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The Mayi organization is sponsored, supported and controlled by a mafia, CIA or a combination of both from the United States. This was a clever way to control and fool the religious gullibles in India. The organization has powerful people at the top of the political hierarchy in India. They are all controlled and manipulated.

AIMS the hospital in Cochin is used to conduct drug experiements which are not allowed in the USA. In 2002 one such experiment came to limelight. Viagra was given to new born babies here. Dr Rajeev claimed that he save 3 babies suffering from Pulmonary HyperTension (PAH) or blue babies in 2 weeks. How come he got 3 such babies in such a short time? No answers! This was a controlled experiment. Later Pfizer which recommended Reavtio (a form of Viagra drug) for PAH. But Pfizer clearly said "Use in children and adolescents (< 18 years):
The safety and efficacy in children and adolescents have not been studied in large controlled clinical trials. Therefore, the use of sildenafil is not recommended in these patients. "

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A Critical Look At The Biography Of Amma

Originally at A Critical Look At The Biography Of Amma Cult Of The Hugging Saint

I would like to bring to your kind attention the biography of Mata Amritanadamayi written by swami Amritasvarupanada. This book was published by: Mata Amritanadamayi Mission Trust, Amritapuri P.O. Kollam, 690525, Kerala, India and printed by: Amrita Offset Printers, Amritapuri. These companies are affiliated with Amma’s spiritual organization and stated as Mata Amritanadaayi Mission Trust, Amritapuri, Kollam in the book. Unfortunately there is no ISBN, this being the nature of many books printed in India. 1988 was the first edition, 3000 copies are stated to be sold or made (i’m unsure). 1989 another 3000, 1992 – 2000 copies, 1993 – 3000, 1995 – 3000, 1996 -6000, 1997 – 6000, 1998 – 3900, 1999 – 5000, 2000 – 5000, 2001 -5000.

I’m not aware if this book is still around. I have read this book and upon closer inspection have concluded some findings about Amma which I would like to pose to the readers. It is up to you to judge.

I am also aware of mayi’s marketing technique which shows her materializing water from milk. Apparently she is against doing miracles and does this to show her powers, that was back when she was still young. But the funny part is that she lets this marketing gimmick to be done by allowing a ‘remake documentary’ of this episode. Can she demonstrate this power today under scientific scrutiny? Anyway, there’s also another cheap gizmo which makes her to be the hinted as the mother of the universe.

Both of these videos can be seen at

Indians deify people who help out or who have done good towards them. This is a tendency in the people. Many also have revered siddhars and souls who have realized god. But many do not understand that realizing god/brahman is just a state, it is not becoming a god or a superman.

Let us now see what is written in her biography.

a) Sudhmani aka Ammachi’s parents are said to be initially non understanding of the divine child’s spiritual fervour and said to continually beat and torture the child.

But, in the autobiography though the above is presented there is serious contradictions. For example, both of Sudhamani’s parents are said to be highly spiritual nature. In page 20, chapter 1: From life
itself, it is written -

” Many pious souls had been born in the Idamannel family. Sri
Velayudham was such a man. He was a very compassionate, truthful and
generous person, who firmly held the ideal of ahimsa. He would not
allow even a little rat to be killed. Velayudhan was married to
Srimathi Mathavi, a chaste and pious woman, whose habit was to get up
early in the morning before dawn in order to make flower garlands for
all the deities in the family shrine room…….

Sugunandan was their eldest sone of five children. Inspired by the devotional atmosphere of his family, he became an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. When he was nine or ten years old, he began studying Kathakali, a classical dance drama of Kerala, which depicts games and playful diversion of gods and goddesses. While the actors present the story through dance and mudras, singers narrate the story through songs.

The character Sugunanadan most loved to portray was Sri Krishna. Once during a Kathakali performance he became so identified with his role of Krishna that he fell unconscious on the stage”.

From here we know that both Sudhamani’s (future amritanandamayi) paternal grandparents were pious, the grandpa would have been taken in by gandhi’s ahimsa preaching.

Sugunandan, Sudhamani’s dad is also portrayed as pious. But there is also a interesting twist here. Ramakrishna was a saint from bengal. He was from the 19th century and his advent was much much earlier, he was also quite popularized due to Vivekananda who sailed to the west and opened up Hindu thought to the curious west. Ramakrishna’s biography is well known, it was recorded by many people, but the most famous was by Mahendra gupta, also known as M. In it the child Ramakrishna is said to be fond of theaterics, much like Sugunandan also. In one of these, Ramakrishna becomes so absorbed with the role of Shiva that he becomes unconscious. Here this unconsciousness to the external environment is due to samadhi. The samadhi is Ramakrishna’s total absorption on Shiva. The crowd is said to be overcome with awe and a feeling that Ramakrishna is Shiva himself. Sugunandan also like Ramakrishna acts in one of this form of theatre acting out puranas like Kathakali. Like Ramakrishna he also becomes absorbed on Sri Krishna and becomes unconscious. It should be noted that Sugunandan was also a child like Ramakrishna when this is said to have occured.

However, the author stops short of calling Sugunanda’s absorption samathi and we also do not know how the crowd reacted to this. No reason is given for sugunanda’s unconsciousness, though this is said to have occured due to becoming very identified with his role of Sri Krishna.

It is not difficult to see that the child Sudhamani would have learned this antics from her father and later on also portrays herself to be Sri Krishna. However so unlike her father, she goes a step further by saying she herself is the divine incarnation.

Let us now look at a description of her mother Damayananti. In page 21 of the same chapter:

“….Damayananti came from a devout family, which performed religious practices daily without fail. Her family even had its own temple. From childhood, Damayananti had led a virtuos life. Her father, Punyan, and mother, Karutta Kunya, were exemplary devotees of god. The whole family atmospehre supported her in leading a religious life. Damayanti was so pious that she was reverently called by the villagers, ‘pattathi amma’, or the ‘brahmana lady. As devotion to god was her focus in life, she would observe various religious vows almost every day of the weeek. She frequently undertook fasting and would break her fast by drinking the water of tender coconuts which mysteriously feel from the trees.”

So here too Damayananti, Sudhamani’s mother and paternal grandparents are portrayed as being very pious and spiritual. Damayananti, though belonging to the fisher-caste clan, even earns the nickname - brahmana lady due to this. The family even has their own temple.

As such it is not difficult to see that Sudhamani is exposed to religion from very young.

Let us see Damayanti’s reaction when Sudhamani was born, from page 23 of the same chapter:

” The babe had a beaming smile on her tiny face! The gaze of the child penetrated Damayanti’s innermost heart and was never forgotten.”

From here we can know that the child has had such an impact on Damayananti from the day she was born. It pierced her innermost heart and was never forgotten – these are very emotional claims. She definitely remembered this long enough to be passed on.

In fact both parents have had visions of gods and goddesses before Sudhamani was born, just like Ramakrishna’s parents too.

Page 22, Chapter 1:

” During her pregnancy, Damayanti began having strange visions. Sometimes she had wonderful dreams of Lord Krishna; at other she beheld the divine play of Lord Shiva and Devi, the Divine Mother. One night Damayanti dreamt that a mysterious figure came to entrust her with an idol of Sri Krishna cast in pure gold. Around the same time Sugunandan had a dream of the divine mother. As he was a devotee of Lord krishna, he was unable to understand why devi should suddenly appear to him. Upon relating his story to damayanti, he found that she had recently had may strange visions also…..

One night Damayanti had a wonderful dream that she had given birth to Krishna, and he was lying on her lap drinking her breast milk. “

It is very rare that people dream of gods and goddesses during their pregnancies and for their spouses to have likewise dream also. It is surprising that Damayanti and Sugunandan couldn’t draw a conclusion that the child might be divine. Unlike Ramakrishna’s parents, Sudhamani’s parents however become barbaric later on.

It is said that the child had a dark blue color, due to this, it is said in page 24 (chapter 1):“….ironically, it was because of her blue-black complexion, that Damayanti and the other family members would look upon the child with great disdain. Their aversion for the dark child eventually led them to treat her as the thankless servant of the family and relatives.” The family is said to have consulted the doctors for this ailment of dark skin when this child was born. Let us see what is written. In
page 23 & 24 of the chapter: ” The parents were puzzled by the babe’s dark blue complexion and the fact that the child lay in padmasana (lotus posture), holding her fingers in chinmudra (the mudra symbolizing oneness with godhood). They feared this dark blue shade might be a symptom of some strange disease and that the peculiar posture might be due to abnormal bone structure. Various doctors were consulted. The fear of bone abnormality was allayed when the doctors confirmed that there was no such handicap. As for the skin color, it could not be attributed to heredity, since both damayanti and sugunanadan were light tan in skin tone. Hence the parents were advised not to bathe the child for six months in the hope that the mysterious ailment would disappear.”

This is quite strange that both parents were not aware of padmasana’s and chinmudra, being from quite a religious and spiritual background. Moreover, if it was true that the baby was dark blue, how did the parents didn’t know of the color being associated with Krishna? It also adds further doubt to the above story when doctors are actually said to advise the parents to not bathe the child for six months. I am not aware if this is the standard remedy practiced by Keralite doctors for ‘mysterious skin ailments’. In fact this is dubious only. By not bathing the child might most probably get skin diseases like rashes, fungal infections and maybe other bacterial infecions also. Moreover, Sugunandan and Damayanti are both from the fishermen-caste. These people go out in the sun to catch fish. We know that via evolution, humans exposed to hot sun will finally assume a dark skin color. This is because melanin which gives the tan blocks out harmful sunrays. As such, most of these clanspeople are bound to be brown or black only. In fact, there are many Indians who are pitch black. This is not a rarity.Damayanti’s mom is known as Karutta Kunya which translates to ‘black child’. Please do not misunderstand my intention as being color discriminatory. No, it is not my intention. Nature has made melanin to block out sun’s rays. In humans near the equator, they have over a very large period of time acquire characteristics which help them survive in their surroundings. This is basic evolution.

As such it is difficult to imagine Sugunanda’s uproar seeing his daughter’s skin. There are many dark skinned woman in the village also. Sugunandan, his wife, his elder son and some relatives are portrayed as quite barbarous in their treatment of Sudhamani. This is hard to believe for one who is entrenched in religious virtue, has a wife of religious virtue, has family background of religiousity and also attains samadhi while nine years old. It is said that samadhi changes one’s perception towards things permanently. Yet Sugunandan has reverted (or portrayed) to become a monster.

Let us look at further contradicitions in the book. In chapter 25 of the same chapter, it is written; ” The parents gave the name Sudhamani, “Ambriosal Jewel”, to their remarkable baby daughter.” This hardly depicts someone who hates the blue black baby. Let us now look at the barbarous treatment of Sudhamani as given in the book: ” At ten, Sudhamani was fored to abandon her schooling. From early morning before dawn until late at night she labored…. (last paraghraph, page 37, chapter 2 – the divine servant) …..sudhamani toiled from three o’clock in the morning, as she set to work cleaning the house, sweeping the compoung, fetching water, cooking the food, tending the cows, milking them, washing the clothes and scrubbing the cooking vessels.” (2nd paragraph, page 37, chapter 2). ….when her crying continued, Sugunandan eventually lost his patience and flung (the baby Sudhamani) on the cot. Page 28, chapter 1. It is difficult to understand the reason for the parents stopping the brilliant child Sudhamani compared to their other children. This is illustrated in page 27 – chapter 1: ” Her older classmates, including her brother and sister, sometimes received harsh punishment from the teacher for being unable to learn verses of poetry by heart.

Meanwhile, little Sudhamani, who was studying in the lower grade, would melodiously sing the peoems and dance to the melody like a delicate butterfly. all the teachers admired her and were amazed by Kunju’s (sudhamani) astonishing memory. She scored full marks in all subjects and was ranked first in class, despite the fact that she was often absent because of household responsibilities. “ In fact so harsh is the treatment that the child says the mother treats her like a daughter-in-law and not a daughter. Traditionally in some families, daughter-in-laws are maltreated for heavy dowry and not bearing a male heir, this treatment passed on to generations just like the ‘ragging’ tradition in the universities in the past. Apart from this Sudhamani also claims many things which cannot be observed now, nor which she has demonstrated. These include: 1) animals tendering her body during tapas, etc the garudas which bring fish for her food. 2) miraculously lighting lamps without oil and with use of water. 3) changing water into milk. 4) giving endless supply of food from a small vessel, more like Jesus Christ. Apart from this Sudhamani has also caused griveous hurt to her cousin by her own words. Let us look at the unfolding of events as it is given.

Subhagan is Sudhamani’s cousin. He and another cousin are irked with Sudhamani’s claims of being god. Apart from them there are also others. These have formed a commitee called ‘Rationalist movement’ and ‘commitee to stop blind beliefs’. We do not get any account from this group, just swami amritasvarupananda’s comments as recorded in the book. As such a honest look of events cannot be had in this book. However so Subhagan and his cousin one day will try to scare Sudhamani and which will end disastrously for the cousin. Page 144 – chapter 8- dazzling like a million suns: ” One day, subhagan and a few of his cousins called the Mother to a relative’s house under a false pretext. When she arrived, they locked her in a room and one cousins began threatening her, sudenly pulling out a knife which he had hidden in his clothing. Subhagan announced, “This behavior of yours has gone too far! You are bound to spoil the family name. Since you cannot stop mixing freely with all sorts of people and persist in your sining and dancing, it is better you die.” He was enraged to hear the Mother laugh and retort, “I am not afraid of death.The body must meet its end sooner or later, but it is impossible for you to kill the Self. Now that you are determined to kill me, let me meditate a while, then you can kill me”. “ The last utterance of Sudhamani is similar to Shankara’s when he faces death at the hands of bandits. Seeing Sudhamani’s past in which she would have been exposed to much of hindu literature, it is not difficult to assume how she would have arrived to such a concoction of a story, passed on by the faithful swami amrita, tsk! What conspires later, (page 144, chapter 8): “…though they verbally threatened the holy mother (sudhamani), none of them was courageous enough to do anything to her after hearing her bold reply and seeing her unperturbed. Suddenly the cousin who had brandished the knife jumped forward and pressed the kinfe against her chest as if to stab her.

But he could not make another move, as he was immediately stricken by an excruciating pain in his own chest at the exact point where he pressed the knife against Holy Mother’s. He himself fell to the floor in agony. Seeing this, the others in the room became filled with dread. At this moment Damayanti arrived, having seen Sudhamani leaving with Subhagan and his cousins. Hearing the uproar, she began pounding on th door, shouting. When the door was opened, Damayanti took the Holy Mother by the hand and led her home, taking the path by the shore. On tbe way back, the Mother told Damayanti, “your people dishonored me. This ocean is my mother as well. She will accept me happily with outstretched arms. I am going to her lap”. Hearing this Damayanti became mentally unbalanced and began screaming, ” don’t say that, daughter!”……..succeeding in dissuading the Holy Mother, she took her back to Idamannel. “ It is hard to imagine that for one who has claimed to cross the stage of non-duality and attaining oneness with god (as stated throughout the book), Sudhamani becomes angry at humiliation. This shows her attachment to the body. She has not realized that which is not destructible. It is false where she shouts she is not the body. Actually, Shankara who said this thing after being confronted by the bandits and saved by his disciple will not show any aversion to the bandits. This is different to Sudhamnani’s reaction. This is because the cousin brother who dared to point the knife to her mysteriously dies. Though his death is not known to us, let us read Sudhamani’s version via swami amrita. Page 145, Chapter 8: ” The episode doesn’t end here. The cousin who had raised the knife against the Mother to stab her was taken in pain to the hospital. Though provided with excellent medical treatment, he finally died, continuously vomiting blood. As his disease was in its acute stages, the Holy Mother visited him in the hospital. She lovingly consoled him and fed him with her own hands. He was deeply repentant toward her for his grave mistake, and burst into tears experiencing her compassion and forgiveness. The holy mother had no enmity toward her cousin who had attempted to murder her, nor had she made any resolve to avenge his evil act. He simply suffered the fruit of his action.

The Mother explained, ” Just as human beings have intense love for Mother, numerous subtle beings love her as well. If somebody attempts to harm Mother, Mother does not react. Mother faces such a person without any excitement and does not even think any harmful thought regarding him who acts out of ignorance. But these subtle beings get angry and take revenge. Do you understand how this is? Suppose someone’s mother is attacked by a man. Do the children sit back indifferent? Even if their mother tries to stop them, they find that man and take revenge.” – page 145, chapter 8. Now let us pause and think. What is Sudhamani implying here. First of all she claims to not react. Yet she initially wanted to drown herself due to humiliation. Then she talks about visiting the cousin who is also repentant. She forgives him and he wallows due to her compassionate and forgiving nature. So this means that he has repented and deeply regrets his actions. So why does this man has to suffer anyway? He has not caused any hurt to Sudhamani except for threatening. For this has he got to die? Sudhamani cites karma or divine retribution for this. But she does have weird ideas of how karma works. She says that ’subtle beings’ have exacted their revenge. We do not know who these are nor does she elaborate. We are to assume that these are divine beings. Even as a human being I will not punish somebody who has repented as seriously as these subtle beings have done, here I mean in the context of the act that the cousin brother carried out against Sudhamani. On top of this she even claims that this subtle beings are likened to the children which seek out revenge if someone slights their mom, even if the mother tries to stop them.

Quite disturbing conclusions can be made from here. First of all even though Sudhamani has forgiven, the subtle beings killed her cousin. Is Sudhamani implying that she has no control over these subtle beings? I mean if god forgives, it can even override karma. Even companies overwrite bad debts. That is the true meaning of forgiving, don’t you think so? If I were to suffer my actions regardless of being forgiven by god, what is the need of this? On top of that, these subtle beings attacked him due to anger. This is unbecoming of Sudhamani’s subtle children whom she has no control of, they even don’t give a damn even though she has forgiven the cousin and she was actually unhurt. Moreover the cousin repents and regrets his actions. Let me ask, if these ’subtle beings’ were in fact true human beings and Sudhamani also acknowledges likewise, what would have happened? If I go and kill a guy who threatens my mom with a knife, but who couldn’t or didn’t do any harm, and also who was eventually forgiven by my mother, what do you think will happen to me? I will go behind bars only. What will happen to my mother who claims the grand law of karma, thus justifying my act? At the same time she also acts forgiving by saying that she has no anger towards the killed man. This whole episode and Sudhamani’s response to it sounds like a big drama only. Or is there any hidden truth? It also teaches false paradoxes. She acts humane, forgiving etc. She quotes Karma. She lets subtle beings kill someone who has repented and who she has forgiven, quoting the divine dispensation of Karma. She also says these subtle beings reacted out of anger and she has no control over them. Aren’t subtle beings supposed to have subtlety, I mean more forgiving than human? My dear readers, ponder on these truths for a while..I will get back to you in my part two of my rendition of a critical look at mata amritandamayi.


Okay,let us now look at the mysterious death of Subhagan. In page 152, chapter 9, Sudhamani aka Holy Mother says,” It seems that brother Subhagan is nearing the end of his life span. As a solution you can take a vow of silence, but certain obstacles can be seen which will try to break your vow. Therefore be careful when you take the vow.”

Let us look at how Damayanti breaks the vow, in page 157 of the same chapter:

” Damayanti observed a vow of silence one day. However, when it was halfway over, it so happened that a cow broke its rope and started running from their cowshed. Damayanti started running from their cowshed. Damayanti completely forgot her vow and shouted, “There goes the cow! Catch it!”…….

The family took this as a bad omen, especially as forewarned by Mother. This auspicious event filled the family with fear and anxiety.”

So there we have it. Sudhamani initially warns Damayanti of impending death of Subhagan. Maybe we can say this is Karma. But the funny part is- it is linked with observing a vow of silence. I don’t understand the reason as how a vow of silence helps to appease Karma. So does this mean the mute will escape death or law of Karma? This sounds more like religious superstition and proves the fact that Sudhamani is basically a girl steeped in religious superstition without much thought. Damayanti just shouts after a cow which escapes from the cowshed. This is just the most logical thing to do. Does death gets hastened due to this? Without thinking what the factors which affect death are, we get the superstitious Sudhamani dishing out irrational things to equally superstitious family members.

However so, Subhagan’s death is directly proclaimed by Sudhamani herself. Let us look at what is written in the page 153, chapter 9: ” One day Subhagan, in a fit of fury, severely harassed a Muslim woman who had come to Idamannel for the Bhava Darshan. Unable to bear Subhagan’s vicious remarks, the lady rushed to the temple, burst into tears and began beating her head against the threshold of the shine room. She was crying out, “O Mother..O Mother…is this the fate of those who come to see You?”

Hearing the Muslim woman’s distraught cries, the Mother’s radiant and smiling face underwent an immediate transformation. With a terrifying appearance, she stood up from the sacred seat holding a trident in one hand and a sword in the other. In a solemn and deep tone the Mother said, “Whoever has caused this undue grief to this devotee will die within seven days.”

When the Mother’s prediction reached the ears of Sugunanadaan, he rushed to the temple seeking forgiveness for his son’s grievous behavior. He pleaded to the Mother to spare Subhagan’s life and take his instead. Mother calmly told, “I never punish anybody. If I am abused or harassed I don’t care at all. But when a devotee suffers such abuse even God will not forgive. Each one must enjoy the fruit of one’s actions. There is no other way.”

Seven days had passed. It was nearly midinight on June 2, 1978 when Subhagan, who had been informed of the Mother’s predicition, committed suicide by hanging. He had written a suicide note giving the reason as unbearable stress caused by his incurable disease (elephantitis). Subhagan’s suicide created chaos and distress at Idammanel house. “

From the above we can see the utter stupidity of the whole story. Harassing a devotee does not incur such a punishment as death. In today’s standards, harassing and taunting a person does not amount to punishment by death. Is god so stupid as to warrant this punishment to someone who taunts his devotees? The muslim lady was not physically hurt nor any of her belongings stolen. She did see the so called Holy Mother and lamented Subhagan’s “vicious remarks” only. This “vicious remarks” cannot be justified as warranting death punishment by god or anyone else for that matter. Moreover hypersensitive people can even classify a normal criticism as “vicious remarks”.

Sudhamani now actively interferes in the death of Subhagan by proclaiming his forthcoming death due to the taunting of a devotee. Though pleaded to by her dad, she does not lift this curse. Previously it could be avoided by just following a vow of silence. That too got destroyed due to the old lady’s shouting at a mere straying cow. Now itis the ‘vicious remarks’ which justifies the death punishment toSubhagan. If we look at the story it seems Subhangan was informed ofhis sister’s predicition. He was said to hang himself. Was he forced tohang himself to make his sister’s prediction come true or was he alsotoo superstitious to believe this prediction, thereby due to utmoststress of this disturbing prediction hanged himself? In the book, hisdisease -elephantitis, is quoted. But many people in India have livedand are living with elephantitis without killing themselves. It is nota psychotic or fatal disease as made out in the book; moreover themedication diethylcarbamazine was available in India at that time, eventhe generic.

In this chapter 9- the sword of truth, we have swami amrita mentionabout the rationalists and how they tried to discredit mightySudhamani. From what he has written, it seems that there were a groupof poor villagers who came to the bhava darshan. Sugunandan eventuallyhelps his daughter in carrying out these activities. Sudhamani becomesthe deity Krsna and Shakti in this bhava darshans. But there is alsoanother group which seeks actively to stop this activity of Sudhamani -they are classified as the rationalists by Swami amrita. But we do notknow the real reason that they have done this. From what I can gatherthrough reading the book, they are portrayed as mere trouble makers whotry to become obstacles to Sudhamani and her quest without any apparentreason. It is just out of hate. That is as stated by the swami. But Ithink it is deeper than that.

Let us now shift our attention on Sudhamani’s bhavas. This bhavas arealso observed in devotional common Hindus during Thaipusam and otherevents. It is more like trances or the Christian’s descending of holyspirit in which some speak in tongues. Whatever it is we can only sayit is yet fully understood by science. There are also small scalepriests who also have this visitation of spirits and who are sought outfor healing and other purposes. The shamans of the pagans and thepriest of organized religion claim this divine power to be able to healand prophesize. However so let us look at Sudhamani’s explanation ofthis bhavas as recorded by swami amrita.

Page 197 & 198, chapter eleven – The meaning of Divine Bhavas:

” The Great Masters of India have classified Divine Incarnations inthree main categories: 1) Purna Avatara (full or perfect), 2) AmsaAvatara (partial manifestation) and 3) Avesa Avatara (temporaryovershadowing by divine powers)…

A purna avatara is the descent of the nameless, formless and immutablesupreme energy, assuming a human form and manifesting infinite powerwithout any limitations.

The incarnation of Vishnu as Vamana and Narashima are examples of AmsaAvatara. Parasurama, as depicted by Srimad Bhagawatam is avesa avatar. “

Let us now see the elaboration of the purna avatar in the book. It issaid that Hanuman wanted to visit Krishna but insisted to only see theform of Rama. Hanuman was a ardent devotee of Rama who is but anincarnation of Vishnu just like Krishna. Yet Hanuman wishes to see Ramaalone. Only Krishna could assume the form of Rama for Hanuman since heis a purna avatar. Let us read as stated in page 199, Chapter 11:

” While Garuda was fetching Hanuman, certain events were taking placein Dwaraka. Lord Krishna, by His mere Will, assumed the form of LordRama, who had lived many centuries earlier. Rukmini, Krishna’s consort,became Sita. By this time, Hanuman had arrived in Dwaraka. Having seenhis beloved Sri Rama and Sita and having offered worship to Them, hereturned to his abode….

Only a Purna Avatara can easily become one with any other god orgoddess. Being such an Avatara, Krishna easily manifested Rama Bhava.One day, Lord Krishna asked his wives including Satyabhama, one of Hisdear ones, to assume Sita Bhava, but none were able to. FinallyRukmini, an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, effortlessly assumed SitaBhava.

In the case of an Avesa Avasa Avatara, godly powers enter into aparticular person and withdraw after fulfilling the intended goal. Thiswas not the case with Sri Krishna and Rukmini. What Lord Krishna didwas to manifest Rama Bhava or the attributes of Rama which were alreadypotential in him”.

Okay, so we have read Sudhamani’s rendering of the meaning of avatars.

Let us see how she classifies her own self regarding this, whether anamsa, avesa or purna avatar.

Page 200, chapter 11:

” Bhava Darshan is the manifestation of different Iswara Bhavas ordivine moods by an incarnation of God according to the wishes ofdevotees.”

Let us see how Sudhamani compares herself with Anandamayi Ma, anotherMa who lived earlier in Bengal and manifested Krishna and Kali asSudhamani. Page 200, Chapter 11, last paragraph:

” Anandamayi Ma, who lived in Bengal, used to manifest Krishna and KaliBhavas while singing bhajans. These Bhavas manifested by Incarnationstook place only on certain occasions to fulfill a particular end,especially in response to the ardent desire of devotees. Moreover, theywould last only for a short time. The Holy Mother Amritanandamayi (note: Sudhamani) manifests the Divine Moods three nights a week lastingfor long periods of 10 to 12 hours depending on the number of devoteespresent for Darshan. This is the Holy Mother’s way of serving humanity,plunged as it is in the deep quagmire of worldliness.”

Page 201: ” During the Holy Mother’s Krishna and Devi Bhavas, shebrings out That which is within her and manifests those Divine Beingsin order to bless her devotees. The holy Mother once said regardingthese bhavas. ” Mother is not manifesting even an infinitesimal part ofher spiritual power during the Bhavas. If it were manifested as it is,no one could come near!”

Page 202: “Even now some people believe that Lord Krishna and Devivisit the Holy Mother’s body three nights a week, after which Theyleave her body. This misconception springs from a lack of correctunderstanding about the Holy Mother’s Divine Moods. These Divine Bhavasare nothing but the external revelation of her incessant Oneness withthe Supreme. They have nothing to do with possession or Divine Grace asit is commonly understood.”

So there we have it. Sudhamani is not a avesa avatar. She is notpossessed with divine grace but reveals what is an innermost part ofherself. More than that she is also an incarnation equal to Krishna andRama. She has even said that people can’t get near her if she were toreveal her infinite glory. Perhaps it was some kind of vibration. Itsounds more like a cartoonish science fiction though. She even comparesherself superior to another person who has these bhavas also,Anandamayi Ma.

Then there arises the question of Krishna and Rama as pertainingHanuman. If I were to know a person intimately, definitely I will knowthe person’s form and could distinguish cheap imitations. Krsna is saidto assume the bhava of Rama for Hanuman. As Hanuman knew Ramapersonally, we can only say that Hanuman wishes to see Rama exactly inoutward and inward form. If he just wants to see the inner core Rama,Krishna could have assumed this personality for him. But the insistenceof Hanuman means Krishna would have changed his external form to Rama.It is difficult for me to comment as I have seen neither Krsna norRama. Definitely both men being male warriors would have exhibitedmasculine form. But Sudhmani is just her physical self in this bhavas.What she does is to assume costumes. This any actor could do, just likeher dad Sugunandan did in his earlier frolics during Kathakali. Eventoday we have actors assuming historic roles. This is not something tobe called divine. It is just human capabilities of a good actor. I haveseen many darshan pictures of Sudhamani in the book but have not seenany in which she looks like Krishna who is a male. She just looksherself, an average Indian girl.

From all these, it can be seen that Sudhamani is just as deluded asthose who follow her. She has made a big hotchpotch of everything shehas learned and heard, which is not surprising considering herbackground (refer my earlier post). She has mixed irrationalsuperstition, vedantam, bhakti and paganism into her show.

Many people believe that her success of acceptance is proof of hergodhood. I beg to differ though. Humans have a tendency to idolizeothers regardless of race, religion and culture. Look at our pop divas,Michael Jackson, sportsmen, actors and actress and other charismaticpersonalities. These people are masters of portrayal and attract a hugefollowing amongst the masses. The Beatles also caused mass hysteriaamongst the people whenever they visited a town. But apart from this,everyone is human, that is all. Being in power, the chances of abuse ishigher. Sudhamani is just a successful actor, just like any other. Sheis idolized just like Michael Jackson. But that’s about it. She is nomore divine than you and me.

In the world we live, many impacting changes have been caused byordinary human beings. The amendments of law resulting in genderequality and abolishing of slavery were caused by men without claiminggodhood. Read our history and you will realize. In science also, humanslike Edison, Wright brothers and others have discovered things changingthe life of mankind itself. Most, if any, never claimed divinity at alland most didn’t make huge financial gains out of their discoverieseither. As such we can see men and women who have sacrificed their lifefor others. The Red Cross, the nurses and many others were responses byordinary men and women to provide care for the needy. They don’t claimdivinity either. So we can see that for one spiritual organizationwhich claims to administer disaster relief and humanitarian work, manyother non-divine ordinary organizations can be touted to do the same.

Here is a proof of Sudhamani’s appropriation of Ramakrishna, just asshe earlier did with Shankara (read earlier post,no. 278).

Page 202 & 203, Chapter 11, Sudhamani says regarding her cross-dressinghabit (for Krishna) and assuming devi’s costumes:

” It will help the people to remember what Bhava is. Child, each attireis important in its own way. We are naked when we are born. Later,according to each country and social custom, people adopt differentkind of dress. Whatever the dress, the person is the same….

Mother will make this point clear through an anecdote. One man wascutting a tree which was growing by the side of the road. Another manwho happened to see him doing this said,” Don’t cut down that tree! Itis wrong to do so, it is against the law.” The man not only refused tostop cutting but also scolded him severely. The person who tried toprevent the hooligan from cutting the tree was a policeman. He departedbut soon returned in his official dress. Even from a distance the meresight of the policeman was enough to make the hooligan flee withoutlooking back. See the different impact created when he came in ordinaryand official dress. Therefore, special attire is needed to teachignorant people. Likewise, the costumes of Krishna and Devi Bhavas.”

This proves the fact of Sudhamani to be well aware of Ramakrishna’sbiography. In it Ramakrishna will advise that realizing (god) is moreimportant. He says that without getting the mantle from god merepreaching will not do. People will not be really benefited. This hesaid regarding the Arya and Brahmo Samajs which were active in histime. Ramakrishna stresses the importance of realizing god compared topreaching work done by the Samajs. The mantle of god can only come ifone is realized. It is not necessary that god decrees us to instructothers upon realizing it. This he makes known through a few anecdotes.One of it is his comparing of a group of people who befoul the banks ofthe bathing ghat/river even when warned by others. Only a governmentsanction could stop this nuisance. And that too a mere notice ofwarning put up near the bank is enough to act as a deterrent.Ramakrishna compares this notice board as the mantle.

But here we have Sudhamani totally twisting the story and adding a newmeaning to it. Though the basic essence is the same, its underlyingreason is different. For Sudhamani, the uniform has taken the place ofthe government notice board. The cutting of the tree substitutes theact of befouling. And that too to teach ‘ignorant people’ who by theway appear to be many, judging by her hours in Bhava Darshan.

It will do well to note that Indian people have noted many saints whowere partially and completely naked, not including many who weredressed without much pomp and ado. Examples include Buddha, TrailangaSwamigal etc. Many aghoris, natha and naga sadhus also are naked. Theyoccupy primal position in reverence as can be seen during Kumbha Melawhere these naked sadhus are given priority in taking the first dip. Assuch Sudhamani’s excuse of making an impression on the people byassuming colorful garbs and costumes is at best stupid. It is done todelude the masses only. People understand genuineness regardless of itsoutward form; hence we have the maxim “don’t judge the book by itscover.” Sudhamani totally ignorant of this makes up her shortcomings bymasquerading as Krishna and Shakti which is why the socalled ‘rationalist movement’ might have riled up against her. Thatexplains her brother’s and cousins’ oppositions also.

Another thing we could ask here is Sudhamani’s claim of the almightyitself. She claims that she is the supreme incarnation which couldmanifest any divinity. As such she is also the god come as human form,this according to her also. Sudhamani claims to be accessing or ratheris the absolute. The world is contained in the absolute. By thisSudhamani claims to be all-knowing even to the extent of being able toexact death by mere willing. Throughout the book, numerous incidences aregiven of Sudhamani’s capability of altering the outcomes of tragicevents for the better, healing diseases and thought-reading. All thisis child’s play to her. But supposedly if we were to ask her anymathematical question, can she answer? Will she dare to take up thischallenge? By accessing the supreme which pervades all, she is able toknow all, and that includes mathematical or scientific knowledge also.Even till now she needs an interpreter, she can’t speak fluent English.This shows that like other humans she cannot have spontaneous knowledgeof a thing without learning, pondering or coming to contact with it.Instinctual knowledge doesn’t give us any knowledge of understandingChinese or Tamil. It is just a small hint through which our intellectworks, more like thinking out of the box. But the things we think aboutwe have learned or pondered beforehand. This is how scientificdiscoveries are made. Sudhamani cannot vouch for any such discoveryalso, this is better to prove her godhood rather than changing waterinto milk. At least the discovery might be beneficial to humans andbefits her motto of serving humanity. But rather than this we get cheapand cheesy imitations of gods and goddesses thrown in with a heavy doseof vedantam, puranam and bhakti teachings. These can be had by readingthe books alone, just as Sudhamani might have done.


This (part 3) is my final rendition of ‘a critical look’.

Swami Amritasvarupananda is Sudhamani’s aka Amritanandamayi’sdisciple only. He is one of her chief disciples. His rendition of hisstory of Sudhamani’s magnificence sounds more like Yogananda’s(autobiography of a yogi) version in which he is helped through toget a college degree.

The more I read this book of his, the more it occurs to me that allthis is just a cheap scam of imitation to attract fortunes and boy,have they succeeded.

Let us now shift our attention to Chapter twelve, the cheesiestsection of the book. In it Sudhamani’s omnipresence, omniscience andomni-whatever is presented to the readers. It is really mind bogglingthough, coming to think of it.

a) claims of all-knowing, page 208, chapter 12:

” Sheeja is a seven year old girl to whom the Holy mother gave thepet name ‘takali’ which means ‘tomato’. Once she cherished an intensedesire in her innocent young heart praying, “O God, if only I werefortunate enough to wear the crown which Amma wears during KrishnaBhava, I would be so happy!” But she knew that the fulfilment of herwish was all but impossible.

That year during Lord Krishna’s birthday celebrations Takkali came tothe ashram. Ma who was waiting at the jetty, took her to the ashram.There a group of children, dressed in colorful costumes, werepreparing for a folk dance portraying Krishna’s childhood sports inVrindavan. Mother took Takkali into the temple and dressed her inbeautiful clothes and finally put her Krishna crown on Takkali’shead. Now she looked like Krishna when he was a child! Placing her inthe middle of the other children, Mother asked them to dance aroundher. Takkali was thrilled at her good fortune. Her dreams have cometrue. Even without being asked, Mother had understood her innocentwish and fulfilled it. God knows and fulfills the longing of the purein heart. “

So there you have it. Sudhamani’s claim to godhood by being able togrant the wish of a seven year old child.

b) claims to be even present in a photo:

” Nambisseri Bhargavi Amma was an ardent devotee of lord Krishna, whohad appeared to her one day in a dream saying, “You are burning meup.” She hadn’t understood the meaning of the Lord’s statements.Shortly after the vision, she came to Holy Mother’s ashram. DuringKrishna Bhava the Mother told Bhargavi Amma, “You have locked Me inthe cupboard, so you are burning Me up.” Suddenly she realized themeaning, the portrait of Sri Krishna which she had worshipped for along time was locked in the cupboard. Some time ago, when she hadgone to stay with her daughter, she had locked the portrait in thecupboard to protect it from insects. Bhargavi had forgotten toretrieve it and to resume worship when she returned. Hearing thesewords she had no doubts that the Holy Mother is Lord Krishna Himself.”

The irony is for such a forgetful one as Nambisseri Bhargavi Amma tobe called an ardent devotee.

c) claims to be all knowing including scientific knowledge, page 214,chapter 12:

….after a short pause she (bindu’s mom) said, “Bindu’s experiencewhile taking her exams is still more wonderful.” The devotee’scuriosity was aroused, and he begged Bindu to tell what happened.“Of all the subjects I had to study,” she said, “chemistry andphysics were too difficult for me to grasp. I was really perplexedwhen I received the exam on science. Sitting in the examination hall,I sincerely prayed to the Holy Mother to help me. The next moment Iwas startled to see the Mother to be sitting beside me. I thoughtthat my eyes were playing tricks, so I looked again; the Mother wasreally sitting next to me. Nobody else in the examination hall seemedto be able to see her. Again, I had the feeling that it must be ahallucination or projection of my own mind. The next moment, as if toconvince me, Mother talked to me. She encouraged me and explained howto answer the difficult questions. The same thing happened the nextday as well. The Mother came and sat beside me everyday, instructingme how to answer the difficult questions from the first day of theexaminations until the last. When the results were announced, I waseven more surprised to see that I passed, scoring high marks than Ihave expected.”

Truly this is the most damning evidence I have ever read. IfSudhamani could explain physics and mathematics without ever going toschool, then for sure she could speak any language without beingtaught, this as we know is naught, she needs an interpreter.

The irony which escapes swami amrita by writing this piece of mumbojumbo is the blatant cheating in public examinations. If this were tohappen with others noticing surely Bindu would have been kicked out.This is the just plain cheating. Bindu by her own words can’t believeit she passed, which goes to show that she is basically a dud head. Byallowing a person to cheat in exams Sudhamani is equally guilty ofthis act. It does not become justified just because others did notnotice it. If this goes on at a higher level we will have lessqualified doctor, engineers and accountants in influential positions.This is one of the biggest disservices which can be done.

Basically it shows the power crazed attitude of Sudhamani and lack ofethics. This is what is portrayed of her in these concocted stories.

Initially Sudhamani talks about karmic retributions in which onereaps according to what one sows; this applied to Subhagan herbrother- in a distorted context though. Now however, she allows herstupid disciple to cheat though she deserves to fail by not puttingenough effort to master the subject of chemistry and physics.

This just goes on to show the dual nature of Sudhamani’s ‘justice’.

d) ability to bring back life, page 224, chapter 12:

“…..the child had suddenly become acutely ill and had died beforeany medical aid could be summoned. An uproar had arisen in thehouse….immediately a blaze of lightning flashed near the body ofNalini’s son. Within a few seconds, the child had come back to life,as if he were waking up after a deep sleep.

e) ability to transfer death to domestic animals. This happens to oneKunjamma who is convinced of her son’s predestined death via snakebite which was predicted through the horoscope. She seeks outSudhamani who merely assures the death will be transfered to one ofher domestic animals. Page 223, chapter 12:

“….though she felt sad about her dog’s death, she suddenlyremembered the Holy Mother’s words: “Your son’s death will betransferred to one of your domestic animals.” Her heart was floodedwith gratitude to the Mother. This incident occured during the veryperiod when her son was supposed to die. Full of love and reverence,Kunjamma saluted the Holy Mother mentally. Her faith in the Motherwas greatly strengthened by this gift of grace. Her son is stillalive and is leading a happy life with the blessing of the HolyMother.”

Apart from the above there are other stories of Sudhamani’s abilityof finding a long lost child, transporting herself in a multitude ofplaces, attacking troublemakers with ‘balls of fire’ and all theother fantasy stories we read in fairy tales associated with her.Even Harry Potter pales in comparison to her.

e) ability to grant children to barren women, this is termedas ‘manasa putrans’ or children born out of mother’s sankalpa(thought or will power). One Mr Vidyadharan and his wife Omana weredeeply grieved to have a child for nine years. Sudhamani grantsthem ‘manasa putran’ and Omana carries. Let us read the rest, frompage 246, chapter 13:

” When she was four months pregnant, she saw a doctor who confirmedthe foetus was healthy. In nine months she was examined and wasastonished to hear the doctor report she was not pregnant! The mostsurprising thing was that her belly had remained enormous.”

The couple we are told went to other doctors just to be confirmed thesame. But the inevitable happens, read on.

“At last one doctor, a specialist in gynecology, took an X-ray ofthe mother’s womb and was surprised to see dense smoke on the filminstead of a fetus…..

Finally one day in the sixteenth month, the Holy Mother directedOmana’s family to take her to the hospital….

After much discussion, they (the surgeons) decided on surgery. The C-section revealed a fully grown healthy infant in the womb….

Named Shakti Prasad (Blessing of supreme energy), by the Holy Mother,he began meditating and chanting mantras when he was barely three.”

Thus ends one of the biggest mysteries told by Sudhamani. Not onlyshe implies the blessing of supreme energy aka Sudhamani to begetchildren, even gynecologists in Kerala have a most unheard practice.That is using X-Ray, a harmful procedure for pregnant mothers (andwhich according to medical ethics cannot be used on them). Thediagnostic procedure to rule out malignant and false pregnancies isnot by using X-ray. But swami amrita just got the stories screwed up.This is because of the story itself is concocted.

There are a list of children which are born through Sudhamani’sblessings. Let us hear her own rendering of this mysterious act. Page253, chapter 13:

” During meditation, a power emits from me and enters into themother’s womb, and in this way they become pregnant. Some of thesechildren will become perfect sannyasins. Others will lead familylife. Whatever they may be, they all will turn to spirituality.”Hearing this truth, many mothers of these children were dismayed tothink that after some years they would lose their sons to the serviceof mankind. Therefore, Mother promised them another child who wouldfulfill all the expectations that parents usually have for theirchildren, that they marry and lead a householder’s life. Within thenext few years, all of these mothers were blessed with anotherchild. “

Thus Sudhamani’s sheds light on her mysterious ability whichunfortunately is not and will never get to be scrutinized by realscientists, thus adding no value for human understanding of thenature of life and death.

That is all my dear readers, to read the rest of the crap you have to get the book itself.

The final conclusion of reading the book just shows Sudhamani the actor who has fooled the world believing her to be god. But upon close scrutiny, the truth stands to be revealed. And the truth
doesn’t give a damn whether its the next door average Joe or the so called mighty Amritanandamayi.

Yours sincerely,


Readers Comment on this site dated : August 23, 2008 at 10:48 am

I generally try my level best not to condemn anyone. I hope that Ammachi is a genuinely holy person; but on analysis it is becoming more difficult for me to hold this view. Consider the following.
1) The organization should reflect the leader’s ideals. Also the leader cannot say that he/she is not responsible for the actions of his/her devotees. Many reports abound where Ammachi devotees behaved like a bunch of thugs, and beat up innocent people with iron pipes etc. The organization did not have the courtesy to apologize for this.
2) The organization is interested only in making money. Anyone who has visited the main ashram will tell you that all the monks there are interested in is ripping off as much money as they can from visitors.
3) A lot of murders have been committed in the main ashram.
4) A real saint will normally cut off all ties from his/her immediate family so that he/she can serve the whole world better. Ammachi is still strongly connected to her family, although her parents now live away from her ashram. She makes long telephone calls to her parents almost every night. This is to check to see if her parents are behaving. It is a known fact that her father is now behaving like a rogue, and has done many terrible things. It is even reported that he once boasted to his friends that even if he murdered someone, the police will not touch him as the Prime Minister is a devotee of his daughter.
5) When someone asked Ammachi what she thought about Sai Baba, she replied that he is born pure. This is shocking, as video proof now exists that all the miracles he performs are fake. Further, there is mounting evidence that he is also a gay predator. It is believed that in the early days she had to run and hide from the police. She ran to Sai Baba’s ashram and hid out there till the heat cooled down. Perhaps he taught her then how to fool the gullible public.
6) People are now getting fed up of her hugging, and recognize it as just a gimmick, without any spiritual value. So what does the organization do ? It cooks up a story that her hugging will improve greatly the libido of men.
As I stated above, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to consider her as a saint. I hope someone can prove me wrong to enable me to change my mind – but this might take some doing, as the evidence to the contrary seems overwhelming. But I’m still keeping my options open.


Testimony From Amma’s Former Joint Secretary

Exerpted from messages on the Ex-Amma group, these are allegations by Amma’s former joint secretary that she doctors the financial records.

“I’m enclosing below a statement that was emailed to the Amma satsang groups by one of Amma’s former swamis when he left the organization. He was the Joint Secretary in charge of accounts, administration, banking and investments. He was offered money by the ashram if he would retract what he wrote, but he has courageously stood by his words despite being now under financial pressure. He recently started a wholesale export business for religious and devotional items. The quality and prices of his merchandise seem very good. Anyone interested should check out his website”


“My life of Twenty-Two Years as a Monastic was of never ending struggles in trying to bring the various Spiritual Ideas as Reality in my Life. While attempting to narrow down the gaps between the Ideas and Reality, I finally chose to observe my Life in Reality and had to give up the Ideas that remained unrealistic in my Life.

“Chastity was the main Idea that had failed to become Reality in my Life primarily due to the highly stimulating environment that I was put in.

“Not only in the individual level, but also in the Organization level, I have seen wide gaps when the ideas are put into practice. To narrate a few instances:

“1. Just before the Inauguration of the Hospital at Cochin, we had suggested Amma to declare that Hospital as a Charitable One. But Amma had firmly told us that Amma would declare it as a FREE Hospital as that being Amma’s real intention while establishing the same. Under the Indo-US Agreement, to get the complete waiver of Customs Duty for all the Medical Items to be Imported, the Ashram also has given an Irrevocable Undertaking to the Government of India that the Hospital would provide Medical Treatments at Free of Cost. But in Reality, as everyone here knows, the Ashram Hospital at Cochin is not a Free Hospital; Neither it could be considered to be a Charitable One as Certain Percentage of Beds have not been set aside as Free Ones for the use of Deserving Poor Patients. Many of the Deserving Patients from the Poorest Strata of the Society are turned away by the Hospital; Few of the luckiest ones get Subsidy; Persons from the Middle Class of the Society get affordable Treatment and the Affluent ones get the Treatment at a Competitive Rate. The Math which is a Charitable Trust is not supposed to run the Hospital like a Commercial Establishment as it is doing right now. When would the Ashram make the Hospital at Cochin as a Free or a Charitable One in Reality ?

“2. The Ashram now claims to have completed 15,000 Houses to the Deserving Poor under the current Housing Scheme. In Reality, the Ashram has constructed not more than 7,500 Houses [50%] so for. The Ashram also is claiming to have spent about Rs.28,000/= per House. But in Reality, the cost incurred by the Ashram for each of the House is not more than Rs.14,000/= [50%]. Why are the False Claims ?…

“Let there be Justice to Every-one;
Injustice to No-one !
Let there be Truth Every-where;
Untruth No-where !”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Note from Bronte Baxter: The following post came later and is attributable to the same author as the letter above:

“I am the AIMS consultant referred to by xxxxxx in his posting offour years ago. I still have in my possession the hospital financialstatements and my original interview notes that substantiateeverything mentioned in his posting about AIMS and themisrepresentation of its charitable work. You should also be aware,that based on my discussions with AIMS top administrators, all policydecisions with respect to AIMS were made through the direction of andwith the knowledge and approval of AMMA herself. Others I know whocan also verify this information are afraid to do so out of fear fortheir personal safety.

“… Those I know who have spoken outprivately about these matters are residing still in India whereviolence and political influence against others is a way of life. Imyself was warned by two saintly swamis in India to keep my mouthshut soon after I discovered what was happening at AIMS. But as thebible points out, even the stones will speak out the trutheventually.”


The Truth About “Amma Makes No Claims”

Amma Makes No Claims”

Messianic Claims & Enforcement Of Obedience

Followers of the hugging saint are very proud to proclaim that neither Amma nor her organization make claims to her divinity. In fact, it is touted as something of a credential. Amma is so humble and makes no claims seems to be the response so often heard when the group is referred to as a cult. In the meantime, her followers worship her as a living Goddess, often as a manifestation of Krishna or Jesus Christ himself. Amma is often referred to as the embodiment of the Supreme Consciousness, a God among mere mortals, or a living manifestation of the Goddess who has descended from the heavens in order to bless the earth. During what is known as the Devi Bhava darshans, she dresses up in an ornate silk sari and sterling crown, supposedly manifesting even more of her Goddess nature.

We didn’t need to look far and wide to come across a plethora of claims of Amma’s divinity…both from Amma devotees and Amma herself. Simply reading through the testimonials of devotees in some online discussion groups shows that the claim of not making any claims is just another clever marketing strategy that her followers have swallowed hook, line and sinker.

We thought it would be best to illustrate the claims of divinity by pointing to references we found in several of Amma’s books, which are widely available for purchase and held by many devotees to be their version of a Bible. These types of claims are out there and available for all to see, so we will let them speak for themselves. The actual claims of divinity seem to be less strange than the neolithic efforts to spread the idea that Amma makes no claims. Despite the fact that the entire organization and all of its followers are running on such claims, and these claims are out for public view, it continues to be denied. Why not just be honest and announce that most of her followers believe she is God? For innocent walk-ins receiving darshan from the hugging saint, it may seem like a harmless blessing. It is however, important to note the Messianic claims and classic cult signposts regarding total obedience to a Master.

While we are not blind to the cultural and religious nuances surrounding the guru/disciple relationship, the concern is that these proclamations are denied and never discussed in the Western media. The gratuitous spreading of lies regarding Self-Realization is a different story entirely.

#1 They saw God and wanted to touch her.

#2 Quotes from Amma regarding total obedience to the guru

#3 Saadya’s observations

Amma’s Own Words:

Most recently, at a session in California, the following was announced by Amma:


“In principle, God and the Guru are the same. But we may say that the Guru is higher than God. The Guru’s grace is something unique. If the wants, he can remove the effect of God’s displeasure. But even God cannot remove the sin that comes from dishonouring the Guru .” -Amma (quoted from the ashram website)

” Devotees call this ‘Krishna,’ ‘Devi,’ …..according to their faith. Amma is none of these, and at the same time she is everything. But she is also beyond. The entire universe exists as a small bubble within her.” – Amma (Awaken, Children Vol. VII p. 107)

“The more you surrender to the disciplining of the Master, with an intense feeling of love in your heart, the more you will come to know that it is your own mind that is strange, and not the Master”. -Amma (Awaken, Children Vol. VII p. 147)

“Unconditional obedience to Amma is what it means to really be with her.” – Amma (Awaken, Children Vol. VII p. 175)

“You are just a tiny bit of iron filling which is helplessly being attracted toward the all-powerful magnet of the Masters spiritual glory”. -Amma (Awaken, Children Vol. VII p. 181)

“The Master chooses you in order to save you. The fact that he has chosen you should be considered as a gift, which you don’t actually deserve.” – Amma (Awaken Children, Vol VII p. 182)

“When the ego, through the Master’s grace, is perfectly under control, the disciple does everything in the Master’s name. The Master does everything through him, and he himself has no place in what he does.” -Amma (Awaken, Children Vol VII p. 202)

“The Master will bind you with his love and he will become the absolute center of your life. In the experience of divine, unconditional love you have nothing to say. You will just silenty shed tears of love and longing.” -Amma (Awaken, Children Vol. VII p. 217)

“It can never be an exaggeration then to state that the Master is everything to a true disciple, even more than God.” -Amma (Awaken, Children Vol, VII p. 217)

“All your concepts and your judgement belong to your mind and have nothing to do with the perfect Master who is beyond the mind.” -Amma (Awakenm Children, Vol VII p. 222)

“A true Mahatma is God himself. He doesn’t need to go to any temple or place of worship, because the place where he dwells is a temple in itself.” -Amma (Awaken, Children Vol. VII p. 228)

“Attachment to the Guru’s form with a firm awareness of his omniscience and all-pervasive nature is the perfect attitude.” -Amma (Awaken, Children Part 1 p. 92)

“In front of a guru, a disciple should be like a servant in front of his master. The servant has no opinions of his own, only complete obedience to whatever the master says–no opinions at all. ” -Amma (Awaken, Children Part 1 p. 169)

“Always remember that when mother says something it should not be taken lightly. It is the Supreme that makes her speak. Whatever she says must come to pass either in the near or distant future because her words are not her own but are that of the Lord.” – Amma ( Awaken, Children Part 2 p. 96)


AIMS Hospital Horrors

(excerpted from a post on the Ex-Amma forums)

I am extremely disturbed by what I read. Noparent should have to go through such a nightmare. Ihope you are successful in convincing your daughter toleave this cult. Recently, I had an experience whichwas much worse. This god woman runs a hospital inKochi in India which is yet another scam. Thefollowing is a brief description of the course ofevents …

My dad walked in for a routine health checkup on July 7,2007 at their health clinic and ended upbeing convinced by their so called experts that he hadblocked arteries. The cult methodically isolated myparents from myself and my sister who lives in Chicagoand much against our wishes my dad went in for anangiogram and they screwed it up royally causing hiskidneys to go in to a shock. A routine test whichnearly proved fatal in his case. The doctor did notperform a check to see whether he was allergic to thedye used in the test. They covered this up and kepttelling my mother that it was his age (which was 70 bythe way). After he recovered from this my Dad wantedto get out of there, but they would not release himciting his purported heart condition.

Over the next week and half they systematically brainwashed mymother into getting him to undergo the angioplasty onAugust 2, 2007. His operation was scheduled for 2 AMin the morning on Aug 2. At 10 PM in the night on Aug5, my mother was urgently called in to theadministrator’s office to discuss my dad’s condition.She is told he has a leaky valve and they need asecurity deposit from her for $3500 to arrange for thevalve and a triple bypass. She was in no state to makean informed decision, so she handed them the money.The operation was completed as per schedule and thenthe surgeon told her that everything was ‘o.k.’ andthat my dad should be awake in the next 24 to 48 hrs.She asked him about the valve, and the surgeonexpressed surprise and said there was nothing wrongwith his valves, and went on state that my dad had20%, 30% and 15% blockage in 3 arteries which did notactually merit a bypass. An angioplasty would havesufficed, but they performed a bypass anyway.

My mother then confronted him with the security depositbill she was charged for the heart valve replacementand the surgeon got irritated and told her to pick upthe matter with the hospital accounts department inthe morning. She went their first thing in the morningand was told that they figured out the error but shewould not get the refund as it had been donated to theamrita hospital trust which performs free surgery forneedy patients. My mother says it is a noble cause butdoes agree the manner in which the donation was madeon her behalf and that too by deceit. They told herthey will look into it once the final bill is settled.In the meanwhile my dad’s condition worsened and hedied due to post surgical complications.

My sister and i were enroute to Kochi from San Jose and Chicagorespectively when the death occured. My sister had aGSM phone with her so she got the news while intransit in Gatwick airport, so she immediatelystarting pressing the hospital for a post mortem. Shewas told it would be done. They embalmed the bodyinstead of performing the postportem. My sisterexpressed dismay that the post mortem was convenientlyskipped. I was oblivious of all this since i wasboarding a flight out of Singapore while all of thistranspired. My sister wanted to visually inspect thebody but found it impossible since the whole body wascovered in a tape, like a mummy. Due to Hindureligious beliefs she could not convince our familymembers to undo the covering. My sister was alerted bya colleague of hers at Smalley Bearings in Chicagoabout organ donation racket that was associated withthis cult’s hospital. Her colleague wanted her tovisually inspect his back for any signs of kidneyremoval. We have been trying to uncover what actuallytranspired which a sent a man visiting a health clinicto his death. At every step of the way we arecontinuously being stonewalled by this cult and thehospital. The hospital staff is totally uncooperative.We are yet to see the refund for the heart valve whichwas never replaced. We did not even get a breakdown ofthe procedures done and none of the medical recordshave been made available to either to us till date.

We are planning to take legal action here in Californiaand Illinois since Amrita hospital trust has an armhere in Pleasanton California. Again my sympathies arewith you and sincerely hope that you get your daughterback soon where she belongs. I know how difficult itis to cope with a loved one’s loss.

S. R. Nathan
San Jose, California

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