Their Self-Delusion

"We don't like those right-wing people. (. . .) They are crazy, ridiculous, and stupid people." This statement by Joachim Erwin, lord mayor of Düsseldorf in Germany, perfectly reflects the attitude of the political establishment towards the German Nationalists. It's an attitude of breathtaking arrogance and ignorance; an attitude that's responsible for the futility with which the German Federal government attempts to "stamp out nazism and racism."

Their frenzied actions for the sake of actions make the situation worse. The German ministry of the interior recently admitted an increase of "right-wing extremist incidents," yet the very same ministry dares to speak of how successful their multifold efforts to "fight right-wing extremism" have proven to be. One may rightly wonder about what happened to the common sense of the powers-that-be. Whether or not this sense ever existed is another question altogether, but in this case they obviously succumbed to the folly of self-delusion. Matters of fact are being replaced by wishful thinking, and self-fulfilling prophesy is favored over reasonable decisions.

There is a tiny political party in Germany, the NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany), which has attracted the German Nationalist Youth for quite some time now. The NPD has a history of about 30 years; but almost fell to oblivion due to competitors on the far right and lack of electoral success. This situation changed a few years ago when a new leadership of the party introduced a new strategy, and opened the party ranks to the young people who opposed the ruling system and yearned for a folkish renaissance in Germany. The NPD organized successful rallies in numerous German cities, and held an annual party assembly that united the old and the young activists despite the generation gap.

Also, the NPD started a mail order service and record company for all sorts of "right wing" music, thus emphasizing their intention to have young people join their ranks. And the young people came, doubling the membership of the NPD within the past few years. The strategy of rejuvenating the party and focusing on a revolutionary instead of a conservative agenda, bore fruits.

Now, the NPD is the only serious force of political opposition in Federal Germany. While major parties loose members and votes, the NPD gains continue. Even though the party isn't represented in any of the important political institutions nowadays, it's unpredictable what the future of the party may be. If there is any future, that is. The governing political parties are trying to ban the NPD.

The Federal government can think of many reasons why the NPD has to be outlawed. But none of their reasons include their real motivation: they want to criminalize a party they don't dare to challenge politically. They say the NPD spreads "foreigner-hatred and anti-Semitism." Well, if there is xenophobia and anti-Semitism in Germany, then the NPD is not to blame. It is the government that encourages the immigration of ethnic aliens into Germany, and enforces the sham of "multiculture" against the expressed will of German citizens. It also is the government that appalls countless Germans with a subjugation to Jewish interests, even though these interests contradict the welfare of the German nation. The NPD just voices the resentments that so many Germans, in particular young Germans, feel.

But since, officially, there must be neither "xenophobia" nor "anti-Semitism" in the Brave New Germany, to question this made-up reality is regarded as a crime. Speaking of crime, the Federal government also claims the NPD is a "magnet for violent neo-Nazis" and thus responsible for attacks on foreigners. This is a bogus claim not even the official statistics support. Eighty percent of "right-wing extremist offenders" don't belong to an organization or political party. The NPD actually is favored by skinheads, but not every skinhead is into violence. More important, however, is the strictly legal appearance of the NPD. This party couldn't have lasted 30 years as on organization if it was an outfit for hooligans and thugs. There is no doubt about the reality of "xenophobic" violence in Germany. This violence is not caused by slogans, but by the ugly reality of "multiculture." There is no love lost between young immigrants and Germans; they both struggle for cultural and ethnic hegemony in German suburbs, and they inevitably clash in violence thus.

The NPD actually restrains young Germans from violently expressing their anger, fear, and frustration. It is the NPD that channels potentially criminal energy in constructive political activism. As long as I can remember, I've never heard the NPD calling for, or condoning, violence as part of their political struggle. I can rather think of tow other political parties, the leftist PDS (successor to the communist SED) and Die Grünen (the Green Party), which provide leftist, so-called "anti-Fascist" outfits with funds and logistics. Those "Anti-Fascists" cowardly attack and injure old people, set ablaze cars of opponents, and throw stones at peacefully conducted NPD rallies. If you hear of violence in connection with a right-wing rally in Germany, then it's the "anti-Fascist" fashion of expressing themselves. To call for the murder of "neo-Nazis" is a common thing among "anti-Fascists."

Anyhow, the Federal government concludes that the NPD is, at least, a "threat to the existence of the Federal Republic of Germany," and a ban of this party is therefore justified. Within the next weeks, the government will request this ban from Germany's Supreme Court, the subsequent trial can take years to come to an end.

The outcome is said to be uncertain. However, I can assure you, that the ban will most likely succeed. The German Supreme Court is in no way comparable to the US Supreme Court, where a lifelong appointment provides a certain independence from the whims of politicians and the media. No, the German Supreme Court will outlaw the NPD because the powers that be have already agreed on that matter. It will be the third ban of a political party in the FRG's history. And it won't be the last. The politicians in support of this ban say that to outlaw a political party is the "last resort of democracy." This statement is a contradiction in itself. The very idea of Western democracy is based on pluralism, i.e. every political opinion is to be tolerated.

To impose a ban on a political organization is clearly an act of intolerance. Outlawing political opinions that differ from those which are "Politically Correct" is a hallmark of dictatorship, and can not be something that occurs in a real democracy. Or can it? The German democracy is a very special one -- a democracy that consciously disregards and even persecutes any policy that serves the welfare of the German nation. Certainly, there is a popular excuse handy: Germany, the land that "built gas chambers to kill six million Jews," as Otto Schily, minister of the interior, recently claimed, can't permit her citizens to commit themselves to Nationalism, lest another "Holocaust" will happen. This, of course, displays blatant ignorance of historic reality. You just cannot compare the first half of the last century with the second half. What happened once is unlikely to be repeated under completely different circumstances.

But just to make sure every contemporary German "right-wing" party will remain politically insignificant, there is an anti-constitutional law that requires a party to get more than 5% of all votes on election day in order to enter parliament. And if that doesn't help in the long run, there always is the "last resort" of banning a party that could be dangerous to the status quo someday in the future.

Well, you know that Nationalist resistance in Germany has a last resort, too. The Federal government like to speak of the "threat of right-wing terrorism." You may note that prominent members of this government -- Otto Schily, Gerhard Schröder, Joschka Fischer -- have been involved in the leftist student's revolt of 1968. Thirty years ago, they were much in favor of "overthrowing the system" and they consequently supported the Marxist terrorist outfit, RAF (Red Army Faction) in the 1970's, in one way or another. One should presume those people have sufficient experience about what spawns domestic, ideologically fuelled terrorism, and should know of way to prevent this from happening. Instead, they appear inclined to repeat the same mistakes as their predecessors did in the '70's.

If you take away every legal, non-violent means of political activism, then you cause your opponents to fall back on their "last resort:" armed resistance. I am not condoning any sort of violence by saying this; I am simply stating a fact. I am not a doom-sayer, but I can predict that the ban of the NPD will most likely trigger a wave of "terrorism from the right." And it is not the NPD member who will pull a ski mask over his face, load an "assault rifle," and set out to wreak vengeance on those who forced him underground. Most of the "political extremists" aren't organized in visible structures anyway. But the ban of the NPD will be like fuel to the fire, proving the futility of any legal, political opposition at all.

I do not hope that things develop in this direction, but I'm not the one who can influence this process or keep it from taking place. I'm certain that even the agents of the German domestic surveillance agency, the so-called office for the protection of the constitution, will agree with me on this grim prospect occurring if the NDP is banned. They probably know better than anyone else, except insiders, of the likelihood of "right-wing terrorism," given the right circumstances.

Certainly, there is no "underground army" of resistance fighters, nor is there any long-term strategy for armed resistance. Not yet! The manpower the means, and the willingness for unleashing terror upon the system are at hand, however. The rest could occur according to the old maxim of "learning by doing." The German chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, called for an "uprising of decent people" -- his wish might come true in a manner he doesn't expect!

I can't believe there really is so much naivete on the part of the politicians as appears to be the case. What do they think will be the end of their persecuting and outlawing of German Nationalists? Can they seriously think that those "crazy, ridiculous, and stupid people" will falter after a few beatings and bannings? Can't they figure the enormous danger that is involved in their careless play with "Democracy's last resort?" I bet they aren't so dumb that they have no clue as to the reality. They either prefer to ignore the facts, or they act on purpose. If the latter is the case, then all the bloodshed that looms ahead serves their deliberate plan. There always has been an element in "Democratic" governments that wants more and broader power for the state, and less and narrowed civil liberties for the citizen.

In regard to the Nationalist opposition in Germany, the notion of a general ban appears much too tempting to the governing forces to resist. Never mind that the Federal Republic claims to be the "freest state on German soil ever," there is no doubt that the peculiar status quo must not be endangered by forces from the "right-wing." There are certain people in Germany who plainly aren't free, and never will be under the current circumstances. They have no freedom of speech and soon will loose the freedom of association also. These are the German Nationalists.

The Federal government excused the attempt to ban the NPD by citing several "xenophobic and anti-Semitic" incidents: such as the unsolved bombing of Russian immigrants and the fatal beating of a Mozambican immigrant in the early summer of 2000. One can undoubtedly assume that more violence, and even "terrorism," will provide further excuses to finish off the Nationalist opposition for good.

I don't think it is too far off the track to suppose that the German powers-that-be deliberately push the Nationalist opposition into a position that makes terrorism likely to occur. What better situation than a "national emergency" would allow the Federal German government to round up and put behind bars everyone who is suspected to harbor "racist and anti-Semitic" opinions? But if the Federal government really believes that the proposed NPD-ban will disband the Nationalist opposition without further resistance, then these politicians are "crazy, ridiculous, and stupid people." The government seems fond of gambling. Should they really work for possibly sparking violence if there is still time to prevent it?

The systemlings might think that "right-wing terrorism" is no big deal and could be quickly dealt with thanks to the watchful state security forces. But they could be wrong, trapped in their self-delusion, and what they actually bring forth may be the peril that they have managed to avoid for so long. Whatever will happen, it was not inevitable. No one can say that they have not been forewarned, and did not know the consequences. Who has eyes to see, can read the writing on the wall today.

H. Möbus
Batavia, New York
January 1, 2001

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