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technical reports

The MASTER trajectory joins three milestones in the history of the Solar  System: the Earth with its complex ecosystem, Mars, which possibly sustained primitive life forms, and the large asteroid 4 Vesta, whose basaltic surface retains the record of an ancient volcanic activity.


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mission proposals

Mercury Polar Orbiter                                                                                                                      
A proposal to the European Space Agency in response to a call for new mission proposals.
C.J. Allégre, W.I. Axford, G. Balmino, A. Balogh, B. Bertotti, C. Blanco, J. Bruckner, A. Carusi, R. Casacchia, L.M. Celnikier, A. Coradini, M. Coradini,   M. Fulchignoni, K.H. Glassmeier, R. Greenberg, E. Grun, I.E. Guest, G.P. Horedt, D. Hoverstadt, H.W. Ip, P. Janle, R. Jaumann, H.U. Keller, F. Mariani, P. Masson, S. McKenna-Lawlor, G. Musmann, F. Neubauer, G. Neukum, H. Palme, E. Perozzi, A. Pietrass, J. Pohl, A.K. Richter, I.W. Roxburgh, S.K. Runcorn, H.O. Ruppe, D. Schobert, D.J. Southwood, D. Tozer, U. Villante, H. Wanke.
30 pp, November 1985.
PIAZZI: a Space Mission to the Apollo-Amor Asteroids
Assessment Study Report
V. Zappalà, P. Farinella, A. Milani, L. Anselmo, P. Paolicchi, C. Barbieri,  F. Angrilli, G. Bianchini, V. Pirronello, C. Blanco, V. Vanzani, A. Caporali, A. Carusi, R. Bianchi, P. Cerroni, M. Fulchignoni, M.A. Barucci, E. Perozzi, A. Manara, M. Di Martino, P. Rafanelli, N. Fulle, C. Casacci.
Aeritalia, Space Systems Group, 70 pp, 1987

A Rendez-vous Mission with an Earth Approaching Asteroid

A scenario for SMART-1: proposal to the European Space Agency
M.A. Barucci, A. Doressoundiram, E. Dotto, P. Farinella, M. Fulchignoni, A. Milani, P. Paolicchi, E. Perozzi, A. Rossi.
Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, 22 pp, April 1998.

AROS: Asteroid Rendezvous by Orbiting Spacecraft

A proposal to the European Space Agency in response to a call for mission proposals for two Flexi-Missions.
C-I Lagerkvist, M.A. Barucci, G. Colasurdo, M. Fulchignoni, G. Hahn, H. Hoffmann, L. Iess, U. Keller, J. Lagerros, Y. Langevin, G. Neukum, E. Perozzi, P. Rathsman, H. Rickman, L. Stenmark.
29 pp., October 1999.

NEARER: a Space Mission Toward a Near-Earth Asteroid Exploiting a Resonant Flyby Strategy.

A proposal to the European Space Agency in response to a call for mission proposals for two Flexi-Missions.
E. Perozzi, A. Rossi, G.B. Valsecchi, M.A. Barucci, A. Carusi, L. Casalino, G. Colasurdo, G. D'Abramo, E. Dotto, M. Fulchignoni, C-I. Lagerkvist, A. Milani, H. Rickman.
20 pp., October 1999.

MASTER ( Mars + Asteroid): a Flexible Mission connecting different worlds.
ESA Flexi-Mission  Assessment Study Report
A. Balogh, M.A. Barucci, C. Carr, A. Coradini, M.C. De Sanctis, F. Ferri, M. Grande, C.-I. Lagerkvist, M. Patzold, E. Perozzi, N. Thomas.   
ESA-SCI (2000)5, 134 pp., July 2000.

ISHTAR: Internal Structure High-resolution Tomography by Asteroid Rendezvous
ESA NEO Mission Preparation Phase-A  Study Report
P. D'Arrigo, M. Smith, S. Kemble and B. Parkinson (Astrium Ltd), M.A. Barucci (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon), A. Ball and  S. Green (PSSRI - The Open University), E. Perozzi (Telespazio), E. Dotto (Osservatorio di Roma)
ESA contract Final Report, January 2003.

SIMONE: Smallsat Intercept Missions to Objects Near Earth
ESA NEO Mission Preparation Phase-A  Study Report
N. Wells and R. Walker (QinetiQ), S. Green, J. Zarnecki and A. Ball (PSSRI - The Open University), C. Lee and M. Townend (SSL), F. Bernelli (Politecnico di Milano), E. Perozzi (Telespazio).
ESA contract Final Report, January 2003

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