A Letter in Answer to a Critic

Dear Mr. A.:

I don't mind that you haven't donated to my defense fund, this is a free country, after all.

You have touched on some issues in your letter which I find deserving of comment -- and I hope you don't mind that I make it a public one.

First and foremost, you shouldn't be so narrow minded as to think the defense, mounted by the kind folk of the National Alliance (NA) in my case, is all about me. I can assure you, regardless of how good a relationship exists between me and Dr. Pierce, he doesn't engage in this defense for my sake only. Why? He is sound enough to figure out that my case touches the very core of what the NA strives for: a future that is still White for our grandchildren and their children. If any government persecutes and incarcerates you for believing in this future, then it is just, right, and well to take on this government, lest it inflicts havoc on more than a handful of dissidents.

I am persecuted and incarcerated because the German government doesn't like how I tried to ensure this future. And the US government abetted the Germans in doing it. This makes my case important to the NA, because they know that I'm standing for many others in Germany who suffer the same fate. The NA can't do much about those fellows, but they can fight for me on behalf of all others who are kept behind bars for White racial activism.

Now, you question my "Aryan Quality." I don't feel sorry for not being violent. I don't kick animals, don't beat up kids, don't batter women, and don't get into fist fights with men. This doesn't make me a pacifist either. Actually, having participated in a killing myself, and having spent many years with fellows who would rather punch than talk, I deem myself quite sufficiently enabled to know what good violence can and cannot do for you. Fighting with a half a dozen armed Marshals wouldn't have done me much good. If I can't meet them on equal terms, what is the point in "fighting back?" Dear sir, I can't help it that I am a "coward" to you because I didn't "spit in the goon's face." I'm too pragmatic not to know when the "game is over."

Thanks to this notion, I told the INS that I wouldn't resist my removal from the U.S. of A, when I talked to them the first time after my arrest. I'm not so stupid as to not understand what rights I have (pitifully few), but, believe it or not, I didn't intend to involve the NA in my case and thus probably embarrass them. Not long afterwards, though, word reached me from the NA that they would support me when I decided to stay here. So I filed my asylum request. Without all the dedication and donations from members of the NA, I couldn't have done so -- hence I didn't even think about starting a legal fight on my own. Is this "stupidity?"

Yes, indeed, what ever the outcome of my ordeal will be, it will only prove a point we already know about. This outcome, however, might be even less important than the motions that contribute to it. In a court of law, the government has to answer questions it would rather not answer at all. Even better, we are in the position to address those questions in a public trial. In my case, the government can't get away with less than a blemish. The mass media will be helpful in covering this up, but something will leak through to the public and cause, at least, some bewilderment among those 2% of White Americans that Dr. Pierce is fond of mentioning in his broadcasts. This case is about propaganda, so let it be our propaganda and not theirs.

I see, though, that you, believe in the gun rather than the word to save our future. Well, you posed the question of how many weapons and explosives "can be purchased with $100,000?" Let me give you a straight answer: not enough!

This may strike you as odd, but I'd rather win the heart of my fellow, yet hostile, kinsman, that perforate it with bullets.

But then, I'm neither "'Horst Wessel' nor 'Bob Mathews.'" Well, I never claimed to be, or wanted to be. I'm one of many: a humble, but proud, son of my family, folk, and fatherland. I don't even think I deserve all the attention addressed to me, let alone deserve the fact that people like you devote the whole of your letters to my person.

At least, I don't pretend to know German, I do know it. And I always know who I am.

Racial survival first!

With kind regards,

Hendrik Möbus
October 9, 2000
Buffalo Federal Detention Facility
Batavia, New York

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