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 University studies in Physics at the University of Rome "La Sapienza"


Laurea degree in Physics (23 April 1981) discussing an original research on the numerical methods used in celestial mechanics to integrate the N-body problem. Note: 110/110.  The main results of the Thesis are published on the international journal Celestial Mechanics.


Research fellow at the Planetology Branch of the Space Astrophysics Institute of the Italian National Council of Research (IAS-CNR, Rome, Italy) on the dynamics of the Minor Bodies of the Solar System.

Collaboration with the Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Bratislava, CSSR) for studying the dynamics of Short-Period Comets.

Participation to the Long-Term Evolution Project (LTEP): a detailed investigation of the orbital evolution of the whole Short-Period Comets population.

Founder member of MIZAR a.r.l., a private company for educational purposes in the field of Astronomy.

Beginning of a long-standing collaboration with the italian astronomical popular magazine L'ASTRONOMIA.


Fulfillment of military duties.


Visiting Scientist at the Mission Analysis Office of the European Space Operations Center (ESA-ESOC, Darmstadt, Germany).

Studies on the transfer trajectory of the SOHO (Solar Heliospheric Observatory) mission.

Member of the Study Team of the ESA/NASA CASSINI mission to Saturn: Huygens probe descent trajectory in the atmosphere of Titan and dynamics of the probe delivery.

Invited lecturer at the international meeting "The Solid Bodies of the Outer Solar System" (Vulcano, Italy, 18-25 Sept. 1985) on the dynamics of the Cassini-Titan close encounter.

From LTEP data, periodic comets Van Biesbroek and Neuijmin 3 are discovered to be the remnants of a parent comet which splitted during a close encounter with Jupiter in 1850.


The book Long-Term Evolution of Short-Period Comets, summarizing the results of LTEP, is published by Adam Hilger (Bristol and Boston).

In collaboration with the Planetology Branch of IAS-CNR: dynamics of Halley-type comets and  Asteroid Photometric Catalogue.

Consultant of Consorzio Italspazio  (Rome, Italy) for the development of an orbital mechanics software and its application to the motion of near-Earth artificial satellites in high-eccentricity, high-inclination orbits.


Research fellowship at the Osservatorio Astronomico Collurania (Teramo, Italy).

Collaboration with the Department of Astronomy of the University of Glasgow (Scotland, UK) on the Lunar Saros cycle.

Member of the Science Team of the PIAZZI mission, a proposal for a low-cost Italian mission towards the Apollo-Amor asteroids.

Consultant of Telespazio (Rome, Italy), the Italian leading firm for space communications: trajectory optimization and interplanetary mission design.


Staff member at Telespazio in the Mission Analysis Department.

Head of the SAX (the Italian X-ray astronomy satellite) flight dynamics team: mission analysis and flight dynamics system design.

Discovery of Saros-like periodic orbits close to that of the Moon.

Lectures on interplanetary mission analysis at the Aerospace Engineering Department of the University of Rome.

Public conference on the Ubiquity of Chaos at the Milan Planetarium.

Scientific concept of the public exhibition "Cercatori di Massa", to be held in Roma.


Co-organizer of the First Italian Meeting on Celestial Mechanics  (University of L'Aquila, Italy),  24-27 May 1993, whose aim is to create a common ground among people working on Solar System & Stellar System Dynamics, Perturbation Theories, Spaceflight Dynamics.

Lectures on chaotic dynamics and Solar System studies to students of the University of L'Aquila.

Consultant to private companies for the realization of multimedia products on Astronomy

Founder member of IMPRONTE DIGITALI, a society for multimedia productions.


Telespazio Space Geodesy Department: future scientific missions with special emphasis on the exploration of the Moon.

Antenna pointing elements and sequence of events operational software development  for the SAX mission.


Telespazio Technological Innovation & Business Development Unit: science mission opportunities.

LOCO (Long-Period Comet Observer) mission proposal: towards a Long-Period Comet using small satellite and launcher technology.

Scientific consultant to the Italian television company (RAI).


Italian small satellite scientific mission opportunities: follow-up on behalf of Telespazio of the Phase-A studies of the missions GG-FEEP2 (test of the equivalence principle in space) and SAGE (space geodesy), selected by the Italian Space Agency

Co-organizer of the Second Italian Meeting on Celestial Mechanics,  L'Aquila (Italy), 21-24 April 1997.

Co-author of the book "Meccanica Celeste: il Valzer dei Pianeti", published by CUEN (Napoli); preface by Margherita Hack.

Invited guest to the TV programs GEO&GEO and MISTERI, produced by RAI.


Awarded the "Giuseppe Colombo" senior fellowship of the European Space Agency at the Observatory of Paris-Meudon (France).

Dynamics of Neptune's Ring Arcs: results are published on the international journal Nature.

Development of the H-plot method: a basic targeting strategy for the direct exploration of the Near Earth Asteroids (NEAs).

Co-Editor of the proceedings of the Second Italian Meeting on Celestial Mechanics, published as a special issue of the international journal Planetary and Space Science.

Invited lecturer on the Dynamics of the Mars System at the "Alpbach Summer School" organized by the Austrian Space Agency, 3-12 August 1999.

Co-proposer of the AROS (Asteroid Rendezvous by Orbiting Spacecraft) NEARER (Near Earth Asteroid Resonant Encounters) and MASTER (Mars+Asteroid) missions to ESA in response to a call for ideas for two flexi-missions.

Member of the Science Team of the MASTER (Mars + ASTERoid) mission, selected by ESA for an assessment study following the 1999 ESA call for two Flexi-Missions.


Detached at the Observatory of Paris on behalf of Telespazio for assessing future ESA science mission opportunities.

H-plot further developments: compositional and dynamical aspects of  NEA mission targets.

Member of the Organizing Committee of CELMEC III, an international meeting on Celestial Mechanics, Villa Mondragone (Monteporzio Catone, Italy), 18-22 June 2001.

Organizer of  an Atelier Scientifique de l'Observatoire de Paris Meudon on the subject "Hommes et Methodes de la Mechanique Celeste"

Author of the entry " Resonances in the Solar System " in the Encyclopaedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics published by the Instiute of Physics


Back to Telespazio headquarters in Rome.

Member of the Study Teams of the ISHTAR (Internal Structure High-resolution Tomography by Asteroid Rendezvous) and SIMONE (Smallsat Intercept Missions to Objects Near Earth) proposals, selected by ESA within the framework of the ITT "Near Earth Object Space Mission Preparation".

Member of the ESA Task Force on Near-Earth Objects

Invited Lecturer at the workshop "Ottimizzazione di Traiettorie nel Volo Spaziale", CNUCE-CNR (Pisa, Italy), 7-8 May 2002.

Founder member of  the Italian Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics Society (S.I.M.C.A. - Societa' Italiana di Meccanica Celeste e Astrodinamica).

Scientific consultant and script editor of the video RAI production "Mars: the new frontier", which is selected by the Paris educational video exhibition committee.


Telespazio Business Development Unit, reporting activities with the European Space Agency: folow up of the ESA boards and councils and participation to the various ESA programs (e.g. Artes, GMES, Science, Aurora)

Invited Lecturer at the "Fifth Italian Meeting on Planetary Science" (Lecce, Italy, 15-19 September 2003) on the accessibility of the Near Earth Asteroid population

The proceedings of the CELMEC III meeting are published as a special issue of the international journal Celestial Mechanics & Dynamical Astronomy.

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