Website Idea - Euro Soccer News (ESW)

Summary - The website will be about the lastest soccer news in Europe

Content - The content will be defined in transfers and soccer news

Competition - Competitor`s: transfer maerket, futbolred. Something that I like about this websites is the way they use colors and images because they always combine; and something that I don´t like it´s the way their layout its organized.

Purpose - What user´s should care about the focus of this site is the way it work´s becuase maybe the first time they use it they can find it hard until they get use to it. The reason why a site like this one should be build, is becuase there are thousands of soccer fans that want to be keep up with the latest soccer news, and a website like mine is an easy way to find all the information they are looking for.

Desired Results - What I would like users to do in my website is to enjoyed. And the goal of the site is to keep users up with the lastest news, transfers... in a enjoyable way.

Target Audience - The average of age of the users that visit my website are between 14-30. They are mostly from Europe (Spain, Italy, France...)since soccer is the most popular sport in Eurpope. The predominant gender is masculine.