänger von Gammeln

Also was ich noch nicht gefunden habe ist ein Checksum Generator der auf Haiku läuft.

Ich muß allerdings zugeben, ich hab auch seit über einem Jahr nicht mehr auf Haiku gearbeitet.

following a list of operating systems I've been working on lately,
Knoppix good starter redhat never got it going   suse not my thing   ubuntu crashes my harddrive as soon as I start using it   Mint on a G4 I think it was nice fedora easy to install and operatable but still not my favourite   debian great to work as there's always all software available, unfortunately as of such very much too chewy on my old machine   damn small linux did not get it installed   puppy worked on every machine in the studio (5 we had) but the os needed far too much input, haven't got that much time for an os   mandriva anyone actually capable to install this on a random computer?   freeBSD rejected by every computer I was trying to install it to   That's about all since 2013 approx. I'm still interested to try out PCBSD, WattOS, CentOS  
And why me, I'm a project manager. I've been a project manager before the change, and still am. I cannot help it if you ran away with bits of an idea and a bundle.

by licensing legislative of country of registration
UK charity Rasbery PI other OS unpractical for backpackers
UK Cambridge RiscOS other OS Ja vielen Dank für die Blumen.
Germany unknown unknown small Linux distro Berlios contacted Oct 2016!!
UK Germany unknown unknown that'd be us disappointed of Haiku goals
France USA BeOS discontinued | Fortran formerly IBM US PA
France Paris Atari TOS MiNT, discontinued | see above, console based
Belgium Germany Bruxelles AmigaOS 4 other OS love it or leave it dschungle
Canada Alberta OpenBSD Unix like BSD Foundation
unknown c/o US FL Haiku OS BeOS Linux BSD | programming environment
USA US CA SGI IRIX RH Enterprise Linux linux big distro
USA US CA Darwin Apple Unix BSD Apple peculiarity
USA US CA Solaris Oracle Unix BSD many discontinued projects
USA US CO FreeBSD Unix like BSD inapplicable, no Baustein look
Brasil France Germany Paris Mandrake Linux | discontinued

Yellow Cocumber; 'and used by millions of people'.
Now you got kind of an idea what had been wanted 10 years ago.

First there'd been no data storage {8088 followed}, then there'd been no human color space number of colours {Motorola PowerPC}, then data transfer became problematic {TCP IP}. Old problem, previous less dynamic operating systems were uncapable to operate under daily hacking {Linux}. That's not fixed but we ignore it now {social media and globalized developments}. Whilst degressive non digital markets in the western world (opposite of achievement), 2 more new problems came up lately, namely 'browser' and, as of my opinion, 'unbalance'.
Kurz auf Deutsch, aus Deutschland werd ich angeschrien, "Wir sind eine Industrienation", und aus England, 'Wenn die China hier wieder rund machen wollen, dann bitte erst wenn wir in Rente sind'. Naja, wie gesagt, auch eine dieser Pleiten, Pech und Pannen Aktionen. Wie gesagt, ein kleiner Fortschritt ist ja dabei {MIT license}. Lassen wir uns vom nächsten Jahr überraschen.

Nämlich wäre auch anders gegangen, und zwar besser.
Regards the internet in general, it's got everything you think, but check this out, it ain't even having .bsd domain names yet. And it's always the same issue with this internet, since it left the university campus, it is and has remained nuisance since the late 80s. Not even a dot bsd domain name, pitiful, an absolutely shame for its makers. We've found PCBSD, DesktopBSD and GhostBSD to offer a comparable system, but the world we live in cannot be made managed and maintained by one operating system only, this theory is nuts. The theory of having the complexity of everything on one tree. Because there's Equality and Diversity, and not everything is comprehended ticked and done, because we are not dead matter, and that's a fact. Correspondingly, use BSD as it's Unix open source now since long and finally distributed in functioning LiveCD format, but pay attention that we wanted to use a small operating system and make it operational and function to the advantage of our needs and demands, reason being is that our company is small too, and lacks participants, paid staff members and everyday inperson collaborators and is not out of its limitations in terms of financial resources to pay workable deskspaces at our office location.

Four Dummies

Sitzen auf der Straße und erzählen sich was. Da kam die alte Neun sagt was ist denn das, Zehn Protagonisten mit nem Reisepaß. Wirtschaftsaß.
Was sind denn Protagonisten?!

Also los geht's.
We'll give you an initial task, you'll complete it using your personal computer, create a CRC checksum of your finished work and complete the lessons by submitting that six digit checksum here. If you passed, you are requested to enter your personal information, that we only use in compliance with data protection regulations and in order to respond to your expression of interest by mail. You are then receiving a mail with your registration details and login credentials within the following 48 hours.
Weeks later and what a surprise 'I've lost the original questionary' ({because it'd been a task}),

let's do this instead

November 2016

Terms and Conditions, License and Haftungsausschuß

October 2016

Lifecycle II

Programmierer, gibt nur wenige Berufsschläge, welche weniger sturköpfig sind.

On my Debian Jessie I run the Gnome Desktop, and I avoid using the terminal. Following a list of software I use.
Debian Linuxnice but hacked as all other OSes previously tested and thus useless to produce projections with.I'd apprechiate a data protective BeOS Haiku version, 200MB bundle, designed for like minded instead of globalists, politicians and the national defense.
Gnome Desktopwell it's a desktop, but it ain't very optimized to work on. Expecially when working with a mouse the screen is annoyingly unstable.Gnome's got too much and too many, but not what I need. And when it comes to 'but you've got a terminal', yeah I've got a rubbish bin too, disposal, compost, glass recycling, guess what.
LeafpadTexteditorNot as good as my previous BeIDE and CodeWarrior simple texteditor
BraseroOS applicationinsert a CDR, stuff it, burn it, finalize it, eject it, fullstop.
CheeseOS applicationsometimes it works sometimes it needs a reboot or two.
RecordMyDesktopOS applicationI'd strip it until it does precisely the job without crashing and rebooting etc.
TerminalOS applicationLearning Linux and I, forget it. It does not even do Applescript and I still haven't found some functioning software to script gimp, so wth I'm not interested.
IceweaselInternet softwareAbout right, up to date, not too slow not too big, well stripped for study and coursework.
2nd Web browserInternet softwareUseless, what's not being displayed on Iceweasel is most likely also not showing in this one, what's the point.
FileZillaInternet softwareonly use it when I have to, definately big enough for an ftp upload download faciliator.
EvolutionCommunication Softwarenever used it, don't download my mail.
SkypeCommunication software
EmpathyCommunication softwaregood to have the software, if there'd also be some like minded people to productively collaborate with
AegisubLSP softwareitsybitzy but works.
Subtitle EditorLSP softwareReally never needed this, but I need an offline termbase or at least a professional vocabulary management software with subcategories and cheat sheets.
Wordfast ProLSP softwareGood, quick, efficient, but online
Libre Office WriterLSP softwareA good RTF and DOC Writer and Typesetter.
Libre Office ImpressDTP softwareSome People really like .ppt files. Useless, gimme my Lingo back.
ScribusDTP softwareNeeds more styling up in visibility and desktop features, slightly uneasy to operate functions, programming and elsewise excellent.
TupiDTP softwareVery basic, needs a lot of work.
BlenderDTP softwareWwoooaaaahhhhh...... a different Blender to the old BeOS versions.
Font ManagerDTP softwaresame stupid as all the years
GimpDTP softwaretoo big, too much ado and moveabout there, popup where are you, still not my favourite
PintaDTP softwareif it would not ongoingly crash
Simple Scan and XSaneDTP SoftwareThe simple one seems more practical than the professional one, to my mind.
PitiviDTP software
AudacityDTP softwarepractical, useful, but harly ever being used.
GranttProjectResearch Softwareitsybitzy but works, would appreciate hourly entries
PyCADResearch SoftwareI had been looking for something like Rasberry and CAD to I/O port, consequently never used this software yet.
PythonProgramming softwareTo be honest, I've never used it. I want to program and test Java Applets and I want to program the BeOS Haiku using the original programming tools, and I've never succeeded in installing them.

You can download all of these applications through the Archive Manager of the Debian operating system. You also find all copyright and trademark, licensing and license distribution information attached to these downloads. Family Building only list these software applications in an educational approach, giving examples, not making recommendations, nether affiliating nor associating to the software used in this list. The software, names and logical procedures are owned by the original owners and not Family Building.
BeOS and Haiku, both have stopped productivity at the stage of programming.
Then don't fkng program.

End of life
Very simple now, I need. And this is, where it'd all begun. I need an operarting system, may it be BeOS or Haiku, BSD or equivalent, on a freely distributable image of between 50MB and 600MB size, the foundation image in the public domain (CC, etc) with commercial useage licensed on the build up, all included and ready for download, in one item. I would not say, Haiku failed as such, but never met my expectations until now, and that's now years in the making. Reason being may also be given here, far too much strategic defense philosophy behind glamorous Haiku announcements and customer satisfaction goals never reached yet over precious years. But there, far better than the previous BeOS market introductions. And lately also correspondable, a drastical improvement to the early years.

Let's start from square one.
If you're good, you make it credit card size of 200MB, but it ain't making a difference anymore these days. I have not time to search for software, install, test, repair, compare, etc. And I have no interest to do this myself. But I need the complete bundle, equivalent to the alpha v2 that's taken off the internet, and I need this image no matter of the age of the applications, by spring 2017. That's all.

Time to build it again.
These things are needed most, let's take them over into 2017; a philosophy, a school, a licensing committee, a market and a global benefit for the future life on earth. And if a budgeting plan is involved then a terms of return of investment strategy as well.

one two three all agree.
plus plus
Da geht se So what's left from the very stable debian system after such a long time of 2 years of getting over a system crash another whilst maintaining the most of a recommendable operation mode, most likely the excellent archive and package manager apt -get, click and install, the original BeOS dilemma. And now, free thinkers challenge, letting go. An OS, that's let's its users go, rare, MacOS, BeOS, Debian ain't. Compliments to Windows, I'm always off within a quarter of an hour. Smile. {debian was wollen Sie von mir?!}

September 2016


As an 'Atomkraft nein Danke' Greeney I relocated into the furthest countryside with the latest international technological re-invasion to this else wise nice urban surrounding of artists and eco minded low impact living community. I packed two travel backpacks, one containing my normal backpack, a 17inch screen, keyboard, mouse, laptop and camera equipment. I should have also fitted into it
  • a scanner
  • a second screen
In the other travel backpack I had my personal belongings such as work clothes and hygiene stuff. Tent and sleeping bag ontop. The reason I'm telling you this is, that this is, where my company commitment to BeOS Haiku started years ago, working and travelling.

July 2016


packed and wrapped up all studio workspaces as of negative outcome of referendum and awaiting improvement of collaborative approaches. Back to Linux.

Mai 2016

office workspaces in change from Linux to Haiku

slowly installing Haiku on all other office desktops, progressing. Awaiting the typical collapse to follow.
Das Alphabet wir waren bei a wie Assember, be wie programming language B, c wie programming language C, ueberarbeitet in Cplusplus, Chash, nochnen c, d wie programming language D, irgendwie sind wir jetzt bei g, mein BSD schreit nach K wegen KDE, eh sacht mal. Mit so welchen soll man arbeiten?!

March 2016

Haiku/BeOS ftp repository

February 2016

freenode IRC

December 2015

end of year 2015

Best wishes for 2016

Alles Gute im neuen Jahr