A Love Triangle with Tragic Consequences:
Hendrik Moebus Reveals the True Motive for Sandro Beyer's Death

Sandro BeyerHendrik's crime as a juvenile occurred about eight years ago on April 29th, 1993. On that day two teenagers strangled a schoolmate, while a third teenager, Hendrik M´┐Żbus, neither directly participated in, nor tried to stop, the killing. Despite the long amount of time which has elapsed, this incident is still widely misrepresented by the media -- and thus equally misunderstood by the public. Satanism, Black Metal, and horror movies were said by the sensationalistic media reports of the time to have been responsible. More recently, media reports have said that the victim may have been killed because he was "non-Aryan" or considered to be "human vermin". However, these sensationalistic claims are utterly false. Hendrik states, "The roots of the incident are far more prosaic. It is commonly believed that there was a conflict between the victim, Sandro Beyer, and the perpetrators, Sebastian Schauseil, Andreas Kirchner, and myself. There was indeed a conflict. But this conflict was between Sandro, Sebastian, and a woman named Heidegrit Goldhardt."

Heidegrit Goldhardt came in 1991 or 1992 to Soundershausen. She was married, and worked as a teacher for an evangelic Christian church. "Mrs. Goldhardt and Sebastian came to know each other through the YMCA," Hendrik reflects. "He was known as a Satanist, while she worked for a church." Furthermore, she was eight years his senior. But opposites are drawn together: a love affair developed between them. Hendrik observes, "This relationship was utterly unreasonable -- but neither of the two had much reason anyway."

Sandro, raised in a rigid, Christian home, was a student in Mrs. Goldhardt's Sunday School class. Sandro was rebelling against his parents by provocatively flirting with "Satanism." Mrs. Goldhardt referred Sandro to Sebastian and his friends. "Sandro showed up at our band's rehearsal room one day," Hendrik recalls. "He came with all the wild notions: blood rituals, Black Masses, etc. We laughed at him and turned him away." However, Sandro kept in touch with Sebastian.

Hendrik says, "While Sebastian considered Sandro as just another fan, the latter developed romantic feelings for the former. Sandro, unbeknownst to me at the time, was writing about his sexual attraction to other males. It didn't take him long to figure out what was going on between Sebastian and Mrs. Goldhardt. One morning, around 5:00 A.M., Sandro called on the Goldhardts' home. But it was Sebastian who looked out of the bedroom window and turned Sandro away. Sebastian wasn't very discreet about his affair."

Sandro began writing anonymous letters to Sebastian, telling him to end his relationship with Mrs. Goldhardt. Even though he wrote anonoumasly, it was obvious that these letters came from him. Sebastian couldn't figure out why Sandro was doing this to him. The situation became worse after it became apparent that Mrs.Goldhardt was pregnant with Sebastian's child. Their son, Darius, was born in February of 1993. Sandro announced his intent to publicize their affair. Hendrik explains, "When they heard this, Sebastian and Mrs. Goldhardt totally panicked. They feared that this revelation would cause Heidegrit to be fired and would cause the break up of her marriage. Sebastian also thought she would leave Soundershausen to escape the embarrassment. That is exactly what happened -- after Sandro's death."

Hendrik states that he should never have become involved in this conflict. "But, I considered Sebastian to be a friend. In the end, however, it turned out to be a friendship I only imagined. It existed only on my side." Hendrik says he never intended the death of Sandro. "I knew him only fleetingly," he says, "the real tension was between Sandro and Sebastian."

The press engaged in wild speculations after Sandro's death. There was sensationalistic talk of Satanism and human sacrifice. Why wasn't the affair and Sandro's threat of revealing it discussed? Hendrik explains, "The truth was known to a few people only. Mrs. Goldhardt refused to testify. Sebastian refused to say anything about his motivation for the killing. And I, being a friend of Sebastian, didn't want to blow the whistle."

When the illicit affair became publicly known, the media was entirely focused on the theme of "Satanism." The more everyday explanation of a love triangle wasn't as interesting. Nowadays, the incident is even more distorted. Current media reports make it sound like Hendrik alone killed Sandro. Yet it was Sebastian and Andreas who strangled him, not Hendrik. This is stated in the court's report on the crime.

Why then is only Hendrik mentioned nowadays? "It is because of my political beliefs and because of my success in educating the young people involved in the extreme music scene," says Hendrik, "I have no history of violence either before or after this incident." He adds, "My probation was revoked for a political 'crime' (allegedly giving the Roman salute at a concert); but it is quite interesting that no where in my probation agreement did it say that I couldn't be politically active."

What became of Heidegrit Goldhardt and Sebastian Schauseil? Sebastian married another woman about two years ago and now attends the University of Jena. Heidegrit lives in Dresden under her maiden name of Preussker. The young pair Schauseil is involved in folkish circles in which Sebastian is popular as a bard. "He is indeed a gifted musician and poet" Hendrik says, "he writes most of the songs and lyrics for ABSURD, plays e-guitar, plays bass, and sings the vocals. As a human being, however, he is a disappointment."

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It is possible to take a second, more penetrating, look at people who have the reputation for villainy and evil, and sometimes the second look makes for a reappraisal of the naughty ones. - John O'Hara

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