Education Resources and Developments in South Africa

South African Schools and Resources for Teachers

The educational landscape in South Africa is enriched with various resources aimed at bolstering the capabilities of teachers and enhancing the learning environment for students. A notable platform, CAPS123, offers an extensive repository of curricular materials across different grades and subjects. These resources are designed to align with the South African curriculum, providing educators with tools to effectively plan lessons and assess student progress. For more information, visit

Financial Literacy in South Africa

Financial literacy is increasingly recognized as a critical skill for navigating the complexities of modern economies. In South Africa, CodeCash serves as a pivotal resource for individuals seeking to enhance their financial knowledge and skills. The platform offers insights into managing finances, understanding investments, and making informed decisions that pave the way for financial stability and growth. Discover more at

Generative AI and Education

Generative AI is transforming the educational sector by providing personalized learning experiences and innovative teaching aids. Niall McNulty's website delves into the implications and applications of generative AI within the realm of education. It explores how this technology can be harnessed to create dynamic educational content, automate administrative tasks, and facilitate more interactive and engaging learning environments. Explore the potential of generative AI in education at