December 2016

end of year 2016

Best wishes for 2017

Alles Gute im neuen Jahr

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October 2016


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August 2016


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June 2016

12 years UK plus

Family Building is now looking back at 12 years in the UK, mainly England. Let's name 6 main improvements.
This month first time since 12 years has private transport changed, yes and mobile, back on the road. With the first festival since almost 12 years too, last week the Bristol Harbour Festival, changes to get back to car boot sales and other events are now more likely than ever. Also first time ever since 12 years is all Family Building stuff now defined to be Bristol based, the advantage of this? no more random relocating around of course! That's three, hang on, three more. Well, I can't be bothered, let's leave it with three. Gotta crack on with my work, no time for timewaster.
---> 2017 formal education completed

April 2016

annual report

There's this Family Building 2015 annual report that's gone product now. Costs are £20 incl. postage.

Now there are several disharmonies here that cause this purchasable annual report as the sole product 2016 to be a reasonable idea, namely the fact, that product, production and productivity are not given as such. To give an example, Skateboard Fahren und Facebook Lesen, does not work simultanuously ether.

Let's have a look at why there are companies. I am of the impression, it is part of community management. Not only do self sustainability and market trade belong together, but what's always forgotten, agency. It's all about agency, similar to learning, teaching and the cycles of educational systems. Personal agency makes company worth doing, and doable, only through individuality does it become shareable, as simple as that. Thus a company value is created, not by price and quality quantity alone, also by the humane factors.

Now, with an annual report being sole product, where is this company going, I'd forecast growth against oppression, meaning that if it balances its accounts well, then it ought to upkeep its expansion. Thus it should opperate at a lower risk than previous years, when it had been pitching a new market within direct suppression.

There are some main disadvantaging factors, these are foremost lack of participants, followed by too much copy'ing of intellectual property, that being differenciatable into two segments, projections of future collaborative approaches and product distribution, channels.

That again means, you cannot say anything on the internet and in private as well anymore without having the idea posterized into competitive shop windows, fist of all, a detest to socio economic well being. Basically the Making of a Development Team put together and assigned, designated to produce a continuous item remains impossible and badly outruled against all well intended conclusions. The mission ends with searching a platwork to share ideas within a team and not with the potential customer. An excuse has so far always been found.

This company though now has not gone the extra mile not to survive again. We're not interested to work with robots on remote servers trying to persuade us that they're human beings, as it had been the consellor and youth worker years ago trying to impress me with the skimmed garbage collection of my own team members' skate picts. That is an unwanted.

Out of such biased markets, a company storyline is not that far fetched anymore. 5 Finger Pitch, let's do one.

---> 2017 whitepapersvocs; direction and destination

February 2016

bric a brac

I'd taken the empty internet shop down off this platform recently. Regards all tax filing and other organizational data gatherings, our internet sales are down to zero. I have no problem with that, even better, the advantages developing from this principle are by far bigger than the loss. To summon this up, there is not going to be an internet sales option for Family Building stuff for the year 2016 2017.

Having spend hours looking for a suitable internet sales platform ranging from wholesales platforms, downscaled internet shop systems to integrated sales applications and craftsmen markets, I've realized, that that is not, what I want. The value of a product, and I think and I think, the value of a product, where would I rather place my grabbable community philosophy that I cannot display on local markets, and why?!.

The answer for why part I, where would I position my products within a commercial scene!. The answer for why part II and all the others, is it efficient enough to remain sustainable and of advantage for the company disregards the local community; not if I do it myself.

A self inflatable matress, nevertheless.
And now sth completely different.

---> 2017 internet sales option

December 2015

end of year 2015

Best wishes for 2016

Alles Gute im neuen Jahr

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