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Exclusive Report on Nate Zorn AKA Nathan Pett

Nathan Pett  AKA Nate Zorn

Editor of Fenris Wolf and Crossing the Abyss (#6 only)

of Clinton, WA, then lately Deer Park, WA

Nate Zorn's real name is Nathan Pett (born 6-26-73).  I have Nathan Pett's hand-written, 5-page "voluntary statement" to Dallas Detective T.G. Weissenborn dated April 3, 1996, 6 p.m.  In the voluntary statement, Pett incriminates and lays all blame for the shooting of a nigger on Michael Keith Boyd, who at the time was living with Pett.  Pett said he was a passenger in a car driven by Boyd when the latter shot the nigger rendering him paralyzed.  The shooting was 11 months old when Weissenborn first spoke to Pett on 4/3/96.  The very next day (4/4/96), Weissenborn issued an arrest warrant for Michael Boyd.  Mike Boyd received life in Texas State Prison and will not be eligible for parole for 26 years.

There is nothing more dangerous to the racist movement or more repulsive to the idea of Aryan honor than a rat for the government.  It's that simple.

-Alex Curtis

Pages One Thru Five of Pett's Statement
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Affidavit for Arrest Warrant
Clearly States that Pett's Statement
was the #1 justification for the arrest
of Michael Keith Boyd


The Arrest Warrant

Issued Exactly 19 Hours after Pett's



Subject: Nathan Pett, Nate Zorn

Alex- I'd like to see the material also since I know Nate personally. I
also know Michael Boyd as well and he is no "Aryan Warrior." He was labeled
a snitch in the late 80's/early 90's and was pretty much exiled from the
scene. He continued to float around in the scene and ended up in prison for
a drunken shooting in broad daylight w/ plenty of witnesses on a busy
interstate in Dallas that left a nigger paralyzed. -Shane

[I will send it to you.  Regardless of what Boyd may have been like, Pett did rat him out.  He ratted him out 11 months after the shooting- so the case couldn't have been all that open and shut.  The arrest was made the very next day after Pett talked.  His cooperataion with police was exhibit #1 against Boyd and the primary testimony against Boyd.  I don't know Nate and it is nothing personal, but anyone who has done this to anyone must have no standing in the White racist struggle.  Thanks- Alex Curtis]


Greetings, i recently read what you have to say about Nate Zorn and it truly puzzles me. Especially this: "Needless to say, Pett/Zorn and Fenris Wolf cannot be trusted and should be shunned as rats and detriments to Aryan honor.  The Fenris Wolf and old CTA are far too metaphysical and spook chasing to have any real relevance to the bare fisted revolutionary racist struggle.".....I remember you distinctly saying that CTA was one of the best movement publications you had ever read. So this total change in attitude leads me to believe some personal consternation is what led to this assailment of Zorn? but on the other hand, this is not the firs time i've heard this from people...So it may be true. Would I be able to get copies of this statement?

Wotan mit uns,

[I made that statement when it was edited by Michael Lujan of Richmond, VA.  Lujan relinquished his position in the ěWhite Order of Thuleî group and handed the editorialship of Crossing the Abyss to Nate Pett AKA Zorn, who put out one last issue of CTA two weeks ago- where it happened to attacked my magazine in a mild way, but Tom Metzger in a very ugly and disrespectful way. -Alex Curtis]

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