The Death of the West

Great European thinkers have contemplated, dreaded, and warned of, the fate of Western civilization. But the time has now come in which we don't need to venture into the realm of "what if's" for learning this fate. The United Nations (UN) has recently, and in a rather casual manner, proclaimed the seemingly inevitable, death of the West to occur within the next 50 years.

"The world population is expected to grow by 3 billion more by 2050, the UN Population Division reports. Africa and Asia will be the home of almost all the world's people, with Europe dwindling to tiny minority. In 2050, 90% of the world's population will live in the Third World ... the population of Africa is expected to triple in the next 50 years."1

If you think that this ought not to concern you, since you are not living in the Third World but in Europe, North America, Australia, or so on, then think again. UN Population Division director Joseph Chamie will tell you, why:

"(T)he policies of Europe will have to change, since it will have to pay for the costs of this population growth and cannot be allowed (emphasis added) not to share its wealth with the growing number of poor in the world. Chamie noted that there will be declining countries which become dependent on migrants to sustain their economy. ... In 1950, Europe was 22% of the world population, Africa 8%. In 2050, Africa will be three times as populous as Europe. Without accelerated migration, by 2003, total European (read White) population will start its final, catastrophic (emphasis added) contraction. By 2050, the population of Ukraine is expected to fall by 40%, Russia by 27%, and Italy by 25%."2

You know, the UN does not stand alone in this prediction. The European Commission (EC): "appealed for an end to the 'fortress Europe' policy ... (to) embrace racial pluralism and admit a controlled flow of legal immigrants each year."3 On the national level, exactly the same sentiment is shared. The German Institute of Economic Research (GIER):

"has warned Germans ... that the country will have to accept a major increase (emphasis added) in immigration if it hopes to avoid a crippling long-term labor shortage. ... It said that net immigration would soon have to be pegged at more than 600,000 annually."4
Do you wonder where this immigration is going to come from? "Britain is heading towards a majority black and ethnic (read non-White) population. ... Ashok Viswamathan, spokesman for Operation Black Vote, said: 'the shift is inevitable and should be celebrated.'"5

I was been born and grew up in a homogeneous White environment. The prospect of fathering children who will be a minority in their native country is alarming and frightening to me. The ultimate doom of physical extinction as a unique race and nation -- and we are faced with nothing less -- is no cause for "celebration": except by the non-Whites who will inherit the earth.

The real tragedy is that our race has brought this doom upon itself. There was a great statesman in the last century who saw this horror more clearly than others of his era. He wanted to save our race, and to accomplish this task he sought to convince his fellow statesman in Europe and America to work with him. He pleaded with them. He argued with them. He reasoned with them. But they, ensnared by petty hatred and ill-counseled by alien advisors, unleashed war upon this man and his nation. A war that utterly ravaged Europe and killed ten of millions of our peoples. It was a war that vanquished this great man and his grand vision; a war that has not ended since.

World War ll did not end in 1945, and might not even end in 2050. This war -- and let us be not mistaken about its express purpose as a race war -- will not end until the White race has perished utterly. This is no idle fancy. An ever declining White birthrate coupled with ever accelerating non-White immigration and diffusion will make us a minority in our native habitats, while encouraged miscegenation constantly chips away at the very fabric of our genetics. A White minority in a predominantly non-White environment is doomed to vanish altogether. This happened time and again in world history. The White race is obviously vulnerable to physical extinction. Genocide does not require bullets or machetes.

Scientists have recently discovered that "hundreds of millions of White men" carry vast amounts of identical DNA. " This refutes the notion that "the multicultural (emphasis added) process of racial mixing many people's genes over generations would leave humans today sharing only small pieces of identical DNA." Instead of being a polyglot race, as the politically correct would like us to believe, we of European descent are "descended from a tiny group," and therefore quite unique.6

You learned that World War II was a "crusade for democracy, liberalism, and equality?" Then it's time for you to learn "democracy, liberalism, and equality" are the prerequisites for paving the way to our slaughterhouse. Immediately after the military battles ceased, World War II moved on to new battlegrounds. A massive program of "re-education" was imposed on the victors and the victims alike. The public and social institutions of the "Western" world, now firmly controlled by the architects of "equality," began a campaign of social engineering that laid waste to the racial awareness of Europeans and European-Americans. In this new chapter of the war, there was no neutral or sacrosanct ground. A fierce scorched earth approach left nothing unspoiled. There was not a piece of our history, culture, or science that was not turned inside out and found wanting in the eyes of the proponents of "democracy, liberalism, and equality." And, incidentally, the most effective of these proponents did not belong to the ethnicities they so thoroughly condemned. The White man was degraded to a vicious devil who tormented the gentle non-White throughout history.

Our self-appointed judges taught us that there was not a single achievement of our race that wouldn't reveal our inborn wickedness. Never mind the scientific evidence which showed the natural inequality of races, peoples, and cultures -- such things are biased against non-Whites of course. In this milieu of an all-out onslaught against White racial consciousness the so-called "moral authorities" enlisted the support of White teenagers. They instigated the "student revolt" that dealt the death blow to White self-confidence. Tormented by proto-Communist ideas; pseudo-psychological nonsense; alien spiritual tidbits; and adolescent sentiments, a generation of White children rebelled against the "establishment" and joined ranks with the enemies of our race -- all in the name of "democracy, liberalism, and equality". The impact of this "movement", which prided itself in tossing out virtually every value White society previously deemed appropriate, on the already heavily strained fabric of the "Western" world can't be emphasized enough.

This generation not only enjoyed all sorts of obscenities and profanities which deteriorated the substance of our race, but from this generation descended the individuals who willingly abetted and legalized the genocide that is perpetrated against us, once they managed to "march through the institutions" to seize positions of power and influence. This "student revolt" was particularly directed against the family: the nucleus of every race. It isn't a coincidence that so much ridicule and hatred was directed towards matrimony and child-rearing in the course and wake of the "student revolt." And our present condition in which women reject motherhood, children often know only one parent, and only homosexuals are attracted by marriage, was carefully prepared by the engineers who planned and plotted their long-term strategy for the race war. Destroy the nucleus of the race, and the race will fall apart.

Needless to say, all kinds of "civil rights" legislation, which granted special privileges to non-Whites, was an integral part of the "student revolt." It was also integral to that which was begotten by this revolt. "Multiculturalism" and "racial integration" are nefarious schemes first devised in the troubled years when a whole generation was systematically set up to break away from the Greater Being of their national and racial entity. They deserted their, our, race and joined the enemy camp. What was their rationale for promoting the "diversity" that will irrevocably bring about the genocide of the White Race?

They told us that the Whites owe the non-Whites. After centuries of imperialism and colonialism by European powers, the non-White peoples have accumulated so many grievances that we supposedly have a "moral obligation" for turning over our countries to them. After all, our high standard of living only came into being by the "manifold crimes" our ancestors allegedly perpetrated against the rest of mankind. Moreover, the Whites need the non-Whites. Without an ever increasing influx of labor into our countries, our bloated welfare systems will all but collapse in the near future. Our high standard of living only can be sustained by the contributions of non-White peoples, and thus it is right and just to share our society with the rest of mankind.

All opposition to this "reasoning" is summarily dismissed and denounced as "racism" and "bigotry". Several European countries, plus Canada, have even penalized the public expression of disagreement to "diversity" -- just like Jean Raspail predicted in his 1973 novel The Camp of the Saints.

There can be little doubt that the non-Whites of the Third World are aware of the sentiments that denigrate White racial and cultural homogeneity. This helps pave the way towards a non-White majority in, and eventually non-White hegemony over Europe, North America and Australia. Even though White leftists and Christians dream of a "brotherhood of man," non-Whites feel they are engaged in a race war that is supposed to end with our extinction.

You might have "colored" acquaintances and friends who, taken individually, are friendly and accommodating enough. When it comes down to "them or us," though, none of them will side with you. You: the secretly resented, feared and hated White! When it is one question of a future for their children or your children, they know how to decide. They, either rationally or instinctively, contribute to the demise of the White race. Do you think they care at all for our culture and society? "Multiculturalism" and "diversity" don't imply to them the "equality" of their culture with ours. To them it is a rallying cry for pushing their culture and diminishing our culture.

A certain "Lady Gavron" of the British Runnymede Trust said about Britain's Royal family: "We don't need them ... They're a symbol of our unmeritocratic tendency and, of course, they're all White. It is ... very unattractive."7 The Runnymede Trust is a "race relations think tank"8 that produced a report suggesting "much of Britain's history needed to be reappraised."9 to accommodate the non-Whites living in Great Britain. "Lady Gavron" admonishes White Britons "there are different ways of looking at history."10 In other words, the White way of looking at history must be superseded by the non-White way. White history should be either re-written or replaced by non-White history. That is the politically correct thing to do because "Britain is only 'Cool Britannia' because of the contribution of multi-ethnic groups."11 And, of course, the White way of doing things must not only by knocked down in regard to history, but in virtually every respect of White civilization.

No one can quite explain what the benefit of the non-White way of doing things is for Whites -- but no one is asking either. Currently, non-Whites can't execute a thorough overhaul of our society because they are, despite their numberless benefactors and collaborators among Whites, the minority in our countries. But this is changing rapidly. Thanks to immigration and then to "affirmative action" and other privileges, non-Whites will eventually infiltrate our social institutions from the bottom to the top. When our lawmakers, our law enforcement personnel, and our judges are all non-White; we will have no legal means left to defend our (White) interests.

The White man is dispossessing himself. In the meantime, bold and cocky non-Whites like this "Lady Gavron" will contest the resistance of the still White majority to the outrageous demands for catering to the alleged sensibilities of non-Whites. Unlike many Whites who earnestly believe in "multiculturalism," even though they may witness its impossibility at the same time, non-Whites don't share this foolish notion. They perceive our weakness, they move in, and they take over.

And why shouldn't they? Natural selection provides for the survival of those who struggle for it, not for those who take it for granted. That non-Whites seize the opportunities provided to them doesn't make them "racists" or evil people, the "racists" are those who have conditioned the White race for its extinction. They, the schemers and movers behind the scenes, have declared war on us since time immemorial. It is they who have plotted for our demise. After two fratricidal wars that pitched White nation against White nation, they escalated the war against our peoples by having our homelands overrun by the non-Whites from the Third World.

What drives non-Whites to occupy White homelands is a sort of "reverse colonialism." It has little to do with real or imagined past grievances, nor with ideological motives. They do not come looking for "democratic freedoms" -- they come for plunder and pillage (in a manner of speaking). The First World is attractive to the Third World for one reason only: our out of control materialism and consumerism. The ordinary White middle-class standard of living appears to numberless non-Whites as a luxurious lifestyle they can only dream of.

But many are no longer content with just dreaming, they think it is there for the taking. About 90% of all (illegal) immigrants who pour into White nations don't do so to escape war or persecution, but to escape poverty. Unfortunately, however, what they are actually doing is bringing their poverty along with them. Harvard economist George Borjas writes that "the present wave of immigrants is less educated and at an income level lower than was the case of previous immigrants." ... The net effect, he says, is that we are currently "importing poverty."12 With the economic and social conditions in the Third World deteriorating more and more, and the United Nations calling on the "Western" countries to open their borders, immigration into the First World will be sky-rocketing in the future and will wreak havoc on our economic and social conditions.

This is a nemesis of our own making. The Third World countries have come face to face with he realities of the Malthusian problem: the constant and grinding poverty that results when the population grows faster than its means of subsistence. More than 150 years ago Thomas Malthus, a British cleric and economist, predicted this fate for the Western World -- unless population growth was limited by "positive checks," such as wars and epidemics, or "preventative checks," such as sterilization and contraception. The great economic progress of the West -- despite the huge population increase since 1800 -- appeared to refute the Malthusian prediction.

Agricultural production kept pace to provide a plentiful supply of food, and industrial production raised the standard of living to new heights. In the pre-colonial period, the Malthusian positive checks had maintained the balance between population and resources in what is nowadays known as the Third World. The Western colonial powers, by introducing modern medicine, upset the balances: more of the newborn survived, people lived longer, and populations began to increase at much greater rates.

In Third World countries that have achieved economic growth, population increases canceled most, if not all, of the hoped for rise in living standards and in the savings for capital investment. The vicious circle is aggravated by the enormous foreign aid channeled from our governments, churches, and "charitable" organizations into the Third World.

Indeed the great folly of Christian doctrine was probably never as glaringly revealed as by the insane policies the Christian churches implemented in the Third World. The churches oppose contraception, sterilization, and abortion among their members. This results in exploding population growth which is further abetted by the medical care and food provided by the same churches. These churches, which entirely originate in the West, are raising the impoverished non-White masses that flood our White nations -- where they once again are welcomed and helped by the Christians. Because of their "love of mankind," our race will be exterminated!

And those wretched creatures who scarcely exist in living conditions that make life a hell and who have no hope that the situation in their countries will significantly improve; they hear our controlled media and our elected governments talk of "human rights" and "equality" and "one world." They hear of the incredible material wealth we are living in, they learn of the "crimes" our ancestors allegedly perpetrated against their ancestors. They are told that we "owe" them and that we "need" them. They speak with their relatives who have already made their way to our countries and find out that we don't resist and that we don't resent them for fear of being called "racists." Thus they eventually come en masse, called forth by a siren song, into their "promised lands."

The White man is squarely responsible for this calamity, although he certainly never intended to dig his own grave thereby. His long-term strategy was dictated by alien counsel, and he was unaware of, or refused to believe in, the cataclysmic implications of his foolish decisions. But a foolish decision it was to unconditionally abandon former colonies, to grant citizenship to the subjects of former colonies, and to have fed the native leaders in former colonies the propaganda of the "brotherhood of man." The sentiment which was thus hatched is best summarized by a statement of Julius Nyerere, former president of Tanzania, who said:

"I am saying it is not right that the vast majority of the world's people could be forced into the position of beggars, without dignity. In one world (emphasis added), as in one state, when I am rich because you are poor, and I am poor because you are rich, the transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor is a matter of right. ... If the rich nations go on getting richer and richer at the expense of the poor, the poor of the world must demand a change. ..."

Now, with making up 90% of the world population in the near future, the "poor" non-Whites will not only "demand a change," they will enforce a change by simply taking over the "rich" White nations. The "transfer of wealth" will no longer be a "matter of right" alone -- which it could only be so far as it was a right bestowed on the Third World by the First -- it will become a matter of fact. The poor want to become rich: that, and nothing else, is the truth at the bottom of Third World immigration to our White nations.

However, it is a truth our proponents of "diversity" would rather not believe. To their simple minds, the non-Whites come because the non-Whites want to share their "culture" with Whites. These White fools believe that non-Whites can only "enrich" our society and make living better for us. A certain Marsha Ramroop of London confides to us: "I have taken for granted having grown up with this fantastic diversity of culture, background, and influence. I have people all around me who talk with varying accents, speak different languages, share distinct foods and celebrate special festivals."13

The merits of "multiculturalism" are best expressed, she thinks, in the annual carnival at Notting Hill, "where I have seen people of all backgrounds, mixing, laughing and dancing together."14 She is, of course, not alone in this fuzzy, distinctively feminist notion of "diversity" being a great merry-go-round that is "sooo much fun!" In comparison to the wonders of "diversity," our own White culture appears "archaic and illogical"15 and, in the opinion of diversity-mongers, we will experience no loss for just doing away with everything that was given to us by our grandparents.

Who cares whether our grandchildren live in a non-White environment? They will be the better for it, people like Ashok Viswanethan, "Lady Gavron", and Marsha Ramroop can assure us. Well, I'm not quoting examples from Great Britain without a certain purpose. The greatest statesman of the 20th century, who earnestly wanted to save the West but bitterly failed, predicted that Britain would defeat itself by winning World War II. This victory would cost Britain her empire and her status as world power. And he was right, of course. But that may be what it takes to become the "Cool Britannica" that will have a black majority in this century. Only the most ignorant fools can insist that "multiculturalism" and "multiracialism" have any "positive effects" whatsoever for our White nations. There are none, period.

The 2000 Census in the USA "showed Hispanic and Asian populations were the fastest growing groups in the country" and "for the first time, nearly half of the nation's 100 largest cities are home to more blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and other minorities than whites."16 Have a look at these metropolitan areas where "diversity" runs rampant, and then dare to question the destructive and disintegrative consequences we are facing. And much of this is courtesy of the "liberals" who have themselves moved to wealthy White neighborhoods long ago!

White civilization, can't be purchased in the shopping mall. Our civilization isn't the product of "free market" capitalism or "equal rights" democracy. No, our civilization is organic, it is a civilization that evolved with our race and peoples in the course of the millennia. That the West enjoyed such progress and wealth has little, if anything at all, to do with the fate of other races and peoples, but only with the destiny of our race and peoples. It is our Faustian spirit that animates our civilization and makes it great. No other race can inherit our civilization. With the end of colonialism, this was proven time and time again. It was particularly clear that the sub-Saharan Africans could not master our civilization. When the White race vanishes or perishes, so does the accomplishments of its civilization. Look at South Africa, the so-called "Rainbow Nation" (as if black and white are colors at all, let alone colors of the rainbow), which all but crashed when the Blacks assumed power in 1994.

Martin van Niekerk, a White man made jobless and homeless in the "Rainbow Nation," puts the misery in words: "This new South Africa is a very difficult place. I used to feel different. I used to feel like it was my country. You can't say that it's your country anymore."17

This will happen in our nations too, if we let it. The non-Whites who want a piece of our wealth pull down our educational standards and subsequently our economic and social conditions. Since they can't live up to our standards, they can't help but level our standards down to meet theirs -- all to the moronic applause of the "diversity" crowd. Those who can't think of anything but "mixing, laughing, and dancing"18 with the non-Whites. Our race and our unique civilization are at stake, yet our controlled media and our elected governments either ignore this peril or behave as if there is already a non-White majority in our countries. For what it is worth, the White civilization is the engine of progress in the world. With our civilization gone, the Malthusian principle will most assuredly catch up with the rest of mankind. "Diversity" means the death of the West, but this death will not be limited to us. At least this much can be predicted.

The Carnival will be over once non-Whites constitute a majority. It is then only a matter of time until the forces of disintegration have finished their destructive work and erased all traces of White civilization. That not only can, but will, happen to our nations once the native Whites lose their political power to non-Whites. A good example of this is the state of affairs in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). After the "Western" world pressured and bullied the Whites of Rhodesia to relinquish their rule about 20 years ago, the conditions in this once blossoming White country have deteriorated unceasingly.

The economy of Rhodesia rests almost exclusively on the many farms owned and worked by Whites. Yet former terrorist and now "president" Robert Mugabe, who came to power about 20 years ago and his government embarked on "plans in June (2000) to seize at least 2,000 White-owned farms."19 This move is supposed to accommodate thousands of "veterans" who fought against White Rhodesians and now demand the redistribution of farm land.

Mugabe incites racial hatred against Whites. At a recent convention of ZANU-PF, the ruling black party, Mugabe said: "Our party must continue to strike fear in the hearts of the White man, our real enemy."20 The catastrophic collapse of Rhodesia's economy; which results in fuel shortages, food shortages, high unemployment, rising prices, and foreign exchange shortages curtailing imports; is to be blamed on the Whites who "discriminate in every way possible against the majority of the people."21 But Mugabe knows a solution to this "problem" besides stealing the livelihood of White farmers: those Whites "who fought on the side of the (former) Rhodesian government ... will be charged with genocide."22 That is what "diversity" comes to! We will share the fate of the White Rhodesians if we ever allow ourselves to become a minority in our own countries. It will not happen by chance or by fate; it will happen by our own hands which, alas!, are manipulated by our fierce racial enemy who clandestinely orchestrates the race war being waged against us.

The death of the West is imminent. It is a bitter irony that those everyday White people who marched against the Axis formed by a great statesman about half a century ago earnestly believed it would be they who prevented the death of the West. Instead, they were pawns for bringing about the beginning of the end of Western culture and civilization, just as their children were pawns for dealing the death blow to Western culture and civilization. Even though the Western World is currently undergoing a cataclysm of dimension so vast a single individual can hardly grasp the havoc wrought upon him; it must not necessarily end in the death of the West, the extinction of the White Race. It is still possible, given a truly iconoclastic change of heart among White people, to avert the worst. There must be no doubt about the grave danger our race and nations have been maneuvered into. It is a danger that has been spelled out by every institution dealing with population growth: after 2050, the White population is shrinking to a minority in the West. This is a danger that can only be faced collectively. No single nation will be able, let alone be allowed to, opt out of the plans that call for the mongrelization of White nations. Only a commonwealth of White homelands can stem the tide of ever increasing non-White immigration.

We owe non-Whites nothing because of what our ancestors have allegedly done. And we do not need them in our countries. All charity to the Third World ought to be outlawed, and foreign aid be coupled with programs of population control and repatriation. Our welfare states must be rigorously dismantled, and the family be restored to their rightful place in society. The ideology of "diversity" has to be refuted and denounced as the chief agenda for our genocide. The only diversity that makes sense is the diversity of races, peoples, and cultures living and existing each in their own native homeland. Thus is the divine order of the world. The violators of this order are enemies of mankind who not only want the White Race to perish, but want every indigenous population on earth to perish.

Notes: In this essay White/Western = European and European-American peoples, and also includes Australia, New Zealand, etc. For more insight into these issues read Jean Raspail's excellent novel: The Camp of the Saints. (available from National Vanguard Books.)


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