Traitors and Treason

For quite a few weeks now, I've read in the newspapers about how the US Marshals tracked me down and eventually apprehended me on August 26th in Lewisburg, West Virginia. Well, it didn't surprise me to see the US Federals inventing a version of events that made them look almost omnipotent. This is the way the authorities always present themselves -- in the best light possible. But you might be surprised to learn from me how they actually caught me.

I do not feel sorry for spoiling their glory, they deserve nothing better. And if anyone is in a similar situation to that I was in twelve months ago, please take to heart my advice: careful planning in advance is much better than hasty improvisation under time pressure. The latter has overshadowed my adventure in the USA right from the beginning.

I entered the US on December 1, 1999, in Seattle. My destination was Spokane, WA, where I was supposed to meet with Nathan Pett (a.k.a. Nate Zorn) of the White Order of Thule. I happened to know several German members of WOT, and when it became obvious to me that my political activism would land me back behind bars in Germany, I contacted Pett and asked for help. I had never met him prior to December 1999, nor did I know anyone who had. Still, Pett offered me exile at his place, and paid for my air travel. He said I could pay him back by helping him to enter the music business. Since I have sufficient experience with the production and distribution of music, this idea sounded reasonable to me. So I agreed and came to his place.

To make a long story short, it was a big mistake to rely upon Pett without knowing anything about his character. He turned out to be a notorious loudmouth -- quick with promises but unable to keep them. He received worker's comp. because of an accident he suffered in New Orleans two years ago, but he preferred to claim that he had more income than this and that he got it in a more exciting manner. He could not afford to start a record company, but he blamed this failure on me. I helped him as well as I could under the circumstances, but it never was good enough for him.

Even worse, he suffered temper tantrums of the most pathetic kind. He would get drunk, smash dishes, and intimidate his girlfriend (Christina Silvermann). He told her that he might have to kill her because he suspected her of being Jewish (no kidding). I rapidly began to feel very uncomfortable in this deranged company. But, alas, I knew of no alternative at this point in time. After a few weeks, Pett developed a paranoia that he was under FBI surveillance because of me.

He, who glorifies the Mafia, as well as Robert Mathews, got quite scared by several anonymous phone calls he believed came from the FBI. After this, he accused me of "eating and drinking too much." It was my point of departure. I headed to Richmond, VA, in early March 2000.

What I didn't know until recently is that Pett betrayed a former friend to the police in 1996. This friend, Michael Boyd, shot a Black in Dallas, TX, and left him paralyzed. Pett was a passenger in his car. He shared his detailed knowledge of the shooting with a police detective eleven months afterwards. Boyd was subsequently arrested and is now serving a life sentence in prison.

In Richmond, VA, I stayed with Michael L. Lujan, a Border's Books shipping clerk, who headed the WOT prior to Pett. I really had little choice about where I could go to live after I left Spokane, but I soon figured out that I had jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. First of all, Lujan is an Armenian who claims to be an "Aryan." He was obsessed with ancient Solar-worship, and viewed this as a kind of deliverance from his being obviously non-Aryan. That he could hardly have a single Aryan bone in his body, I rapidly learned.

He was a college dropout and he plainly couldn't cope with life. He suffered from manic-depression and this made him untrustworthy in anything that required a long-term commitment. The unfortunate WOT members learned this the hard way when Lujan suddenly stopped sending out orders and stopped replying to letters. I helped him to sort out this mess, but he proved to be anything but practical afterwards.

Lujan was in debt for practically everything: his student loan, his car, his basement apartment. He also owed $2000 to Pett. This was the reason why he agreed to house me. Nothing could ever work out in this situation, with Lujan unable to pay off his debts, unable to make a decent living, and unable to get a grip on his miserable life. After his landlord found out about me, Lujan panicked and made me depart. He revealed his true nature by stealing my CD's (which he gave to Pett in an attempt to pay off his debt to him), my music equipment, expensive computer software, and various other personal belongings. In early June, 2000, I came to Hillsboro, WV, but once again, I left behind me someone who couldn't be trusted.

Now, you surely have read about how the US Marshals monitored and tracked me all this time. If they actually did, then it is enigmatic why they waited so long to arrest me, isn't it? They say I didn't use my real name and I didn't live out in the open. It is true that I assumed another name, but I still couldn't be mistaken for an American. Everyone I lived with knew that I came from Germany. I made no serious attempt to "hide out." I moved freely wherever I lived, and visited Raleigh, NC; Cleveland, OH; and Washington, DC. I visited Washington, DC, in late August, 2000, where I even visited the J. Edgar Hoover building, in addition to many popular tourist sites. There were plenty of occasions when the US Federals could have snatched me off the sidewalk. However, this never happened. Why? Because without traitors and treason, they would never have found me.

It is a fact of history that every revolutionary movement is riddled with informers, agents provocateur, and traitors. And I made the mistake of coming into close contact with them. I could have avoided this had I done more careful planning in advance.

The INS learned of me when my visa expired 90 days after my arrival in the United States.1 It is safe to assume they routinely alerted their German counterparts. The Germans are quite clear in expressing how much they want me back. But the INS could not start a manhunt for someone who simply overstayed his tourist visa, so the Germans constructed an extradition request so the US Marshals could come after me.

The US Marshals say that they observed someone they believed to be me living near Loon Lake, WA, in July. Well, it couldn't have been me, because I was living in Hillsboro, WV, at this point in time. It was Pett. He owned a P.O. Box in Loon Lake. I guess the Germans tipped off the Marshals about this P.O. Box, because I used this address several times to receive packages from Germany. Anyhow, the Marshals tracked down the owner of the P.O. Box and this explains why I was believed to be staying with "Nathan Pett and a White Supremacist Group" when a warrant for my arrest was eventually issued.

Needless to say, the US Marshals apprehended Pett when they began to seriously start looking for me. However, Pett was in the position to tell the Marshals to get lost. I left his place several months before, and there was no way to prove that I was ever even staying with him. No way, except for a confession from Pett. Pett told them all they wanted to know. I bet they didn't even need to put pressure on him. Pett betrayed Michael Boyd to the authorities for no reason whatsoever, and he had even less reason to betray me, since I have committed no crime in the United States. Yet, Pett turned me in. He might be a pathological traitor, I don't know.

Here is the situation: in July the US Federals knew next to nothing about my whereabouts, but they knew pretty well where I had stayed and with whom I had stayed in August. Their investigation was a success because they found a traitor. And not only one, but others as well. It goes without saying that the Marshals checked with Lujan to confirm Pett's story. Lujan eagerly contributed to the investigation that ended with my arrest. Afterwards, the US Marshals were pretty well informed and could pinpoint my location in Hillsboro, WV.

But how could they be sure that I still lived as a guest on the property of the National Alliance and Dr. Pierce? They couldn't hope that Dr. Pierce would be an informer for them. And they also couldn't stake out his property without risking that someone would notice them. After all, Hillsboro is a very small town in a rural area. Ten Marshals couldn't hope to operate there without anyone noticing. So you had better forget about their story of having been there for 14 days in advance, because that is just not possible. And it couldn't have taken 14 days to determine whether or not I lived at the property anyway.

Facing this peculiar situation, the US Marshals asked the FBI for aid. The FBI, of course, has informers among the NA membership, as I said, one can expect nothing else. It is just the one of the ways the US Federals deal with anyone that opposes them. So the FBI arranged for someone who could enter the property without suspicion2 to visit, to determine that I was there, and to set me up for a swift arrest by the Marshals. And so it was done.

The US Marshals had not spent more than two days in West Virginia. This may even have been fortunate for me. I don't know what the Germans told them about me, but judging by how they conducted my arrest -- jumping on me, breaking my arm, smashing my head against the car, and holding a gun on me -- makes me think the worst. Now, imagine trigger-happy deputy Marshals sitting in ambush for two weeks of nerve-racking waiting -- they might very well have shot me to death!

Without the helpful treason of at least three or four "White Nationalists," the US Federals would still be turning over stones in the Pacific Northwest trying to find a trace of me. They say that I "left a trail" and they just had to follow it. True, but someone had to outline this trail for them at first. I mean, if I was so easy to track as they say, then they must be a very lazy bunch not to have caught up with me before August 26!

Now that you know how the authorities got hold of me, the implication for all White racialists are important. I could give you countless other examples of treason, but if you have been active very long, you probably know some for yourself. It is shameful, indeed. Certainly there are people who do not have a treacherous bone in their body. And those who still believe in a code of honor outnumber those who are likely to set us up or turn us in. But for every constructive work that is done by ten sincere racialists, it only takes one traitor to lay their work to waste.

But there is something that we can do about this. You see, the domestic intelligence services seldom undertake the expensive enterprise of infiltrating a White racialist group with trained agents. Why should they when they can rely on the many weak and treacherous characters in our ranks? So it is up to us to filter out the potential informers, agents provocateur, and traitors. And this task isn't that difficult to accomplish. First and foremost, people who tend to betray their friends and comrades have more than one weak spot that makes them likely to collaborate with the authorities.

You will know these weak spots when you know these people, because it is often as obvious as it was with Pett and Lujan. I quickly learned of their flawed characters when I lived with them. One should never trust someone one doesn't know closely enough. I committed this mistake and I paid for it. But Pett and Lujan were able to fool quite a few people for quite a few years while they headed their White Order of Thule.

These people only knew them from the letters and e-mails from Pett and Lujan, as I did before I met them. It raises the hair on my neck to recall how far some of those WOT members trusted Pett and Lujan. And for no other reasons than that liked the mail they received. This is dangerous and even stupid. I mean, how can you seriously know someone if you have never met him, spent time with him, and become familiar with his ups and downs? I knew of the chances I took when I agreed to Pett's offer back in Germany, but I had no other choice due to the immediate danger I faced from the German authorities.

After I met Pett and Lujan I had no illusions about them not being treacherous characters. Pett betrays others because he runs his mouth. And he is so sociopathic that he can think of countless "good reasons" why he has to turn in his former friends. It might be that both me and Michael Boyd "ate and drank too much" while we lived with Pett. Who knows?

Lujan is a loner and a looser. He can't think of anything but his own welfare, but he is unable to work for it. This is why he is so indebted. The US Marshals may have offered to pay some of his debts, who knows? The point is, there are many more people like Pett and Lujan amongst us, but we fail to recognize them for what they are because we never really know them. They hide behind P.O. Boxes and e-mail accounts. You may think of them as the best of Aryans because you have no means of seeing behind the facade. But if you cannot do it, stay away from them. And if you do know them and witness their weak spots, then remember how I fared when I depended on these sorts of people.

It is sad, but true, that our cause attracts many freaks and low-lives, but you can prevent them from inflicting harm on yourself and others. Just don't take at face value what they tell you and insist upon meeting them before you start working with them for our mutual cause. Make their treason impossible or at least show them that their price for treason will be other than 30 silver coins.

Last but not least, I would like to tell you why I am confident in our basic ability to prevent or minimize treason and thereby make our opponents work much more difficult.

About one year ago, the Thuringian branch of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (a German domestic intelligence service which spies on political dissidents) came to me with an offer. They promised me immunity from prosecution, a monthly salary of one thousand German marks, and the paying of expenses such as travelling to concerts and buying merchandise there. All I'd have to do would be to sign an agreement to work for them, i.e. to spy on my comrades and betray their plans and intentions to them.

You see, they regarded me as being as important back then as they do now. Their offer implied that they really needed my help in order to gather more and better intelligence about the underground youth culture I was involved in, and which they considered worth their attention and surveillance. Well, I declined their offer. I'll never commit treason as long as I live, no matter what. And I kept a close eye on the people in my company afterwards because I rightly suspected that the intelligence officers would try their scheme with someone else.

This anecdote of my life demonstrates the necessity of treason for our opponents to thwart our plans -- and the relatively simple methods we can use to prevent treason by isolating the potential and well known traitors amongst our ranks. If we can succeed with that, then our work will become much easier and less vulnerable in the future. This is something to look towards and to strive for.

And if you happen to know either Pett or Lujan, then why don't you tell them to get lost?

Hendrik Möbus
November 1, 2000
Buffalo Federal Detention Facility
Batavia, NY

1) Web Master's Note: Hendrik is mistaken here. As difficult as it may be to believe, the US government makes no effort to keep track those who overstay their visas.

2) Web Master's Note: actually the person Hendrik is referring to had generated suspicion among various individuals, but nothing was known to clearly incriminate him, and he was allowed to come for a visit. After all, all the National Alliance's activities are legal, so as long as a visitor has no access to any non-pubic information (like membership lists) how much harm could he do? Such was the thinking. Very unfortunately, he could do harm to Hendrik whose presence in the US was regarded as illegal.

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