Love Conquers All

Recently, I've been accused of spreading "hate filled views" on this web site. I actually reviewed the content of the site to find out the places where my "hate" could be spotted. I couldn't find a single instance of "hate" however. Can you? Tell me when you find it!

Really, the mainstream media is extremely liberal about using the term "hate" in regard to White Racialism and Nationalism. We read of "hate crimes," "hate speech," and "hate groups," ad nauseam. It is quickly suggested to us that White Racialists and Nationalists are mentally deranged and emotionally unbalanced people. Well, let me tell you: I am neither.

I have met very, very few White Racialists and Nationalists who actually fit the description we read in the media -- and those few people are not genuine White Racialists and Nationalists -- they are sorry creature who got brainwashed by the very media that likes nothing better than reporting on them. That's a perpetuem mobile if there ever was one!

Let me tell you what motivates me and countless others: It is love. Don't mix this up with the "Free Love" slogans of the Hippie era of the late 1960's and early 1970's. The love I'm talking about is the love one feels for his closest kin, his own flesh and blood, but extended to the greater entity of the nation and ultimately to the race. It is this love that sparks our concern for the state of our people, their culture, and their traditions, in good as well as bad times. Without this love, this concern and care, we could never have achieved a lasting and enduring civilization. I spend no thoughts or feelings on hating other peoples, their culture, or their traditions. I simply do not concern myself with them, nor do I care about them -- as long as they pose no hazard to the welfare of my people. If they do, I still don't hate them. I will just attempt whatever is in my power to avert this hazard, and I can do so without getting emotionally involved with these alien people.

You don't have to hate someone to oppose him or to fight him. It is a popular, yet false, myth that "hateful White racists" are out to "exterminate every other race" because they can't stand their appearance, in particular their darker skin color. That's as blatantly false as anything the mainstream media says about White Racialists and Nationalists. Believe me, I couldn't care less whether a Jew has a hooked nose or a Negro has brown skin. I only care about what he does to my people. If someone writes harmful propaganda designed to brainwash my people or commits rape, robbery, or assaults against my people, I care about that.

If you want to see an impressive example of the love I am talking about, then watch Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph des Willens -- her masterful motion picture of the NSDAP party rally in Nuremberg in 1934. I know that the party line is that this film is about Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich. I vividly recall the stories I've read and heard about the "bloodthirsty maniac Adolf Hitler and his sadistic minions" who "made lamp shades of human skin" and "soap from human bodies." For example, I remember a story about Reichsführer-SS, Heinrich Himmler. This story said that he had a room in his attic completely furnitured with furniture made out of human bones. Ah, the wonders of the human imagination!

Anyone fed this propaganda would expect to see in Triumph des Willens a pandemonium of bestiality; maybe some sort of Black Mass or a human sacrifice, don't you think? But Triumph des Willens is nothing of this sort. It is an awesome, moving, and deeply touching documentary of the magnitude of love given and taken by the Germans and their National Socialist leadership. Malignant minds will now pipe up: "It's been staged! It's cunning propaganda, an illusion!" Make up your own mind, I say. Watch the movie and then decide for yourself whether the people in it have been lured by money or whipped by force to behave as they are shown in this film made 67 years ago.

No, the people in this film, ordinary Germans, were moved by love, by gratitude, and reverence for a leader who fulfilled his promises and restored them to self-confidence. This love has never been surpassed. This love made the vast majority of Germans remain loyal to Adolf Hitler until the bitter end and beyond. If on viewing this film, you notice a mad, raving, foam spitting Adolf Hitler, check your VCR, your TV, or your faculty of perception.

Do you really think the common people could love a tyrant who coerced them by brute force and who held them in terror? If Adolf Hitler was the "tyrant" the mainstream media and schoolbooks want us to think he was, why did the German people not arise and kill him? Joseph Stalin, who indeed was a tyrant of the worst kind, lived in everlasting fear of his subjects. Adolf Hitler loved his subjects.

"But what about the Jews, the Slavs, the Blacks - did Hitler not hate them?," some people will now slyly ask. He did not. Oh, indeed, Adolf Hitler loathed the Jews. He was horrified by what Jews have done to non-Jews throughout human history, and especially during the 20th century. He wanted to break the hold of Jewish influence over German society. Still, Adolf Hitler paid his respects to the prowess and success of the Jews. He was fascinated by the Jews and studied them extensively. The more he learned, however, the more he wanted to save his people from them. He regarded them as cunning predators. Adolf Hitler did not think highly of Slavs. This was born of his experiences in the multicultural decay of Austria-Hungary. And he certainly thought Blacks lacked the skills and virtues needed for maintaining a civilization. But did Adolf Hitler actually hate any of them? No.

Compare Mein Kampf to the Talmud or the Old Testament and note how much hate against others is found in these books. Adolf Hitler was a very gentle and sensible man, a loving and caring soul. All he ever wanted was the welfare and betterment of his people. Is it "hate" to want to protect your people from those who wish to destroy them? To see Adolf Hitler in another light, read the books of British scholar, David Irving. The Hitler he presents agonized over every decision that involved bloodshed, for example, the attempted putsch in Munich in 1923, or the crackdown on the insubordination of his SA leaders in 1934. Even during World War II, Adolf Hitler never escalated the conflict if this could be avoided. Compare this to the picture historians paint of Hitler's adversaries: a butcher, a drunkard, and a warmonger. Compared with other world leaders, Hitler is a paragon of compassion and love.

Now, I hope I have made my point about the driving force behind White Racialism and Nationalism: It is love. But what about hate, then? If we love our kin so dearly, should we not be allowed to hate their -- our -- enemies? The answer to this question largely depends on your understanding of hate. It is my understanding that hate is a side of the same coin as is love. Love and hate are often displayed for the same object. Love can turn to hate and vice versa. This is what many marriages appear to be about. But as I said earlier, I have no emotion for the people who are not of my kin. I don't love them. I never have and never will. My love is exclusively for those with whom I socially interact on a familial, national, or racial basis. So, how could I hate Jews and non-Whites?

To be sure, I am sometimes appalled and repulsed by what they do to us and how they behave amongst us. My observations are purely rational, however, and are not clouded by emotions. So are the solutions that come to mind when thinking of ways to counter and to combat the things I perceive as threats to the welfare of my beloved kin. People who grab a rifle and start shooting Jews and non-Whites on the spur of the moment are irrational. We must not do that.

So, do I hate the enemies of my people? I do not. I wish them well with whatever they do -- as long as they do it on their own turf and leave me and my people alone. I don't wish to make others suffer for what they are. I'll hold them responsible for what they do, however. Because you better believe me when I say that my love for my kin should not be mistaken for sentimental weakness. No, love conquers all! Don't you forget that!

Hendrik Möbus
March, 2001
Buffalo Federal Detention Facility
Batavia, NY

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