Faith & Reason Ministries


by John D. Callahan, Copyright © 2001 by Faith & Reason Ministries

The Omega Nebula

From cracks in the sidewalk to earthquakes, from medical illness to sports accidents, from the roll of the dice in Las Vegas to winning the lotto, from having a great friend to an incompetent boss, from losing one's watch to spilling a glass of milk, from solar flares to genetic mutations, we live in a universe of probabilities, randomness, and chaos.

It is intuitive that an evil world would produce the probability that people could be killed at any time by a drunk driver, a criminal, or a plane crash. However, people also suffer and are killed from storms, lightening strikes, volcanoes, animal attacks, and, inevitably, "old age." And one day a large meteor or comet will again strike the Earth and cause great suffering and loss of life.

Many of these occurrences are not the result of any evil action by men, nor can they all be attributed to God's wrath or the direct acts of evil spirits. Rather they are simply the result of the physical nature of the universe. (Nevertheless, though, through our prayers and obedience to God, we can avoid much of this effect.)

However, would a good God create such a universe as this, and will heaven be like this? Of course not! But the chaos of the universe has existed for billions of years and is fundamental to its existence. This invariably points to a primal, fundamental perversion of the cosmos which must have resulted from the ancient and unimaginable fall of the spiritual universe.

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