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Obscuration Studies for Save our Beach
(Citizens to Save Grand Avenue Beach)

Dr. Golden showed that the construction of a Lake Shore Drive high rise would cast a shadow over a popular beach from 3:00 p.m. onward during most of the summer months. This led the City of Chicago to prohibit the construction.

Obelisk construction

Dr. Golden determined the location of a 40-foot obelisk so that the tip of the shadow would fall at the entrance to a mosque in Madison, Wisconsin, at the moment of the Vernal Equinox.

Traffic accident

Dr. Golden showed that the angle of the sun during a rush-hour traffic accident could not have impaired the vision of a truck driver cited for DUI, and led to the suspension of his license.

Automobile windshield construction

Dr. Golden has been a consultant to the automobile industry since 1991 on determining the slant angle and coverage of tinting on automobile and truck windshields.

High-rise swimming pool obscuration

Dr. Golden was the expert witness in a lawsuit limiting the height of high-rise construction adjacent to a building with a roof-top swimming pool in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, Illinois.

Lunar and Martian studies for NASA

A professional astronomer, Dr. Golden has used the techniques of shadow and obscuration analysis to calculate the heights of mountains and depths of canyons on the moon and Mars as part of his research.

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Our initial consultation is at no cost. In it, we determine if our expertise is relevant to your situation.

Subsequent analysis, consultation, preparation of reports that you order, and appearances before your clients, in court, or in public hearings are billed at $300 per hour, in half-hour increments.

Travel time within the Houston, Chicago, or Philadelphia metropolitan areas is billed at $300 per hour. Extended travel is billed at $500 per day, plus travel and lodging expenses.

A typical billing for a consultation requiring a formal report and a court appearance would consist of the following:
1. initial consultation - $0
2. analysis (2 hours) - $600
3. consultation (1 hour) - $300
4. preparation of report (2 hours) - $600
5. court appearance (travel plus one hour) - $600

TOTAL: $2100

All corporate and governmental agencies must provide a purchase order after the initial consultation to secure services in addition to a contractual agreement.

All contractual agreements require a retainer fee of $500, net 30 days.

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