Outrageous Treatment of Asylum-Petitioner Hendrik Möbus

The asylum petition of Hendrik Möbus has caused turmoil among the governments of both Germany and the US of A, and cast them in a frenzy of "damage control." Although officials of both countries refuse to comment on the asylum petition of Hendrik Möbus, there is much going on that belies their outward ignorance.

Hendrik's "Open Letter to German Nationalists" became the subject of two criminal investigations by German state security. After this letter was published on the web site of the German nationalist group Thüringer Heimatschutz or THS (Thuringian Homeland Guardian), state security forced the ISP of this web site to cancel the contract with the THS.

Subsequently, the district attorney of Gera in Thuringia charged Hendrik with four different political "crimes": demeaning the state, production of "anti-constitutional" propaganda, public display of "anti-constitutional" propaganda, and inciting the people. These "crimes" fall under sections 90a, 86, 86a, and 130 of the German penal code. If convicted of each of these "crimes", Hendrik could face over five years in prison in addition to the time he already faces if returned to Germany.

The district attorney effectively sealed the files of the two ongoing investigations, thus preventing Hendrik from introducing this evidence in his asylum hearing. The INS prosecutor in Buffalo, NY, also appears rather jealous of his files on Hendrik. It took the INS nearly three months to turn the files on Hendrik over to his attorney. This resulted in several adjournments of his hearing and caused him to spend several more months in solitary confinement.

After the files were eventually handed over to Hendrik's attorney, it was discovered that the INS still refused to disclose approximately 70 pages of the 600 page file. It stands to reason that in those missing pages could be found evidence that Hendrik's attorney could take advantage of.

After all, it appears to perceptive observers that the governments of both Germany and the USA conspire to obstruct the defense in Hendrik's asylum proceedings. It is an unheard of treatment of an asylum petitioner in the USA, flying in the face of every vow to uphold and protect human rights, when the government of the USA willingly and knowingly abets a foreign regime in its effort of persecuting a dissident who asked to be protected by this very government.

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