List of suspended collaborations and barred people

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RSS; Komm soeben zurück aus London South East Kent und stelle fest, 'Wir haben wieder den Arsch auf der Festplatte, welcher meint, durch Löschen von Daten mitmachen zu können. Liebe Leser und Kunden, sehen Sie da einen Zusammenhang?! Handelt es sich möglicherweise um — Ihre Meinung ist gefragt.'
Strichliste III

enrolled members

membership, virtual
  flexible hours
  take part in making and shaping an internet community, develop a platform, participate in projects and earn rewards where you need them.

meetup and drop in
  min 40h per month
  you're old enough and you've read so much about making a community and having a self sustaining life, let's do it then.

membership, residential
  approx. 100h per month
   same conditions as with the drop in membership apply. This is of course a more limited and seasonal offer.

casual and work and travel
  part time weekly scheduling
  You've already taken responsibility for your lifestyle and enjoy getting along. Well come around then and have a chat, figure out what we have in common.

Goethe Institut London

LGBT Workforce

living, studying, working and doing sports
various university coursework
reason being offline projectwork in depopulated regions
we advise to book in here for an appointment to talk

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