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Bible Codes Prove Evolution!!! (April Fools Post)

by John D. Callahan, Copyright © 2003 by Faith & Reason Ministries


SUN VALLEY, CA - April 1, 2003 - In a shocking development, recent Bible code studies reveal evolution is true! A multi-year research program by a conglomerate of Bible colleges and universities was recently published. The research used state-of-the-art super computers and parallel computer configurations. It was the most comprehensive and exhaustive effort to date to extract God's hidden messages -- using the highly popular Bible code method -- from His Word, the Bible. The investigation was lead by Bible Southern Institute of Technology (BS Tech), in north Georgia.

All previous Bible code discoveries were confirmed, but many more were also revealed. The most important were that, contrary to popular belief, the Godly-inerrant Bible CONTAINS human error, the End Times are NOT imminent, and, most astonishing, evolution IS TRUE! Christians around the globe are rapidly flocking to new viewpoints reconciling Evangelical Christianity with traditional science, particularly Faith & Reason Ministries,

Phrases such as "Big Bang cosmology," "billion years," "believe Darwin," "evolution is correct," and "natural selection" are found consistently in Genesis and throughout the Bible. Not only are the words in Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Latin, and English, but also all known languages and dialects, even Japanese Hip-Hop. "God seems to have flagged even the time of this bombshell. It is truly extraordinary. This is probably the most important event in Christendom since Martin Luther" commented Dr. Mortimer Snerd, ThD, PhD of BS Tech. "Thank God for ministries like Faith & Reason []"


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