The Masters of Hate

Hate, as it is commonly perceived, corresponds with malice. The common roots of hate and malice can help us to track down the real haters and bigots among us. Hendrik is not malicious even towards his enemies and the enemies of his -- our -- people. But there are those who make a business out of selling "hate" and have a tradition of hating everyone but themselves.

Don't you think it is malicious, to say that the views on this site are "hate filled?" Don't you think it is malicious to accuse groups who labor for the welfare of their kinsmen of "spreading hate"? And don't you think it is malicious to portray Adolf Hitler, once loved by tens of millions of ordinary people all over the world, as "utterly hateful"? It is very malicious. And it is intentional and cold-blooded. Have you ever noticed who is in the front of every effort to "denounce hate"? Who gets millions of dollars in donations for "fighting hate"? It sure isn't Hendrik Möbus or any other White Nationalist.

Who are the masters of hate? The Jews. Oh yes, our suffering, bleeding, crying, fellow humans, the Jews. These Jews miraculously survived ancient diasporas, medieval pogroms, and the so-called "Holocaust." They make it their business to tell us who the "haters" are amongst us. And surely, they must know best what hate is all about and who is hating whom! They know it because they have hated -- intensely hated -- the rest of the world ever since their birth and the advent of Judaism long ago. You would never have thought that, would you? It is remarkable indeed. It is like the thief who cries out "catch the thief!" and then points at someone else among the crowd. It is a dead-sure way to divert attention and to fool the public. Lest the Gentiles figure out who is hating whom, the Jews start a great commotion and keep the Gentiles busy -- and consumed with guilt -- by proclaiming that the Gentile hates the Jew.

Of course, we have many copycats nowadays: Indians, Blacks, and other "minorities" make a ruckus about how terribly the White man has "abused" them. Then they demand more and more preferential treatment and "reparations." In their cases it is largely about getting money. But in the case of the Jews it is first and foremost about furthering their long term strategy.

This strategy is the motor that is fuelled by Jewish hate. Read their own writings: the Torah, the Talmud, the works of their prophets and philosophers. In these you will learn of the malice that possesses the Jewish race in their interactions with other peoples. What originally spawned this hate, no one can say. Perhaps 40 years of nomadic wandering in the desert of the Sinai drove the Jews to a frenzy of madness? The Old Testament bears witness to countless diatribes against non-Jews, and how they allegedly plotted against the kin of Abraham. The Jews did not suffer from the "cruel hands" of the Gentiles, they suffered from the hubris that makes them, nomads of the desert, believe that they are the "Chosen Ones" and that the world rightfully belongs to them. This is hubris unheard of in the history of mankind -- in particular when it comes from a race that originally lived in tents and owned next to nothing of the splendor of the ancient world. But, how they craved it: the wealth of the cities, the glory of kingdoms, the promises of worldly power!

The Jews started to hate those they couldn't rival. They plotted for the demise of those they resented and feared. Love and hate, admiration and contempt: it is all intermingled in the feelings the Jews entertained to Gentiles. Instead of building a civilization of their own, the Jews descended on their neighbors like a swarm of locusts: ravaging, plundering, and slaughtering them. The "wealth of the Gentiles" the Jews wanted, and want still. Read their "holy" books. They outrival every other literature when it comes to naked hate and unmasked malice. And if you think that this happened 2500 years ago and that you cannot hold contemporary Jews accountable for it, then watch the news about the Middle East.

Do you really believe that the Jews who slaughter the children of Palestine are any different from the Jews who slaughtered the Children of Canaan? Then read the approving, cynical comments by the Jews on the slaughter in Gaza and the West Bank and compare them to the writings of the Jewish prophets. Is the hatred not one and the same -- and the motives also?

Now think about who largely owns and controls the mainstream media that accuses this site of spreading "hate filled" views. If you can't piece together the puzzle by now, then your IQ can't be above 70 points. Yet, Hendrik Möbus is deemed a "hater" by them?! Dr. William Pierce is denounced as a "hater" by them?! Really!!!

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It is possible to take a second, more penetrating, look at people who have the reputation for villainy and evil, and sometimes the second look makes for a reappraisal of the naughty ones. - John O'Hara

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