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This one's an antique amongst my early research projects, unfinished as only very few resources are public. They are not public, because of toxic findings and risc of intoxication.
We've got Fuller Earth Mines in England, these can be visited, most likely from the outside, by contacting local historic mining clubs. There's few written and the information is dying with the aging population.

The student project is very simple to phrase, a written assignment about one of these mines (whereever you live in England) and the effects it had on the industrial devepments before during and after the farm mining business existed. The student group gathering the information is to look at things from the point of view of 'Historic Textile Production', as easy as that. This is an England only student project. If there are controversies growing from dislike to pass on information, then the project may be paused again immediately, as has been from 2009 until now.

---> studentprojects, research starting point here; www.kurg.org.uk/fullers-earth-mines (first internet press releases and latest information)

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