Not of This World

Time and time again I encounter people who accusingly demand to know: "How dare you rise up against the very democracy that gives people like you the liberty to be "other than the others"? I am then told how wrong I am to promote National Socialism. First, I am told that I would have ended up in a concentration camp just like the Jews, Gypsies, Communists, and homosexuals if I had lived in Hitler's time. Secondly, I am told that to team up with "right-wing extremists" who allegedly strive for a "Fourth Reich" will be my undoing, because the moment those people seize power, they will "get rid" of me and others like me. Why? Because I am "other than the others" -- other than the mainstream -- and this would not be tolerated in a "fascist state." Therefore, I ought to be happy, I am told, to live in a system that not only permits, but encourages "diversity," and which will not try to "force me in line with the rest."

There are several misconceptions in notions of this kind. Perceptive observers of "Western" democracies certainly know better than to fall for this scam of "liberalism." Our oh-so-wonderful "liberal" societies do not perform in such a laissez-faire manner . They are conscious of what is "politically correct," and what is not. The Federal Republic of Germany guarantees "freedom of speech, of association, of science, and of art" -- but only for the adherents of what is considered fashionable by the powers-that-be. If you dare opt out of this "democratic" hocus pocus, if you even dare dissent, you will figure out quickly how "liberal" this society actually is. I've done so and I can tell you: not at all.

A truly democratic country would not bother about one raising one's right arm, or about one speaking his mind. Such a country would acknowledge one's liberty to do so. Well, the FRG has penalized and effectively exiled me, and it will avail me naught should I demand my "civil rights." So, don't tell me that I live in a democratic wonderland where everyone is equal, and no one is harassed for his political inclinations. This just is not true. I challenge you to try out your supposed "liberties" if you believe otherwise. You'll learn the lesson, believe me.

In addition, the people who admonish me to be happy in the "land of the free," just don't understand the core of my dissent. Who ever said I revel in being other than others? Who ever said I am happy to belong to a minority without political and social relevance? (As of yet, that is.) I do feel that I am "other than the others." I am, indeed, different from democrats, liberals, conservatives, leftists, lemmings, and whatever else populates the mainstream of our society nowadays. It is our utterly corrupted "democratic" system that alienates me, and our "diverse" and destructive society that I can't relate to. The world I live in neither meets my demands, nor serves my needs. I feel that I was born in the wrong era, I feel bereft of my heritage, I feel severed of my kinship. It is academic to speculate whose fault this is: mine for not conforming, or society's for trying to force me to conform. I conclude it is the world that is at fault. I don't intend to come to terms with the present status quo. Thus, I dedicate myself to the monumental task of reshaping the world until I am in accord with my environment.

In this world-to-be, there will not be a concentration camp to welcome me. I am not afraid of "the revolution devouring it's own children" either. And let me assure you, it's not "a castle in the air" that I am trying to build, not a utopia that has never been and never will be. No, the world I envision closely resembles the world my forefathers lived in. It closely resembles the world that existed until the fateful advent of mass-democracy and the "liberation" of the German people in 1945

How can I know of what sort of world I yearn for if I've grown up in a society I despise, you may ask? Well, it is not exactly true that I do not know another world which is better than the one I live in and therefore lack a comparison. I'm a child of the "real existing Socialism" of the former German Democratic Republic (known as East Germany to most Americans). I was 14-years-young when the Berlin Wall was torn down. I joined the Communist youth organizations and was subjected to Communist indoctrination while the GDR lasted. There are many strong points that speak against Marxism-Leninism; yet when I compare my life in the GDR with my life in the FRG subsequently, I am able to name a good handful of arguments that speak in favor of the socialist lifestyle of the GDR.

For one thing, the GDR was literally a German nation. We had zero immigration. And even though Socialist doctrine emphasized "solidarity" with the "oppressed peoples" of the Third World, we were not crazy enough to introduce "multiculturalism" on our turf. The GDR was Germany for Germans. Hence our culture, language, and customs were thoroughly German -- despite the everlasting attempts to invoke the "superiority" of our Soviet occupants. The GDR, just like virtually every other semi-Communist country, was socially divided into party members and non-party members, but there were strong bonds of reliance and solidarity in the "workers and peasants" state. This is quite different from the atomized society we live in nowadays!

Most important to our well-being however was our lack of feeling "collective guilt" because of Germany's National Socialist past. Citizens of the GDR were raised in the belief that they inherited the "good part" of Germany, the part that had nothing to do with "Nazi atrocities." Now, that's a Communist myth if there ever was one, but it helped us to maintain our national pride. For example, the GDR paid not a penny of "reparations" to Israel. So you see, I can actually compare my life in the supposedly "freest state ever on German soil" (the FRG) with experiences of another world.

And while people who have lived in a "democracy" since their birth often cannot figure out what is wrong with this form of government and society, my sudden transition from a semi-Communist country to a capitalist one exposed me to a full blast of the decay that is festering in the "Western" World. Many people, even White Racialists and Nationalists, don't believe the Western World is anything but essentially sound and healthy, several "aberrations" not withstanding.

While I was in the midst of my puberty, I became ensnared in the destructive and nihilistic influences issued forth from modern "Western" movies, music, and books. I needed several years to sort everything out and to figure out what had transpired. Other young people that I knew never recovered. They ended up on the bottom of the new society, indulging in petty crime, illegal drugs, and hedonistic "subcultures." For all practical purposes they quit meaningful life. They could not come to terms with the "Western" World, but they lacked the perception that would permit them to see the cause of that failure.

I figured it out, however. Through careful observation, studies, and comparison, I began to understand my fundamental incompatibility with present "Western" society. Like a forlorn mariner cast upon a foreign shore, I found myself in a world I can only perceive as being utterly unlike myself, and unlike everything I cherish and hold dear. It is against my will and desire that I feel "other than the others." Is it not understandable then that I, experiencing endless strife and discord in the modern world, seek to remedy this intolerable situation?

There are people who call me a "hypocrite" for my protesting my lack of free speech and free expression. I, who seek to "overcome and abolish democracy," can't honestly demand "democratic liberties," can I? If I had my way, they ask, wouldn't I stifle dissenting views and opinions? Well, it is not me who is hypocritical, it is the powers-that-be. It goes without saying that a patriotic government not only has the desire, but the duty, to exercise "authoritarian" measures. Such a government must not permit tendencies suicidal and destructive to its native subjects, since the welfare for those subjects is imperative to this very government.

A patriotic government would get rid of a great many nasty habits and much mindless behavior. Such a government would most assuredly suspend many "freedoms": the freedom to loot and exploit my kin, the freedom to abolish the customs and traditions of my kin, the freedom to harmfully indoctrinate my kin at will, the freedom to betray my kin, the freedom to commit genocide against my kin; and plenty other "freedoms" of this sort which are currently enjoyed in the "Western" World. And there is not the slightest doubt that those who indulge in the aforementioned "freedoms" are quite aware of this fact.

Many "democratic" countries, however, promise freedoms that they don't really grant: the freedom of speech most prominently. A democracy in the true meaning of the word, a pluralistic society, must not engage in the persecution of minorities, lest she ceases to be a democracy. So, who is the hypocrite? I, who oppose a system that feigns to be "democratic, pluralistic, liberal"; or the system that does not practice the principles it claims to believe in?

You may argue that this system has the right to defend itself against adversaries, but this is not to the point. Every system has that right of course, but not every system pretends to guarantee constitutional freedoms. Freedoms which, in fact, do not extend to every subject who is bound to this constitution. How dare the Federal Republic of Germany demand my allegiance to her pseudo-constitution, even though I'm not permitted to exercise the freedoms guaranteed by this very "constitution"?

As long as this contradiction prevails, the hypocrisy is on the part of the system. The laws of a 50-year young state can't hinder my carrying on the traditions of a 5,000 year-old race. I feel close to my remote forebears and I feel close to the distant generations bound to succeed me. Indeed my loyalty and kinship to both of them easily surpasses any empathy I might entertain for my contemporaries, who not seldomly slavishly bow to an alien yoke.

Moreover, I perceive a mindset similar to mine in many people even though they clad their thoughts and emotions in terms of contemporary ideology and policy. We have our dissent in common, although our means of dissenting might vary greatly. I, for my part, am utilizing the music, writings, and tokens of "youth culture" for voicing my protest and for outlining alternatives to the present "Western" World. Other people employ means more to their liking.

Yet be not mistaken; whatever means I employ, they are a means to an end. I do not pursue a certain lifestyle for the sake of being "other than the others." No. The trends, fads, and fashions of the "entertainment industry" which are often associated with a non-mainstream or subculture-based "lifestyle" mean naught to me. Since I am empirically "other than the others," however, I'm less reluctant to affiliate with phenomenon defying the so-called mainstream.

But let there though be no doubt about it: the moment I stride into the realm which I now know by love and dream alone, everything about me that sets me apart from the majority of my kinsmen shall loose its distinction. All the tools I employed to toil for this very end shall loose their meaning. I will no longer be a stranger in my own land. At this very moment, all the dissonance caused by my being will cease. Then I will be akin to others and I will rejoice in our mutual likeness. I'm returning home by restoring this home up from the ashes. I'll not fear the peril that besets the road I'm treading, for I've naught to loose. Behold! I'm not of this world!

Hendrik Möbus
March, 2001
Buffalo Federal Detention Facility
Batavia, NY

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